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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The delay demanded by Beauchamp had nearly expired. Morcerfappreciated the advice of Monte Cristo to let things dieaway of their own accord. No one had taken up the remarkabout the general, and no one had recognized in the officerwho betrayed the castle of Yanina the noble count in theHouse of Peers. Albert, however felt no less insulted; thefew lines which had irritated him were certainly intended asan insult. Besides, the manner in which Beauchamp had closedthe conference left a bitter recollection in his heart. Hecherished the thought of the duel, hoping to conceal itstrue cause even from his seconds. Beauchamp had not beenseen since the day he visited Albert, and those of whom thelatter inquired always told him he was out on a journeywhich would detain him some days. Where he was no one knew.
2.  "Well, when we quitted Naples, Captain Leclere was attackedwith a brain fever. As we had no doctor on board, and he wasso anxious to arrive at Elba, that he would not touch at anyother port, his disorder rose to such a height, that at theend of the third day, feeling he was dying, he called me tohim. `My dear Dantes,' said he, `swear to perform what I amgoing to tell you, for it is a matter of the deepestimportance.'
3.  "An Englishman."
4.  "No, with a relation. But still, we have quite lost our dearEugenie; for I doubt whether her pride will ever allow herto return to France."
5.  "Nonsense," retorted the baroness; "you could not haveentertained any alarm on the subject, because you areperfectly well aware that I have had for a month in myservice the very best coachman in Paris. But, perhaps, youhave disposed of the coachman as well as the horses?"
6.  "As long as I live."


1.  "`Signed, Beaurepaire, Deschamps, and Lecharpal.'"
2.  "But if your excellency doubt my veracity" --
3.  "Where?"
4.  "To Marseilles!" exclaimed the young couple.
5.  As Villefort drew near, she advanced and stood before him.Dantes had spoken of Mercedes, and Villefort instantlyrecognized her. Her beauty and high bearing surprised him,and when she inquired what had become of her lover, itseemed to him that she was the judge, and he the accused.
6.  "It is well," said Monte Cristo whose countenance brightenedat these words; "you wish -- you are inflexible. Yes, as yousaid, you are indeed wretched and a miracle alone can cureyou. Sit down, Morrel, and wait."


1.  "He leaves me five hundred thousand livres."
2.  "Why did you not invite M. and Madame de Morcerf to yourdinner?"
3.  "Will you not embrace me, sir?" said Andrea.
4.  "Because then you might witness a spectacle calculated tobreak down your pride. You say you fear nothing but death?"
5.   "You are married, then?" said the priest, with a show ofinterest, glancing round as he spoke at the scantyfurnishings of the apartment.
6.  "Albert, Albert," said Madame de Morcerf, in a tone of mildreproof, "what are you saying? Ah, count, he esteems you sohighly, tell him that he has spoken amiss." And she took twoor three steps forward. Monte Cristo watched her with an airso thoughtful, and so full of affectionate admiration, thatshe turned back and grasped his hand; at the same time sheseized that of her son, and joined them together.


1.  "Oh, count, you overwhelm me with that coolness. Have you,then, power against death? Are you superhuman? Are you anangel?" And the young man, who had never shrunk from danger,shrank before Monte Cristo with indescribable terror. ButMonte Cristo looked at him with so melancholy and sweet asmile, that Maximilian felt the tears filling his eyes. "Ican do much for you, my friend," replied the count. "Go; Imust be alone." Morrel, subdued by the extraordinaryascendancy Monte Cristo exercised over everything aroundhim, did not endeavor to resist it. He pressed the count'shand and left. He stopped one moment at the door forBaptistin, whom he saw in the Rue Matignon, and who wasrunning.
2.  "I fully appreciate his delicacy," said Andrea, cramming thenotes hastily into his pocket.
3.  "Why, yes," replied the count.
4、  "She is cowardly," said Villefort.
5、  "Yes, that is true; but I should not have recollected it ifyou had not reminded me."




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      "Hope, my friend," repeated the count.

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      "Nevertheless, my dear count, I found you this morningengaged in an occupation but little consistent with thenotions you profess to entertain."

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       "Why, really the thing seems to me simple enough. Nobodyknows better than yourself that the bandits of Corsica arenot rogues or thieves, but purely and simply fugitives,driven by some sinister motive from their native town orvillage, and that their fellowship involves no disgrace orstigma; for my own part, I protest that, should I ever go toCorsica, my first visit, ere even I presented myself to themayor or prefect, should be to the bandits of Colomba, if Icould only manage to find them; for, on my conscience, theyare a race of men I admire greatly."

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      "True, this story has diverted our attention from them.Excuse me."

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    {  "In what month?"

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      "No," replied the count; "I take pleasure in saying that youhave served me faithfully, Bertuccio; but you might haveshown more confidence in me."}

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      "Not so," replied Danglars; "your advice is wrong, so Ishall not follow it. My money boxes are my Pactolus, as, Ithink, M. Demoustier says, and I will not retard its course,or disturb its calm. My clerks are honest men, who earn myfortune, whom I pay much below their deserts, if I may valuethem according to what they bring in; therefore I shall notget into a passion with them; those with whom I will be in apassion are those who eat my dinners, mount my horses, andexhaust my fortune."

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      "You know the Marquis of Saint-Meran died a few days afterhe had set out on his journey to Paris, and the marchionessa few days after her arrival?"

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       "I do."

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    {  "'Twere better we should not be seen together; those guidesare nothing but spies, and might possibly recognize you;and, however I may be honored by your friendship, my worthyfriend, if once the extent of our intimacy were known, I amsadly afraid both my reputation and credit would sufferthereby."

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      "Precisely. Had stolen away this child, in order that yourname might become extinct."