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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have nothing to do today. My practice is never veryabsorbing."
2.  "Excellent, Watson! His seat, then, was either thirty orthirty-two."
3.  "'Certainly,' said I. 'It's all your own.'
4.  "The rest you will leave in our hands."
5.  "Yes, it is all we can do to make him wash his hands, and his faceis as black as a tinker's. Well, when once his case has beensettled, he will have a regular prison bath; and I think, if you sawhim, you would agree with me that he needed it."
6.  1892


1.  "It has not excited much attention yet, except locally. The factsare only two days old. Briefly they are these:
2.  "'Tut, you will find that I have not forgotten old times,' criedTrevor, and, walking towards the sailor, he said something in a lowvoice. 'Go into the kitchen ' he continued out loud, 'and you will getfood and drink. I have no doubt that I shall find you a situation.'"'Thank you, sir,' said the seaman, touching his forelock. 'I'm justoff a two-yearer in an eight-knot tramp, short-handed at that, and Iwants a rest. I thought I'd get it either with Mr. Beddoes or withyou.'
3.  "No, it was all trodden into mire."
4.  "Farintosh," said he. "Ah yes, I recall the case, it was concernedwith an opal tiara. I think it was before your time, Watson. I canonly say, madam, that I shall be happy to devote the same care to yourcase as I did to that of your friend. As to reward, my profession isits own reward; but you are at liberty to defray whatever expenses Imay be put to, at the time which suits you best. And now I beg thatyou will lay before us everything that may help us in forming anopinion upon the matter."
5.  It had cleared in the morning, and the sun was shining with asubdued brightness through the dim veil which hangs over the greatcity. Sherlock Holmes was already at breakfast when I came down."You will excuse me for not waiting for you," said he; "Ihave, I foresee, a very busy day before me in looking into thiscase of young Openshaw's."
6.  The ground was iron hard, sir. There were no traces at all.""Then we can go. We will go up to the house first and look overthese weapons of which you speak. Then we shall get on toWinchester, for I should desire to see Miss Dunbar before we gofarther."


1.  "Well, well," said Holmes, "well talk about it when we've hadsomething to eat."
2.  "I had every reason to suppose that this Abe Slaney was an American,since Abe is an American contraction, and since a letter fromAmerica had been the starting-point of all the trouble. I had alsoevery cause to think that there was some criminal secret in thematter. The lady's allusions to her past, and her refusal to takeher husband into her confidence, both pointed in that direction. Itherefore cabled to my friend, Wilson Hargreave, of the New YorkPolice Bureau, who has more than once made use of my knowledge ofLondon crime. I asked him whether the name of Abe Slaney was knownto him. Here is his reply: `The most dangerous crook in Chicago.' Onthe very evening upon which I had his answer, Hilton Cubitt sent methe last message from Slaney. Working with known letters, it took thisform:
3.  "It is certainly the last thing you need," said Holmes, staring atour visitor's hideous mouth. "But it was the killing of youngPerkins outside the Holborn Bar- What! you're not going?"The negro had sprung back, and his face was leaden. "I won'tlisten to no such talk," said he. "What have I to do with this 'erePerkins, Masser Holmes? I was trainin' at the Bull Ring inBirmingham when this boy done gone get into trouble."
4.  I turned it over in my mind.
5.   "A good deal."
6.  "Exactly. Our first effort must be to find who are the tenants ofCharlington Hall. Then, again, how about the connection betweenCarruthers and Woodley, since they appear to be men of such adifferent type? How came they both to be so keen upon looking up RalphSmith's relations? One more point. What sort of a menage is it whichpays double the market price for a governess but does not keep ahorse, although six miles from the station? Odd, Watson- very odd!""You will go down?"


