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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He who wounded Jussac!" cried the king, "he, a boy! Treville,that's impossible!"
2.  "I! Not at all. I am dead drunk, that's all, and never did aman more strongly set about getting so. By the Lord, my goodhost! I must at least have drunk for my part a hundred and fiftybottles."
3.  There was a silence of several seconds.
4.  "Did he name no one in his passion?"
5.  "Were you there, then?"
6.  On entering his hotel, M. de Treville thought it best to be firstin making the complaint. He sent one of his servants to M. de laTremouille with a letter in which he begged of him to eject thecardinal's Guardsmen from his house, and to reprimand his peoplefor their audacity in making SORTIE against the king'sMusketeers. But M. de la Tremouille--already prejudiced by hisesquire, whose relative, as we already know, Bernajoux was--replied that it was neither for M. de Treville nor the Musketeersto complain, but, on the contrary, for him, whose people theMusketeers had assaulted and whose hotel they had endeavored toburn. Now, as the debate between these two nobles might last along time, each becoming, naturally, more firm in his ownopinion, M. de Treville thought of an expedient which mightterminate it quietly. This was to go himself to M. de laTremouille.


1.  "Why, that is that you would have acted much more wisely ifyou had not required me to make myself known."
2.  "Awaken me! Do you think I ever sleep, then? I sleep no longer,monsieur. I sometimes dream, that's all. Come, then, as earlyas you like--at seven o'clock; but beware, if you and yourMusketeers are guilty."
3.  "Oh, as to that, Monseigneur, it is true," said Athos; "we doconspire, as your Eminence might have seen the other morning.Only we conspire against the Rochellais."
4.  "Now," said Planchet, "let us bind him to a tree."This being properly done, they drew the Comte de Wardes close tohis servant; and as night was approaching, and as the wounded manand the bound man were at some little distance within the wood,it was evident they were likely to remain there till the nextday.
5.  "Thus I have told your Eminence that you had but to question us,and we are ready to reply."
6.  This time, without knowing why, D'Artagnan felt a cold shiver runthrough his veins. Perhaps the cold began to affect him, and hetook a perfectly physical sensation for a moral impression.Then the idea seized him that he had read incorrectly, and thatthe appointment was for eleven o'clock. He drew near to thewindow, and placing himself so that a ray of light should fallupon the letter as he held it, he drew it from his pocket andread it again; but he had not been mistaken, the appointment wasfor ten o'clock. He went and resumed his post, beginning to berather uneasy at this silence and this solitude.


1.  "We let them tell their story out," replied Mousqueton. "Then,as in leaving the cabaret they took different directions, mybrother went and hid himself on the road of the Catholic, and Ion that of the Huguenot. Two hours after, all was over; we haddone the business of both, admiring the foresight of our poorfather, who had taken the precaution to bring each of us up in adifferent religion."
2.  "It's the same thing," cried the young woman. "Who callsRichelieu calls Satan."
3.  "And what did he do the rest of his time?"
4.  Kitty was but too well aware of that. In a turn of the handshe muffled him up in a flowered robe, a large hood, and acloak. She gave him some slippers, in which he placed hisnaked feet, and then conducted him down the stairs. It wastime. Milady had already rung her bell, and roused thewhole hotel. The porter was drawing the cord at the momentMilady cried from her window, "Don't open!"
5.   But at the moment when the cardinal saw his means alreadyfructify, and applauded himself for having put it in action, aninhabitant of La Rochelle who had contrived to pass the royallines--God knows how, such was the watchfulness of Bassompierre,Schomberg, and the Duc d'Angouleme, themselves watched over bythe cardinal--an inhabitant of La Rochelle, we say, entered thecity, coming from Portsmouth, and saying that he had seen amagnificent fleet ready to sail within eight days. Stillfurther, Buckingham announced to the mayor that at length thegreat league was about to declare itself against France, and thatthe kingdom would be at once invaded by the English, Imperial,and Spanish armies. This letter was read publicly in all partsof the city. Copies were put up at the corners of the streets;and even they who had begun to open negotiations interruptedthem, being resolved to await the succor so pompously announced.This unexpected circumstance brought back Richelieu's formeranxiety, and forced him in spite of himself once more to turn hiseyes to the other side of the sea.
6.  "She is called Milady, but she may be French. Lord deWinter is only her brother-in-law,"


1.  "Yes."
2.  "Where I am going."
3.  "That is to say, yes and no."
4、  These thoughts, gilded as they were by a last reflection of love,were not the less sad. Anne of Austria, deprived of theconfidence of her husband, pursued by the hatred of the cardinal,who could not pardon her for having repulsed a more tenderfeeling, having before her eyes the example of the queen-motherwhom that hatred had tormented all her life--though Marie deMedicis, if the memoirs of the time are to be believed, had begunby according to the cardinal that sentiment which Anne of Austriaalways refused him--Anne of Austria had seen her most devotedservants fall around her, her most intimate confidants, herdearest favorites. Like those unfortunate persons endowed with afatal gift, she brought misfortune upon everything she touched.Her friendship was a fatal sign which called down persecution.Mme. de Chevreuse and Mme. de Bernet were exiled, and Laporte didnot conceal from his mistress that he expected to be arrestedevery instant.




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      "At half past twelve the queen was with her women--""Where?"

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      "But who is SHE?"

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       "Monsieur," said Aramis, parodying Jussac, "it would afford usgreat pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do."

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      D'Artagnan placed his hand upon the queen's diamond, whichhe wore, and quickly turned the stone inward; but it was toolate.

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    {  "Ah, you gentlemen of policy!" replied the cardinal, knitting hisbrow in his turn, "the secret of many unknown things mightperhaps be found in your brains, if we could read them as youread that letter which you concealed as soon as you saw mecoming."

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      "What is this?" said Aramis, on seeing them arrive. "Nothing butsaddles?"}

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      "My dear D'Artagnan," said Aramis, "don't be too angry with me, Ibeg. Necessity has no law; besides, I am the person punished, asthat rascally horsedealer has robbed me of fifty louis, at least.Ah, you fellows are good managers! You ride on our lackey'shorses, and have your own gallant steeds led along carefully byhand, at short stages."

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      At nine o'clock the next morning, the drums beat to arms.The Duc d'Orleans visited the posts. The guards were underarms, and D'Artagnan took his place in the midst of hiscomrades.

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       Of fifty large sausages, suspended from the joists, scarcely tenremained.

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    {  "The white flag, morbleu! We must not leave a flag in thehands of the enemy, even if that flag be but a napkin."And Athos ran back to the bastion, mounted the platform, andbore off the flag; but as the Rochellais had arrived withinmusket range, they opened a terrible fire upon this man, whoappeared to expose himself for pleasure's sake.

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      At this moment the clock of La Samaritaine struck six; thefour friends pleaded an engagement, and took leave of M. deTreville.