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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I understand," replied Fernand, "you can endure your ownwretchedness patiently, but you are afraid to share mine.Well, Mercedes, beloved by you, I would tempt fortune; youwould bring me good luck, and I should become rich. I couldextend my occupation as a fisherman, might get a place asclerk in a warehouse, and become in time a dealer myself."
2.  "No, sire, for that would only betoken for us seven years ofplenty and seven years of scarcity; and with a king as fullof foresight as your majesty, scarcity is not a thing to befeared."
3.  "It was Danglars who wrote the denunciation with his lefthand, that his writing might not be recognized, and Fernandwho put it in the post."
4.  "Can he give me any particulars?"
5.  "Then you advise me to go alone to Beauchamp?"
6.  "It is a prisoner," said Edmond joyfully. The night passedin perfect silence. Edmond did not close his eyes.


1.  "Young Edward!" A burst of laughter from the auditors didnot in the least disconcert the speaker, who continued, --"Yes, gentlemen; Edward, the infant phenomenon, who is quitean adept in the art of killing."
2.  "But two million francs make a nice little sum," repliedMorcerf.
3.  "It is, indeed, said Danglars.
4.  "Ah," cried Valentine suddenly, "I understand. It is mymarriage you mean, is it not, dear grandpapa?"
5.  "Let me go on, captain. And we have just heard," continuedAlbert, "of a new deed of his, and so heroic a one, that,although I have seen him to-day for the first time, Irequest you to allow me to introduce him as my friend." Atthese words it was still possible to observe in Monte Cristothe concentrated look, changing color, and slight tremblingof the eyelid that show emotion. "Ah, you have a nobleheart," said the count; "so much the better." Thisexclamation, which corresponded to the count's own thoughtrather than to what Albert was saying, surprised everybody,and especially Morrel, who looked at Monte Cristo withwonder. But, at the same time, the intonation was so softthat, however strange the speech might seem, it wasimpossible to be offended at it. "Why should he doubt it?"said Beauchamp to Chateau-Renaud.
6.  "Ah, I know the way -- you get good sweetened rum overthere."


1.  "Well, Valentine," said Morrel with a sigh, "we will notdiscuss the matter further. I will not make a confidant ofhim."
2.  "Yes, you will receive it from your father personally, butLord Wilmore will be the security for the money. He has, atthe request of your father, opened an account of 6,000francs a month at M. Danglars', which is one of the safestbanks in Paris."
3.  "Nay, if your excellency is satisfied, it is all that Icould wish. Whither does your excellency desire to bedriven?"
4.  "Thanks, Danglars -- that will smooth over all difficulties.I fully authorize you at once to assume the command of thePharaon, and look carefully to the unloading of her freight.Private misfortunes must never be allowed to interfere withbusiness."
5.   "My poor girl, in ten years I shall be old, and you will bestill young."
6.  Your betrothed,


1.  "You wish me to get out at that window?"
2.  "To be sure, I remember it all now."
3.  "The vessel was in as good condition as I am, and as, I hopeyou are, M. Morrel, and this day and a half was lost frompure whim, for the pleasure of going ashore, and nothingelse."
4、  "Yes."
5、  To his friends M. de Villefort was a powerful protector; tohis enemies, he was a silent, but bitter opponent; for thosewho were neither the one nor the other, he was a statue ofthe law-made man. He had a haughty bearing, a look eithersteady and impenetrable or insolently piercing andinquisitorial. Four successive revolutions had built andcemented the pedestal upon which his fortune was based. M.de Villefort had the reputation of being the least curiousand the least wearisome man in France. He gave a ball everyyear, at which he appeared for a quarter of an hour only, --that is to say, five and forty minutes less than the king isvisible at his balls. He was never seen at the theatres, atconcerts, or in any place of public resort. Occasionally,but seldom, he played at whist, and then care was taken toselect partners worthy of him -- sometimes they wereambassadors, sometimes archbishops, or sometimes a prince,or a president, or some dowager duchess. Such was the manwhose carriage had just now stopped before the Count ofMonte Cristo's door. The valet de chambre announced M. deVillefort at the moment when the count, leaning over a largetable, was tracing on a map the route from St. Petersburg toChina.




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      It was time, for the jailer was coming. On this occasion hebegan his rounds at Dantes' cell, and on leaving him he wenton to Faria's dungeon, taking thither breakfast and somelinen. Nothing betokened that the man know anything of whathad occurred. He went on his way.

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       "I think you are going mad, Bertuccio," said the countcoldly. "If that is the case, I warn you, I shall have youput in a lunatic asylum."

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      "Quite sufficient," replied the count, as, taking out histablets, he wrote down "No. 27, Rue du Helder, 21st May,half-past ten in the morning."

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    {  "Gaspard, Gaspard!" murmured the woman, from her seat on thestairs, "mind what you are saying!" Caderousse made no replyto these words, though evidently irritated and annoyed bythe interruption, but, addressing the abbe, said, "Can a manbe faithful to another whose wife he covets and desires forhimself? But Dantes was so honorable and true in his ownnature, that he believed everybody's professions offriendship. Poor Edmond, he was cruelly deceived; but it wasfortunate that he never knew, or he might have found it moredifficult, when on his deathbed, to pardon his enemies. And,whatever people may say," continued Caderousse, in hisnative language, which was not altogether devoid of rudepoetry, "I cannot help being more frightened at the idea ofthe malediction of the dead than the hatred of the living."

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      "In France!" he cried, "the usurper in France! Then they didnot watch over this man. Who knows? they were, perhaps, inleague with him."}

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      "I am with the person to whom this letter was addressed, andto whom I desired to prove that Luigi Vampa was a man of hisword. Come, your excellency," the count added, turning toFranz, "here is Luigi Vampa, who will himself express to youhis deep regret at the mistake he has committed." Franzapproached, the chief advancing several steps to meet him."Welcome among us, your excellency," he said to him; "youheard what the count just said, and also my reply; let meadd that I would not for the four thousand piastres at whichI had fixed your friend's ransom, that this had happened."

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      "By no means. He is a perfect nobleman, very polite, modest,and agreeable, such as may be found constantly in Italy,descendants of very ancient families. I have met him severaltimes at Florence, Bologna and Lucca, and he has nowcommunicated to me the fact of his arrival in Paris. Theacquaintances one makes in travelling have a sort of claimon one; they everywhere expect to receive the same attentionwhich you once paid them by chance, as though the civilitiesof a passing hour were likely to awaken any lasting interestin favor of the man in whose society you may happen to bethrown in the course of your journey. This good MajorCavalcanti is come to take a second view of Paris, which heonly saw in passing through in the time of the Empire, whenhe was on his way to Moscow. I shall give him a good dinner,he will confide his son to my care, I will promise to watchover him, I shall let him follow in whatever path his follymay lead him, and then I shall have done my part."

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       Monte Cristo carried them both to the salon, and depositedthem on a sofa. "Compose yourself, madame," said he; "alldanger is over." The woman looked up at these words, and,with a glance far more expressive than any entreaties couldhave been, pointed to her child, who still continuedinsensible. "I understand the nature of your alarms,madame," said the count, carefully examining the child, "butI assure you there is not the slightest occasion foruneasiness; your little charge has not received the leastinjury; his insensibility is merely the effects of terror,and will soon pass."

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    {  "If he says true," said the captain doubtingly. "But in hispresent condition he will promise anything, and take hischance of keeping it afterwards."

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      "You must excuse us, count," returned Franz, "but we havestill much to do."