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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "About that, I guess," said Hurstwood.
2.  "How I'd like to go there. I crossed Halstead Street to-day,didn't I?"
3.  Before following her in her round of seeking, let us look at thesphere in which her future was to lie. In 1889 Chicago had thepeculiar qualifications of growth which made such adventuresomepilgrimages even on the part of young girls plausible. Its manyand growing commercial opportunities gave it widespread fame,which made of it a giant magnet, drawing to itself, from allquarters, the hopeful and the hopeless--those who had theirfortune yet to make and those whose fortunes and affairs hadreached a disastrous climax elsewhere. It was a city of over500,000, with the ambition, the daring, the activity of ametropolis of a million. Its streets and houses were alreadyscattered over an area of seventy-five square miles. Itspopulation was not so much thriving upon established commerce asupon the industries which prepared for the arrival of others. Thesound of the hammer engaged upon the erection of new structureswas everywhere heard. Great industries were moving in. The hugerailroad corporations which had long before recognised theprospects of the place had seized upon vast tracts of land fortransfer and shipping purposes. Street-car lines had beenextended far out into the open country in anticipation of rapidgrowth. The city had laid miles and miles of streets and sewersthrough regions where, perhaps, one solitary house stood outalone--a pioneer of the populous ways to be. There were regionsopen to the sweeping winds and rain, which were yet lightedthroughout the night with long, blinking lines of gas-lamps,fluttering in the wind. Narrow board walks extended out, passinghere a house, and there a store, at far intervals, eventuallyending on the open prairie.
4.  "Like to have you both come down and go to the show with meWednesday," concluded Hurstwood at parting.
5.  There is nothing in this world more delightful than that middlestate in which we mentally balance at times, possessed of themeans, lured by desire, and yet deterred by conscience or want ofdecision. When Carrie began wandering around the store amid thefine displays she was in this mood. Her original experience inthis same place had given her a high opinion of its merits. Nowshe paused at each individual bit of finery, where before she hadhurried on. Her woman's heart was warm with desire for them.How would she look in this, how charming that would make her!She came upon the corset counter and paused in rich reverie asshe noted the dainty concoctions of colour and lace theredisplayed. If she would only make up her mind, she could haveone of those now. She lingered in the jewelry department. Shesaw the earrings, the bracelets, the pins, the chains. Whatwould she not have given if she could have had them all! Shewould look fine too, if only she had some of these things.
6.  "And they have to work so hard!" was her only comment.


1.  "When is Charlie going away again?"
2.  "Yes," she answered, with an air of quiet understanding.
3.  Now, in regard to his pursuit of women, he meant them no harm,because he did not conceive of the relation which he hoped tohold with them as being harmful. He loved to make advances towomen, to have them succumb to his charms, not because he was acold-blooded, dark, scheming villain, but because his inborndesire urged him to that as a chief delight. He was vain, he wasboastful, he was as deluded by fine clothes as any silly-headedgirl. A truly deep-dyed villain could have hornswaggled him asreadily as he could have flattered a pretty shop-girl. His finesuccess as a salesman lay in his geniality and the thoroughlyreputable standing of his house. He bobbed about among men, averitable bundle of enthusiasm--no power worthy the name ofintellect, no thoughts worthy the adjective noble, no feelingslong continued in one strain. A Madame Sappho would have calledhim a pig; a Shakespeare would have said "my merry child"; old,drinking Caryoe thought him a clever, successful businessman. Inshort, he was as good as his intellect conceived.
4.  Going out, the same Broadway taught her a sharper lesson. Thescene she had witnessed coming down was now augmented and at itsheight. Such a crush of finery and folly she had never seen. Itclinched her convictions concerning her state. She had notlived, could not lay claim to having lived, until something ofthis had come into her own life. Women were spending money likewater; she could see that in every elegant shop she passed.Flowers, candy, jewelry, seemed the principal things in which theelegant dames were interested. And she--she had scarcely enoughpin money to indulge in such outings as this a few times a month.
5.  Carrie looked at him with the tenderness which virtue ever feelsin its hope of reclaiming vice. How could such a man needreclaiming? His errors, what were they, that she could correct?Small they must be, where all was so fine. At worst, they weregilded affairs, and with what leniency are gilded errors viewed.He put himself in such a lonely light that she was deeply moved.
6.  "I'll look around," said Carrie, observing that the proposedchange seemed to be a serious thing with him.


1.  Carrie looked at him and felt justified. She was looking forsomething which would calm her conscience, and here it was, alight, airy disregard of her claims upon his justice. He hadfaithfully promised to marry her, and this was the way hefulfilled his promise.
2.  "You couldn't have tried so very hard," said Carrie. "I gotsomething."
3.  "I guess they've gone out," he said apologetically to theindividual who was hiding his red face in a loose tarpaulinraincoat.
4.  Carrie was now lightened by a touch of this divine afflatus. Shedrew to herself commendation from her two admirers which she hadnot earned. Their affection for her naturally heightened theirperception of what she was trying to do and their approval ofwhat she did. Her inexperience conserved her own exuberantfancy, which ran riot with every straw of opportunity, making ofit a golden divining rod whereby the treasure of life was to bediscovered.
5.   "What is your name?" said the manager, who was conducting thedrill.
6.  He ate in a cheap restaurant in the vicinity, and, being cold andlonely, went straight off to seek the loft in question. Thecompany was not attempting to run cars after nightfall. It wasso advised by the police.


1.  "Well, then, Wheeler," he said. "I'll get the license thisafternoon."
2.  "Did you? How did you come out with that La Crosse man you weretelling me about?"
3.  "I don't see how we ran up such a bill as that," said Carrie.
4、  There was nothing bold in her manner. Life had not taught herdomination--superciliousness of grace, which is the lordly powerof some women. Her longing for consideration was notsufficiently powerful to move her to demand it. Even now shelacked self-assurance, but there was that in what she had alreadyexperienced which left her a little less than timid. She wantedpleasure, she wanted position, and yet she was confused as towhat these things might be. Every hour the kaleidoscope of humanaffairs threw a new lustre upon something, and therewith itbecame for her the desired--the all. Another shift of the box,and some other had become the beautiful, the perfect.
5、  "I have to be home by five," said Carrie.




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      "One of the largest clusters of jewels I have ever seen," saidAmes.

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      They drove back, and at 6.15 sat down to dine. It was the Sherryincident over again, the remembrance of which came painfully backto Carrie. She remembered Mrs. Vance, who had never called againafter Hurstwood's reception, and Ames.

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       "He talks about worrying," thought Carrie. "If he worried enoughhe couldn't sit there and wait for me. He'd get something to do.No man could go seven months without finding something if hetried."

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      "I hope you'll excuse me," she said. "I went out a while ago andforgot my outside key, so I thought I'd ring your bell."

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    {  Curiously this idea soon took hold of Hurstwood. His vanishingsum suggested that he would need sustenance. Why could notCarrie assist him a little until he could get something?

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      Carrie came away wearily, somewhat more abashed for her pains.}

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      "Well, wait until after the show. Wait until to-morrow. We'llsee what we can do."

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      "Me? No. I've always worked in a paper factory."

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       "What do you want to know?" asked Hurstwood.

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    {  She recalled, with more subtle emotions, that he did not look ather now with any of the old light of satisfaction or approval inhis eye. Evidently, along with other things, he was taking herto be getting old and uninteresting. He saw her wrinkles,perhaps. She was fading, while he was still preening himself inhis elegance and youth. He was still an interested factor in themerry-makings of the world, while she--but she did not pursue thethought. She only found the whole situation bitter, and hatedhim for it thoroughly.

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      He would find out what she needed and order.