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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "This instant, duke! Where is he?"
2.  "As I am only a humble foreigner, you must pardon me if I donot understand all the subtle refinements of your language."
3.  "Ten years, and five as a supernumerary make fifteen."
4.  "Exactly so."
5.  "Yes."
6.  "Yes, his bodily faculties, for he can neither move norspeak, nevertheless he thinks, acts, and wills in the mannerI have described. I left him about five minutes ago, and heis now occupied in dictating his will to two notaries."


1.  "Be careful, Valentine," said Morrel, hesitating to complywith the young girl's wishes; "I now see my error -- I actedlike a madman in coming in here. Are you sure you are morereasonable?"
2.  "Well, Fernand, I must say," said Caderousse, beginning theconversation, with that brutality of the common people inwhich curiosity destroys all diplomacy, "you look uncommonlylike a rejected lover;" and he burst into a hoarse laugh.
3.  Danglars alone was content and joyous -- he had got rid ofan enemy and made his own situation on the Pharaon secure.Danglars was one of those men born with a pen behind theear, and an inkstand in place of a heart. Everything withhim was multiplication or subtraction. The life of a man wasto him of far less value than a numeral, especially when, bytaking it away, he could increase the sum total of his owndesires. He went to bed at his usual hour, and slept inpeace.
4.  "That is what I hoped."
5.  "And M. Noirtier?"
6.  "`The president again arose, and having imposed silence,said, -- "Sir, you are too serious and too sensible a mannot to understand the consequences of our present situation,and your candor has already dictated to us the conditionswhich remain for us to offer you." The general, putting hishand on his sword, exclaimed, -- "If you talk of honor, donot begin by disavowing its laws, and impose nothing byviolence."


1.  "Ah," said Monte Cristo, taking it from her hand.
2.  "In the meanwhile," continued the magistrate, "our codes arein full force, with all their contradictory enactmentsderived from Gallic customs, Roman laws, and Frank usages;the knowledge of all which, you will agree, is not to beacquired without extended labor; it needs tedious study toacquire this knowledge, and, when acquired, a strong powerof brain to retain it."
3.  "Here is," said the Englishman, taking a quantity of papersfrom his pocket, "an assignment of 200,000 francs to ourhouse by M. de Boville, the inspector of prisons, to whomthey are due. You acknowledge, of course, that you owe thissum to him?"
4.  "Yes."
5.   "Yes."
6.  As for Monte Cristo, after this ebullition he closed hiseyes as if dazzled by internal light. In a moment herestrained himself so powerfully that the tempestuousheaving of his breast subsided, as turbulent and foamingwaves yield to the sun's genial influence when the cloud haspassed. This silence, self-control, and struggle lastedabout twenty seconds, then the count raised his pallid face."See," said he, "my dear friend, how God punishes the mostthoughtless and unfeeling men for their indifference, bypresenting dreadful scenes to their view. I, who was lookingon, an eager and curious spectator, -- I, who was watchingthe working of this mournful tragedy, -- I, who like awicked angel was laughing at the evil men committedprotected by secrecy (a secret is easily kept by the richand powerful), I am in my turn bitten by the serpent whosetortuous course I was watching, and bitten to the heart!"


1.  "Well, M. de Villefort, how would you advise me to act?"asked he.
2.  "Beauchamp will never retract."
3.  "Provided I understand your perfidy, sir, and succeed inmaking you understand that I will be revenged, I shall bereasonable enough," said Albert furiously.
4、  "Who will give it to you -- your prince?"
5、  "No, I have never seen him."




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      Albert, -- While showing you that I have discovered yourplans, I hope also to convince you of my delicacy. You arefree, you leave the count's house, and you take your motherto your home; but reflect, Albert, you owe her more thanyour poor noble heart can pay her. Keep the struggle foryourself, bear all the suffering, but spare her the trial ofpoverty which must accompany your first efforts; for shedeserves not even the shadow of the misfortune which hasthis day fallen on her, and providence is not willing thatthe innocent should suffer for the guilty. I know you aregoing to leave the Rue du Helder without taking anythingwith you. Do not seek to know how I discovered it; I know it-- that is sufficient.

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      "Sir," replied the young man, "honest men are not to be paidwith such coin. I require honorable guaranties."

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       Meanwhile the count had arrived at his house; it had takenhim six minutes to perform the distance, but these sixminutes were sufficient to induce twenty young men who knewthe price of the equipage they had been unable to purchasethemselves, to put their horses in a gallop in order to seethe rich foreigner who could afford to give 20,000 francsapiece for his horses. The house Ali had chosen, and whichwas to serve as a town residence to Monte Cristo, wassituated on the right hand as you ascend the Champs Elysees.A thick clump of trees and shrubs rose in the centre, andmasked a portion of the front; around this shrubbery twoalleys, like two arms, extended right and left, and formed acarriage-drive from the iron gates to a double portico, onevery step of which stood a porcelain vase. filled withflowers. This house, isolated from the rest, had, besidesthe main entrance, another in the Rue Ponthieu. Even beforethe coachman had hailed the concierge, the massy gatesrolled on their hinges -- they had seen the Count coming,and at Paris, as everywhere else, he was served with therapidity of lightning. The coachman entered and traversedthe half-circle without slackening his speed, and the gateswere closed ere the wheels had ceased to sound on thegravel. The carriage stopped at the left side of theportico, two men presented themselves at thecarriage-window; the one was Ali, who, smiling with anexpression of the most sincere joy, seemed amply repaid by amere look from Monte Cristo. The other bowed respectfully,and offered his arm to assist the count in descending."Thanks, M. Bertuccio," said the count, springing lightly upthe three steps of the portico; "and the notary?"

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      "No," replied the countess, "it was certainly empty duringthe first act;" then, resuming the subject of their previousconversation, she said, "And so you really believe it wasyour mysterious Count of Monte Cristo that gained theprize?"

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    {  "They denounced Edmond as a Bonapartist agent."

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      "Will you not see my sister once more?" asked Maximilian. Alast but final hope was concealed by the young man in theeffect of this interview, and therefore he had suggested it.Morrel shook his head. "I saw her this morning, and bade heradieu."}

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      Cocles went away perfectly happy, for this eulogium of M.Morrel, himself the pearl of the honest men of Marseilles,flattered him more than a present of fifty crowns. But sincethe end of the month M. Morrel had passed many an anxioushour. In order to meet the payments then due; he hadcollected all his resources, and, fearing lest the report ofhis distress should get bruited abroad at Marseilles when hewas known to be reduced to such an extremity, he went to theBeaucaire fair to sell his wife's and daughter's jewels anda portion of his plate. By this means the end of the monthwas passed, but his resources were now exhausted. Credit,owing to the reports afloat, was no longer to be had; and tomeet the one hundred thousand francs due on the 10th of thepresent month, and the one hundred thousand francs due onthe 15th of the next month to M. de Boville, M. Morrel had,in reality, no hope but the return of the Pharaon, of whosedeparture he had learnt from a vessel which had weighedanchor at the same time, and which had already arrived inharbor. But this vessel which, like the Pharaon, came fromCalcutta, had been in for a fortnight, while no intelligencehad been received of the Pharaon.

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      "Maximilian, you know I have no relation in the world. Ihave accustomed myself to regard you as my son: well, then,to save my son, I will sacrifice my life, nay, even myfortune."

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       The abbe saw he had overshot the mark, and he added quickly,-- "No one; but in order to have known everything so well,you must have been an eye-witness."

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    {  been presented to her when I met her at Madame Villefort'sball."

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      "And you will probably find your theme ill-chosen."