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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have that honor; and my happiness at your escape from thedanger that threatened you is redoubled by the consciousnessthat I have been the unwilling and the unintentional causeof all the peril you have incurred. I yesterday purchasedthese horses of the baron; but as the baroness evidentlyregretted parting with them, I ventured to send them back toher, with a request that she would gratify me by acceptingthem from my hands."
2.  "Good!" said the gendarme, placing his knee on his chest;"believe soft-spoken gentlemen again! Harkye, my friend, Ihave disobeyed my first order, but I will not disobey thesecond; and if you move, I will blow your brains out." Andhe levelled his carbine at Dantes, who felt the muzzleagainst his temple.
3.  The wall of which he spoke was the one in which was fixedthe loophole by which light was admitted to the chamber.This loophole, which gradually diminished in size as itapproached the outside, to an opening through which a childcould not have passed, was, for better security, furnishedwith three iron bars, so as to quiet all apprehensions evenin the mind of the most suspicious jailer as to thepossibility of a prisoner's escape. As the stranger askedthe question, he dragged the table beneath the window.
4.  The baroness had watched Debray while he read this long andpainful letter, and saw him, notwithstanding hisself-control, change color once or twice. When he had endedthe perusal, he folded the letter and resumed his pensiveattitude. "Well?" asked Madame Danglars, with an anxietyeasy to be understood.
5.  "That is not his biggest scoop," said Morcerf; "did he notmake a million in Spaniards this last year?"
6.  "How singular," murmured Maximilian; "your father hates me,while your grandfather, on the contrary -- What strangefeelings are aroused by politics."


1.  "As a matter of fact," said Monte Cristo, approaching, "I ammuch afraid that I am the involuntary cause of his absence."
2.  "How?" said Albert, whose brow reddened; "you think M.Danglars" --
3.  "If he spoke hastily, and owns that he did so, you ought tobe satisfied."
4.  "Because, though I am not a baron by birth, my real name is,at least, Danglars."
5.  "I am satisfied, madame, that he did what I have told you;besides, that is not much more odious than that a Frenchmanby adoption should pass over to the English; that a Spaniardby birth should have fought against the Spaniards; that astipendiary of Ali should have betrayed and murdered Ali.Compared with such things, what is the letter you have justread? -- a lover's deception, which the woman who hasmarried that man ought certainly to forgive; but not so thelover who was to have married her. Well, the French did notavenge themselves on the traitor, the Spaniards did notshoot the traitor, Ali in his tomb left the traitorunpunished; but I, betrayed, sacrificed, buried, have risenfrom my tomb, by the grace of God, to punish that man. Hesends me for that purpose, and here I am." The poor woman'shead and arms fell; her legs bent under her, and she fell onher knees. "Forgive, Edmond, forgive for my sake, who loveyou still!"
6.  "All was quiet, but on returning from M. Beauchamp's, Ifound madame in tears: she had sent for me to know when youwould return. I told her my orders from M. Beauchamp; shefirst extended her arms to prevent me, but after a moment'sreflection, `Yes, go, Florentin,' said she, `and may he comequickly.'"


1.  "It is a magnificent charity." Having said this, the abbebowed to imply he wished to pursue his studies. The visitoreither understood the abbe's meaning, or had no morequestions to ask; he arose, and the abbe accompanied him tothe door. "You are a great almsgiver," said the visitor,"and although you are said to be rich, I will venture tooffer you something for your poor people; will you accept myoffering?"
2.  "So, sir, you lived at Lucca, did you? You were rich, noble,held in great esteem -- had all that could render a manhappy?"
3.  "That you are blindfolded, and do not take off the bandageuntil he himself bids you." Franz looked at Gaetano, to see,if possible, what he thought of this proposal. "Ah," repliedhe, guessing Franz's thought, "I know this is a seriousmatter."
4.  "Nothing, nothing. But tell me, what were you thinking aboutwhen I came in?"
5.   There had been no prisoners confined in the Chateau d'Ifsince the revolution of July; it was only inhabited by aguard, kept there for the prevention of smuggling. Aconcierge waited at the door to exhibit to visitors thismonument of curiosity, once a scene of terror. The countinquired whether any of the ancient jailers were stillthere; but they had all been pensioned, or had passed on tosome other employment. The concierge who attended him hadonly been there since 1830. He visited his own dungeon. Heagain beheld the dull light vainly endeavoring to penetratethe narrow opening. His eyes rested upon the spot where hadstood his bed, since then removed, and behind the bed thenew stones indicated where the breach made by the Abbe Fariahad been. Monte Cristo felt his limbs tremble; he seatedhimself upon a log of wood.
6.  "I demand admittance," said a loud voice outside the room,"in the name of the law!" As no attempt was made to preventit, the door was opened, and a magistrate, wearing hisofficial scarf, presented himself, followed by four soldiersand a corporal. Uneasiness now yielded to the most extremedread on the part of those present.


