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1. 随着西宁的发展,如今已是西宁市城中心。
2. 12月3日,赵洪明和高秀莲夫妻在学校马路打扫。
3. "We have been working for some sixteen hundred years, devising better and better games for children," continued Somel.
4.   The time is come that this old Soudaness Ordained hath the feast of which I told, And to the feast the Christian folk them dress In general, yea, bothe young and old. There may men feast and royalty behold, And dainties more than I can you devise; But all too dear they bought it ere they rise.
5. 面对不守规矩的视频网站,除了靠用户用脚投票,是否应依法依规进行管理?多年来,视频网站经历了野蛮生长的发展阶段,付费模式也渐渐被用户所接受。
6.   At length, she that was in cheefest preheminence among these Women(whom they termed by the name of their Ladie Abbesse) demaunded ofmee, whether I was willing to abide in that condition of life, or toreturne home againe into, Cyprus. I answerd, that I desired nothingmore. But shee, being very carefull of mine honour, would never reposeconfidence in any that came for Cyprus, till two honest Gentlemen ofFrance who hapned thither about two moneths since, accompanied withtheir wives, one of them being a neere kinswoman to the LadyAbbesse. And she well knowing, that they travelled in pilgrimage toJerusalem, to visite the holy Sepulcher, where (as they beleeve)that he whom they held for their God was buried, after the jewes hadput him to death; recommended me to their loving trust, with especiallcharge, for delivering mee to my Father in Cyprus. What honourablelove and respect I found in the company of those Gentlemen and theirWives, during our voyage backe to Cyprus, the historie would beovertedious in reporting, neither is it much materiall to our purpose,because your demaund is to another end.


1. 职场妈妈的飙泪指数研究报告部分内容《2018产品经理生存报告》起点学院+人人都是产品经理+腾讯问卷+神策数据《他经济下,精装修男性生存图鉴》聚美优品+神策数据《职场妈妈的飙泪指数研究报告》妈妈帮+神策数据《走向更好的自己:2019小镇青年报告》快手+中国青年报+红杉中国+神策数据通过以上分类和案例,我们大致了解了B2B内容营销白皮书的作用、内容框架、内容形式等,那我们自己产出白皮书怎么做?大致分为以下五个步骤。
2.   His relatives treated her quite kindly. She knew that the kindliness indicated a lack of fear, and that these people had no respect for you unless you could frighten them a little. But again she had no contact. She let them be kindly and disdainful, she let them feel they had no need to draw their steel in readiness. She had no real connexion with them.
3. 利用上半年市场震荡期,加强研发、优化产品,增强产品核心竞争力和差异化功能,为复苏后的市场积蓄力量。
4. 大数据是一个时代,我个人是很有幸,我在雅虎的团队做了一个东西,变成了一个大生态。
5.   [Thanks partly to Pope's brief and elegant paraphrase, in his "Temple of Fame," and partly to the familiar force of the style and the satirical significance of the allegory, "The House of Fame" is among the best known and relished of Chaucer's minor poems. The octosyllabic measure in which it is written -- the same which the author of "Hudibras" used with such admirable effect -- is excellently adapted for the vivid descriptions, the lively sallies of humour and sarcasm, with which the poem abounds; and when the poet actually does get to his subject, he treats it with a zest, and a corresponding interest on the part of the reader, which are scarcely surpassed by the best of The Canterbury Tales. The poet, however, tarries long on the way to the House of Fame; as Pope says in his advertisement, the reader who would compare his with Chaucer's poem, "may begin with [Chaucer's] third Book of Fame, there being nothing in the two first books that answers to their title." The first book opens with a kind of prologue (actually so marked and called in earlier editions) in which the author speculates on the causes of dreams; avers that never any man had such a dream as he had on the tenth of December; and prays the God of Sleep to help him to interpret the dream, and the Mover of all things to reward or afflict those readers who take the dream well or ill. Then he relates that, having fallen asleep, he fancied himself within a temple of glass -- the abode of Venus -- the walls of which were painted with the story of Aeneas. The paintings are described at length; and then the poet tells us that, coming out of the temple, he found himself on a vast sandy plain, and saw high in heaven an eagle, that began to descend towards him. With the prologue, the first book numbers 508 lines; of which 192 only -- more than are actually concerned with or directly lead towards the real subject of the poem -- are given here. The second book, containing 582 lines, of which 176 will be found in this edition, is wholly devoted to the voyage from the Temple of Venus to the House of Fame, which the dreamer accomplishes in the eagle's claws. The bird has been sent by Jove to do the poet some "solace" in reward of his labours for the cause of Love; and during the transit through the air the messenger discourses obligingly and learnedly with his human burden on the theory of sound, by which all that is spoken must needs reach the House of Fame; and on other matters suggested by their errand and their observations by the way. The third book (of 1080 lines, only a score of which, just at the outset, have been omitted) brings us to the real pith of the poem. It finds the poet close to the House of Fame, built on a rock of ice engraved with names, many of which are half-melted away. Entering the gorgeous palace, he finds all manner of minstrels and historians; harpers, pipers, and trumpeters of fame; magicians, jugglers, sorcerers, and many others. On a throne of ruby sits the goddess, seeming at one moment of but a cubit's stature, at the next touching heaven; and at either hand, on pillars, stand the great authors who "bear up the name" of ancient nations. Crowds of people enter the hall from all regions of earth, praying the goddess to give them good or evil fame, with and without their own deserts; and they receive answers favourable, negative, or contrary, according to the caprice of Fame. Pursuing his researches further, out of the region of reputation or fame proper into that of tidings or rumours, the poet is led, by a man who has entered into conversation with him, to a vast whirling house of twigs, ever open to the arrival of tidings, ever full of murmurings, whisperings, and clatterings, coming from the vast crowds that fill it -- for every rumour, every piece of news, every false report, appears there in the shape of the person who utters it, or passes it on, down in earth. Out at the windows innumerable, the tidings pass to Fame, who gives to each report its name and duration; and in the house travellers, pilgrims, pardoners, couriers, lovers, &c., make a huge clamour. But here the poet meets with a man "of great authority," and, half afraid, awakes; skilfully -- whether by intention, fatigue, or accident -- leaving the reader disappointed by the nonfulfilment of what seemed to be promises of further disclosures. The poem, not least in the passages the omission of which has been dictated by the exigencies of the present volume, is full of testimony to the vast acquaintance of Chaucer with learning ancient and modern; Ovid, Virgil, Statius, are equally at his command to illustrate his narrative or to furnish the ground-work of his descriptions; while architecture, the Arabic numeration, the theory of sound, and the effects of gunpowder, are only a few among the topics of his own time of which the poet treats with the ease of proficient knowledge. Not least interesting are the vivid touches in which Chaucer sketches the routine of his laborious and almost recluse daily life; while the strength, individuality, and humour that mark the didactic portion of the poem prove that "The House of Fame" was one of the poet's riper productions.]
6. “采用电子设备虽然必须百分之百稳妥可靠,但要达到这种精度也非常困难,因为如果你在足球内的中心位置安装设备的话,那并不能保证整个足球全部越过球门线。”