1.  "Then I must go to his room."
2.  "It is no reflection upon your professional knowledge," said he,"for I believe that, save for one sample in a laboratory at Buda,there is no other specimen in Europe. It has not yet found its wayeither into the pharmacopoeia or into the literature of toxicology.The root is shaped like a foot, half human, half goatlike; hence thefanciful name given by a botanical missionary. It is used as an ordealpoison by the medicine-men in certain districts of West Africa andis kept as a secret among them. This particular specimen I obtainedunder very extraordinary circumstances in the Ubangi country." Heopened the paper as he spoke and disclosed a heap of reddish-brown,snuff-like powder.
4、  "Those two pictures will help you, gentlemen, to understand thestory. I was a poor circus girl brought up on the sawdust, and doingsprings through the hoop before I was ten. When I became a womanthis man loved me, if such lust as his can be called love, and in anevil moment I became his wife. From that day I was in hell, and he thedevil who tormented me. There was no one in the show who did notknow of his treatment. He deserted me for others. He tied me downand lashed me with his riding-whip when I complained. They allpitied me and they all loathed him, but what could they do? Theyfeared him, one and all. For he was terrible at all times, andmurderous when he was drunk. Again and again he was had up forassault, and for cruelty to the beasts, but he had plenty of money andthe fines were nothing to him. The best men all left us, and theshow began to go downhill. It was only Leonardo and I who kept itup- with little Jimmy Griggs, the clown. Poor devil, he had not muchto be funny about, but he did what he could to bold things together."Then Leonardo came more and more into my life. You see what hewas like. I know now the poor spirit that was hidden in thatsplendid body, but compared to my husband he seemed like the angelGabriel. He pitied me and helped me, till at last our intimacyturned to love- deep, deep, passionate love, such love as I haddreamed of but never hoped to feel. My husband suspected it, but Ithink that he was a coward as well as a bully, and that Leonardo wasthe one man that he was afraid of. He took revenge in his own way bytorturing me more than ever. One night my cries brought Leonardo tothe door of our van. We were near tragedy that night, and soon mylover and I understood that it could not be avoided. My husband wasnot fit to live. We planned that he should die.
5、  "No, no. The place belonged to her late husband, Sir James Norbertonhas no claim on it at all. It is only a life interest and reverts toher husband's brother. Meantime, she draws the rents every year.""And brother Robert, I suppose, spends the said rents?""That is about the size of it. He is a devil of a fellow and mustlead her a most uneasy life. Yet I have heard that she is devoted tohim. But what is amiss at Shoscombe?"




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      "I shall just have time to tell you the facts of the case beforewe get to Lee. It seems absurdly simple, and yet somehow, I can getnothing to go upon. There's plenty of thread, no doubt, but I can'tget the end of it into my hand. Now, I'll state the case clearly andconcisely to you, Watson, and maybe you can see a spark where all isdark to me."

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      "Excellent, Watson! Compound of the Busy Bee and Excellsior. Wecan but try- the motto of the firm. A friendly native will surelyguide us."

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       The Count shook his head.

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      "You traced him through the telegram, no doubt," said Holmes.Exactly, Mr. Holmes. We picked up the scent at Charing CrossPost-Office and came on here."

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    {  Mr. Jabez Wilson started up in his chair, with his forefingerupon the paper, but his eyes upon my companion.

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      "Oh, come, it may prove to be something of interest, after all.""Not social, then?"}

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      "None, unless the little man with the beard acted as such. Heseemed, however, to be quite a superior person."

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      "'Very good.' He suddenly sprang up, and darting like lightningacross the room he flung open the door. The passage outside was empty."'That's all right,' said he, coming back. 'I know the clerks aresometimes curious as to their master's affairs. Now we can talk insafety.' He drew up his chair very close to mine and began to stare atme again with the same questioning and thoughtful look."A feeling of repulsion, and of something akin to fear had begunto rise within me at the strange antics of this fleshless man. Even mydread of losing a client could not restrain me from showing myimpatience.

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       I gave a start of astonishment. Accustomed as I was to Holmes'scurious faculties, this sudden intrusion into my most intimatethoughts was utterly inexplicable.

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    {  "A lady yesterday entered your study. She came with the intention ofpossessing herself of certain documents which were in your bureau. Shehad a key of her own. I have had an opportunity of examining yours,and I do not find that slight discolouration which the scratch madeupon the varnish would have produced. You were not an accessory,therefore, and she came, so far as I can read the evidence, withoutyour knowledge to rob you."

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      "It looks like it," said I ruefully, pointing to a huge bundle inthe corner. "I have had nothing else to do."