1.  Then gloom settled heavily upon him. Dantes was a man ofgreat simplicity of thought, and without education; he couldnot, therefore, in the solitude of his dungeon, traverse inmental vision the history of the ages, bring to life thenations that had perished, and rebuild the ancient cities sovast and stupendous in the light of the imagination, andthat pass before the eye glowing with celestial colors inMartin's Babylonian pictures. He could not do this, he whosepast life was so short, whose present so melancholy, and hisfuture so doubtful. Nineteen years of light to reflect uponin eternal darkness! No distraction could come to his aid;his energetic spirit, that would have exalted in thusrevisiting the past, was imprisoned like an eagle in a cage.He clung to one idea -- that of his happiness, destroyed,without apparent cause, by an unheard-of fatality; heconsidered and reconsidered this idea, devoured it (so tospeak), as the implacable Ugolino devours the skull ofArchbishop Roger in the Inferno of Dante.
2.  "I will do whatever is necessary." This assurance delightedMorrel, who took leave of Villefort, and hastened toannounce to old Dantes that he would soon see his son.
3.  "Oh, speak, speak, doctor; I shall have courage."
4、  "Have you any knowledge of him?"
5、  "And what message shall I convey to the baroness!"




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      "Ten millions! Do you think so? It is magnificent!" saidCavalcanti, who was quite confounded at the metallic soundof these golden words. "Without reckoning," replied MonteCristo, "that all his fortune will come to you, and justlytoo, since Mademoiselle Danglars is an only daughter.Besides, your own fortune, as your father assured me, isalmost equal to that of your betrothed. But enough of moneymatters. Do you know, M. Andrea, I think you have managedthis affair rather skilfully?"

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       "Then I shall say the duel did not take place?"

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      "About that."

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    {  "I do not know; but, though unwilling to introduce moneymatters into our present conversation, I will just say thismuch -- that her extreme dislike to me has its origin there;and I much fear she envies me the fortune I enjoy in rightof my mother, and which will be more than doubled at thedeath of M. and Mme. de Saint-Meran, whose sole heiress Iam. Madame de Villefort has nothing of her own, and hates mefor being so richly endowed. Alas, how gladly would Iexchange the half of this wealth for the happiness of atleast sharing my father's love. God knows, I would prefersacrificing the whole, so that it would obtain me a happyand affectionate home."

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      "Where was she built?"}

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      theatre. It happened that on this particular night theminister's box was placed at the disposal of Lucien Debray,who offered it to the Comte de Morcerf, who again, upon hismother's rejection of it, sent it to Danglars, with anintimation that he should probably do himself the honor ofjoining the baroness and her daughter during the evening, inthe event of their accepting the box in question. The ladiesreceived the offer with too much pleasure to dream of arefusal. To no class of persons is the presentation of agratuitous opera-box more acceptable than to the wealthymillionaire, who still hugs economy while boasting ofcarrying a king's ransom in his waistcoat pocket.

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      "It was this, -- that while you had related to me all theparticulars of your past life, you were perfectlyunacquainted with mine."

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       "Directly, sir." The valet re-appeared almost instantly,and, having shaved his master, assisted him to dressentirely in black. When he had finished, he said, --

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    {  Faria gazed fondly on his noble-minded, single-hearted,high-principled young friend, and read in his countenanceample confirmation of the sincerity of his devotion and theloyalty of his purpose.

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      Dantes smiled. "My father is proud, sir, and if he had not ameal left, I doubt if he would have asked anything fromanyone, except from Heaven."