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1.   Thus did they converse [and guests kept coming to the king'shouse. They brought sheep and wine, while their wives had put up breadfor them to take with them; so they were busy cooking their dinners inthe courts].
2.   Felton was indeed behind the door, and had not lost one word ofthis scene. Milady had guessed aright.
3.   "And I--I tell you against both. I tell you the queen does notlove me; I tell you she loves another; I tell you she loves thatinfamous Buckingham! Why did you not have him arrested while inParis?"
4.   "And as far off as Birmingham?"
5. 在安卓手机下载APP的应用商店中,速卖通、eBay和亚马逊的下载量都超过1亿次,但速卖通以900万条评价、4.7星的评分成为当之无愧的赢家。
6. None of these conditions is in place now. Fed tightening, begun in December, has been put on hold. The federal funds rate (the interbank overnight lending rate) is estimated to be more than a percentage point below its natural level. And there have been no surprises from the Fed. Last December’s 25 basis point rise in the Fed’s policy rate, for example, was comprehensively signalled in advance.


1. 上述江津区公安局民警说,通话时,手机只能识别后面的号码,所以会在陈女士的手机中显示出小杨的名字。
2. 王女士提供的视频显示,她的儿子身上有多处淤青和牙印,脚底有疑似烙伤的疤痕。
3. 1992年以前,通信只是诺基亚13个多元化经营项目中的一项,约占总营业额15%。而在今年上半年诺基亚完成的86.47亿美元销售额中,有90%以上来自通信。目前,诺基亚在全球移动通信市场的份额已接近30%,并成为世界最大的移动电话生产商。诺基亚可为用户提供先进的解决方案和无线、有线电信产品,包括移动和固定网络、移动电话及其它声音、数据、图像终端。其研究开发中心全力开未来技术,为用户提供更多的增值服务。目前诺基亚的开发领域包括第三代无线系统、多媒体网络应用、以及网络管理解决方案等。它正通过预测、满足用户的需求,提高产品质量,强化对大众及其新理念的开放性等手段保持其在快速发展的电信市场的领先地位。
4. 如果证监会调查明确相关股东违法违规属实,我们就可以拿起法律的武器,因为有一种方式叫做集体诉讼。
5.   "No matter," he replied, "go back by the path that you came."
6. 随后,记者赶到着火楼层,楼道里不仅蔓延着一股焦糊味,墙壁都已被熏黑,瓷砖掉落一地,电梯也被烧坏,而发生火情的那户居民家门口的消防栓被烧的面目全非,房间里的情况更加严重。


1. 在家办公常常会牺牲办公速度和质量。
2. 荔枝最后一轮融资为2017年完成的D轮融资,IPO前,经纬中国为其第二大股东,持股21.9%,晨兴资本为第三大股东,持股21.5%,荔枝创始人赖奕龙所带领的管理层持股约30%。
3. 通过监控视频警方发现,这些犯罪分子假装是游客,严谨地按照时间表轮流在枫丹白露宫附近进行踩点,并通过参观埃菲尔铁塔、王子公园体育场等景点掩盖他们的作案目标。
4. 此前,蒋国飞曾预测,2020年企业应用区块链技术的门槛将进一步降低,专为区块链设计的端、云、链各类固化核心算法的硬件芯片等也将应运而生,日活千万的区块链应用将走入大众。
5. 眼见该女子情绪愈发狂躁,民警准备采取进一步控制措施,民警郭扬帆瞅准时机,果断使用辣椒水喷向该女子,趁女子用手擦眼睛的时候,民警郭扬帆不畏危险,第一个冲上去、辅警徐攀、民警丁黄雷紧跟着也冲入房内,合力制服该女子。
6.   A small breakfast-room adjoined the drawing-room, I slipped inthere. It contained a bookcase: I soon possessed myself of a volume,taking care that it should be one stored with pictures. I mounted intothe window-seat: gathering up my feet, I sat cross-legged, like aTurk; and, having drawn the red moreen curtain nearly close, I wasshrined in double retirement.


1. 扬州说,16名遇难矿工除少数几人是安龙县人,其余皆为陕西、云南人。
2. Never, anywhere before, had I seen women of precisely this quality. Fishwives and market women might show similar strength, but it was coarse and heavy. These were merely athletic--light and powerful. College professors, teachers, writers--many women showed similar intelligence but often wore a strained nervous look, while these were as calm as cows, for all their evident intellect.
3. 责任编辑:乔雷华SN098
4. The first night she spent in her attic was a thing Sara never forgot. During its passing she lived through a wild, unchildlike woe of which she never spoke to anyone about her. There was no one who would have understood. It was, indeed, well for her that as she lay awake in the darkness her mind was forcibly distracted, now and then, by the strangeness of her surroundings. It was, perhaps, well for her that she was reminded by her small body of material things. If this had not been so, the anguish of her young mind might have been too great for a child to bear. But, really, while the night was passing she scarcely knew that she had a body at all or remembered any other thing than one.
5. 甘肃冒赈案——一七八一年(乾隆四十六年)揭露的甘肃冒赈案,是全省官员上下勾通,合伙贪污的大案。
6. 同时借助酒店场景,使住客深度体验这些产品,在小程序中实现转化购买,获得销售提成。


1.   "Then the postscript is as favorably received by you as therest of the letter?"
2.   This denuded place always made Clifford curiously angry. He had been through the war, had seen what it meant. But he didn't get really angry till he saw this bare hill. He was having it replanted. But it made him hate Sir Geoffrey.
3. 不能和稀泥纵容无理取闹,也不能总想着息事宁人,等问题闹大了才解决。

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