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1. 北斗,大国象。后齐、宋、鲁、莒、晋皆杀君①。
2.   "But the dead cannot return their fire."
3.   Aegyptius, a man bent double with age, and of infinite experience,the first to speak His son Antiphus had gone with Ulysses to Ilius,land of noble steeds, but the savage Cyclops had killed him whenthey were all shut up in the cave, and had cooked his last dinnerfor him, He had three sons left, of whom two still worked on theirfather's land, while the third, Eurynomus, was one of the suitors;nevertheless their father could not get over the loss of Antiphus, andwas still weeping for him when he began his speech.
4. 在张衡那个时期,较大的地震屡屡发生,于是对地震的研究成了他十分关切的课题,基于对地震及其方向性的认识,特别是从当时建筑中有一种所谓都柱(即宫室中间设柱)的启示,张衡于公元132年首创了世界上第一架地震仪——地动仪。地动仪以精铜铸成,圆径八尺,合盖隆起,形似酒尊(《后汉书?张衡传》),里面有精巧的结构,主要是中间的都柱(装置在摆的周围的八组机械装置)。尊外相应地设置八条口含小铜珠的龙,每个龙头下面都有一只蟾蜍张口向上,一旦发生较强的地震,都柱因震动失去平衡而触动八道中的一道,使相应的龙口张开,小铜珠即落入蟾蜍口中,观测者便可知道地震发生的时间和方向。据载,地动仪成功地记录了公元138年在甘肃发生的一次强烈地震,证明了张衡所制仪器的准确性和可靠性。
5. 在ToB领域有很多行业,能够容纳多家上规模的公司,因为客户会有一定的依赖性。
6.   LONG before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered; but, to the best of my judgment, the greater number are only apparent, and those that are real are not, I think, fatal to my theory.


1. 现在,倘若我们要对最早出现的有效的食物生产所带来的种种结果形成完整的概念(或者加以夸大),那么,也许会感到这是一件非常困难的事。因为人类的整个生活范围,从生物学方面(包括食物、人口统计、疾病,等等)到文化方面(社会组织、政治、宗教、美学,等等人已呈现完全新的面貌。
2. 引言
3. 李某与女友已经相处八年,平时俩人住在女友家,李某觉得自己对女友是忠心耿耿,工资全部上交给女友保管,两人平时也不吵嘴。
4.   That fell not, but by ficklenesse,
5. 一家四口住进一个年租七八百的房子,窗户漏雨拉风,赶上下雨天,雨滴滴答答地打进屋子里,她只好一边淋着雨,一边用布帘子挡住窗户,再捡块砖头压住。
6.   Then Ulysses said, "Sir, I do not want to stay here; a beggar canalways do better in town than country, for any one who likes cangive him something. I am too old to care about remaining here at thebeck and call of a master. Therefore let this man do as you havejust told him, and take me to the town as soon as I have had a warm bythe fire, and the day has got a little heat in it. My clothes arewretchedly thin, and this frosty morning I shall be perished withcold, for you say the city is some way off."


1. 单词conduct 联想记忆:
2. 新京报记者周依摄提示13号线部分停运期间可选公交等方式出行交管部门提示近期前往清河火车站的市民,建议尽量选择公共交通绿色出行。
3. 4岁半以后,Vita爸爸开始给他推荐与编程相关的游戏,他的兴趣开始被激发,渐渐开始学习编程。
4. 所以很多时候都是内页没有一个网页参与排名。
5. That’s a lot of issue-related messaging to pack into a single color trend (or even two), but the Pantone statement says it’s the company’s job to reflect social trends and capture them in a shade — which will then become part of the fabrics of our lives, as it were.
6. 2018年同期,波音每股盈利5.48美元,营收283.4亿。


1. │E│60+60=120│19+221/2=311/2│66/7│216│96│4×24│
2. 该互联网银行的股东包括韩国投资金融控股公司、腾讯、国民银行、易趣等9家公司,资本金为3千亿韩元。
3.   "Well, in one of your late conversations with him, you saidthat I appeared to be forgetful and irresolute concerningthis marriage, did you not?"
4. 在社交媒体上肆意转发的人声称,此举是为了便于监督、精准防控。
5. [普林斯顿神学院]普林斯顿神学院始建于1812年,位于美国新泽西州的普林斯顿。···更多
6. 多年来,她和老公两人一起参加摇号,眼看着摇号从一个月一次缩减成两个月一次,比例从百比一涨到了千比一,即使摇号概率涨到了5倍,却依然没能摇中。


1. 比如「小区居民将迪卡侬作为健身房」、「迪卡侬是周末带娃好去处」、「每天都去迪卡侬玩滑板车」,是媒体对迪卡侬的一致评价。
2. 在您创业之前的职业生涯中,让您对创业这个词认识最深刻的那次经历是什么?展开全文陆奇:我对创业者概念的认知,以及最终决定加入这个行业,是一个过程。
3. n. 贡献,捐款(赠)

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