1. 想一想再看
2.   I cannot loose the bands of the avenger, nor withdraw his bolts. - Save her! -Who was it plunged her into perdition? I or thou?(Faust looks wildly around.)
3.   "Oh, yes," said Drouet, now affecting not to see. "Who is he?"
4. 奥拉克尔公司在数据库市场占有额方面高达38%,遥遥领先于微软。微软SQL服务器仅占4%,实在是难以望其项背。对于许多大型公司而言,SQL系统的功能未能达到处理大型公司的数据任务,难怪奥拉克尔公司董事长爱立森踌躇满志地声称:“微软的作为无济于事,因为他们的数据库一无是处。”爱立森历来快人快语,对于微软公司恨之入骨,在对微软口诛笔伐的声讨之中,爱立森的声音历来是高过任何其他讨伐者的。尽管微软公司在数据库领域所占比例较小,但是,其咄咄逼人的气势已令人不寒而栗。
5.   "I? What an idea! I, who am going to give you another pieceof good advice."
6. 一项国际研究最新发现,一种基因疗法或许可以成为治疗早衰症的新选择。


1. Her strongest weapon was that in some mysterious way she had found out that a very small girl who had lost her mother was a person who ought to be pitied and made much of. She had probably heard some grown-up people talking her over in the early days, after her mother's death. So it became her habit to make great use of this knowledge.
2.   I preceded Mr. Omer, in compliance with his request; and after showing me a roll of cloth which he said was extra super, and too good mourning for anything short of parents, he took my various dimensions, and put them down in a book. While he was recording them he called my attention to his stock in trade, and to certain fashions which he said had 'just come up', and to certain other fashions which he said had 'just gone out'.
3. 类似她们这样心中有爱的教师在现实中比比皆是,只是更多的感动已化作了日常,甚至被教师们当作了理所应当。
4. 比如,三大平台均未设置安全中心功能,也未在APP首页展示安全功能入口。
5. 文字3榕树下正火,王朔狂怼人筠子之死还影响了一个人,那就是高晓松。
6.   There was in Asia, in a great city, Amonges Christian folk, a Jewery,<5> Sustained by a lord of that country, For foul usure, and lucre of villainy, Hateful to Christ, and to his company; And through the street men mighte ride and wend,* *go, walk For it was free, and open at each end.


1. 50%:662/3%<10%:20%。
2. 默里留了满脸胡子,这样汉农就能修剪成附图中这种浓密的胡子。“比尔以前从没留过这种胡子,”汉农说,“加点新东西,挺可爱的。”
3.   And come againe some other day.

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