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1. 如今,IT行业也出现了新能源汽车和光伏行业曾经出现的情况。
2.   Ave Maria (quoth Simonida, crossing her selfe) Alas deareBrethren, I know not what you say, or meane, nor wherein my Husbandshould bee offended, or make any complaint at all of me. Arrigucciohearing this looked on her like a man that had lost his Senses: forwell he remembred, how many cruell blowes he had given her on theface, beside scratches of his nailes, and spurnes of his feet, as alsothe cutting of her haire, the least shew of all which misusage, wasnot now to be seene. Her brethren likewise briefly told her, the wholeeffect of her Husbands speeches, shewing her the thred, and in whatcruell manner he sware hee did beate her. Simonida, turning then toher Husband, and seeming as confounded with amazement, said. How isthis Husband? what doe I heare? would you have me supposed (to yourowne shame and disgrace) to be a bad woman, and your selfe a cruellcurst man, when (on either side) there is no such matter? When wereyou this night heere in the house with mee? Or when should you beatemee, and I not feele nor know it? Beleeve me (sweete heart) allthese are meerely miracles to me.
3. 30余名犯罪嫌疑人持棍棒、砍刀等凶器对该KTV进行打砸,砍伤无辜群众,造成十分恶劣的社会影响。
5. 3578号):
6.   Well, there it was: fated like the rest of things! It was rather awful, but why kick? You couldn't kick it away. It just went on. Life, like all the rest! On the low dark ceiling of cloud at night red blotches burned and quavered, dappling and swelling and contracting, like burns that give pain. It was the furnaces. At first they fascinated Connie with a sort of horror; she felt she was living underground. Then she got used to them. And in the morning it rained.


1.   Thus did he pray. Jove heard his prayer and forthwith thundered highup among the from the splendour of Olympus, and Ulysses was gladwhen he heard it. At the same time within the house, a miller-womanfrom hard by in the mill room lifted up her voice and gave him anothersign. There were twelve miller-women whose business it was to grindwheat and barley which are the staff of life. The others had groundtheir task and had gone to take their rest, but this one had not yetfinished, for she was not so strong as they were, and when she heardthe thunder she stopped grinding and gave the sign to her master."Father Jove," said she, "you who rule over heaven and earth, you havethundered from a clear sky without so much as a cloud in it, andthis means something for somebody; grant the prayer, then, of meyour poor servant who calls upon you, and let this be the very lastday that the suitors dine in the house of Ulysses. They have worn meout with the labour of grinding meal for them, and I hope they maynever have another dinner anywhere at all."
2. 在今年的榜单上,美国学校恢复了自己的优势,上榜的美国学校数量增至51所。2016年,这一数据首次跌破50,降至47所。在8所新上榜或重新上榜的学校中,有6所来自美国。
3. 从11月初王思聪负债1.5亿成为老赖的消息传开之后,以王思聪为核心,串联着熊猫直播、熊猫TV、普思资本等聪系资本乃至其父的万达集团,开始了一场迷雾重重的资金勘察,所有人都想盘算清楚,王思聪到底怎么从含着金钥匙的国民老公娱乐圈最富纪检委,变成了如今的被执行人?要搞清楚事件,或许需要进行两个步骤。
4. We rather spread ourselves, telling of the advantages of competition: how it developed fine qualities; that without it there would be "no stimulus to industry." Terry was very strong on that point.
5. 」也有抗疫一线的物业公司和心理咨询服务组织,表示通过飞书,来进行远程协作时的流程管理和协同。
6. We had heard something: something not in the least like a birdsong, and very much like a suppressed whisper of laughter --a little happy sound, instantly smothered. We stood like so many pointers, and then used our glasses, swiftly, carefully.


1.   Now grasp my doublet - we at last A central peak have reached, whichshows, If round a wondering glance we cast, How in the mountain Mammonglows,
2.   "But at least it covers all the facts. After new facts come to ourknowledge which cannot be covered by it, it will be time enough toreconsider it. We can do nothing more until we have a message from ourfriend at Norbury."
3. 她被判刑那天,原本是预约好了肿瘤专家,讨论救治可以做的最后努力。
4.   A dainty gentleman, no doubt of it.
5. 国家药监局要求,上述药品的生产企业应当按照相应说明书修订要求,提出修订说明书的补充申请,于2020年4月30日前报省级药品监管部门备案,在备案后6个月内对已出厂的药品说明书及标签予以更换。
6.   Thorello verily beleeved the Soldanes promise, because he hadoften heard the possibility of performance, and others had effected asmuch, divers times else-where: whereupon he began to comfort himselfe,soliciting the Soldan earnestly that it might be accomplished.Saladine sent for one of his Sorcerers (of whose skill he had formerlymade experience) to take a direct course, how Signior Thorelloshould be carryed (in one night) to Pavia, and being in his bed. TheMagitian undertooke to doe it, but, for the Gentlemans more ease, hemust first be possessed with an entraunced dead sleep. Saladinebeing thus assured of the deeds full effecting, he came againe toThorello, and finding him to be setled for Pavia (if possibly it mightbe accomplished by the determined time, or else no other expectationbut death) he said unto him as followeth.


1. 民警表示,事故发后带其去医院抽血过程中,该女子说话含混,酒意十足。
2. (2019)赣0482法赔1号国家赔偿决定书显示,根据国家赔偿法及相关司法解释的规定,支付张卫荣侵犯人身自由赔偿金287821.34元、精神损害抚慰金100737.47元,共计388558.81元。
3.   Illustrations of the action of Natural Selection
4. 这个流言的上榜,也在一定程度上说明,被科学流言马甲欺骗的,可不只是老幼病残孕。
5. “问题是,”这位官员问,“新媒体会产生什么样的政治影响?是好还是坏?在这一点上,与会专家的意见出现分歧。埃里克·施密特说信息传播总归是好的,他还为谷歌取消一笔和中国的交易这个特别重要的决定辩护。他的理由是:尽管有2%或3%的内容被屏蔽,谷歌世界信息中的97%或98%仍然可以被中国网民得到。小组里的其他人笑他言不由衷。而他坚持自己的立场,但是有人说:‘你错啦。这可能会是一股邪恶的力量。现代的戈培尔①们正潜伏在某个地方利用它。’”
6. 而粉丝群体中存在的刷单刷票房刷好评等不良行为,也为自身带来负面评价。


1.   Among his other Servants and Followers, there was a yongGentleman, gracefull of person, excellent in speech, and every wayas active as no man could be more: his name Pyrrhus, highly affectedof Nicostratus, and more intimately trusted then all the rest. Suchseemed the perfections of this Pyrrhus, that Lydia (for so was theLady named) began to affect him very earnestly, and in such sort, asday or night shee could take no rest, but devised all meanes tocompasse her harts desire. Now, whether he observed this inclinationof her towards him, or else would take no notice thereof, it could notbe discerned by any outward apprehension: which moved the moreimpatiency in her, and drove her hopes to dispairing passions. Whereinto finde some comfort and ease, she called an ancient Gentlewoman ofher Chamber, in whom shee reposed especiall confidence, and thus shespake to her.
2.   Look at a plant in the midst of its range, why does it not double or quadruple its numbers? We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts. In this case we can clearly see that if we wished in imagination to give the plant the power of increasing in number, we should have to give it some advantage over its competitors, or over the animals which preyed on it. On the confines of its geographical range, a change of constitution with respect to climate would clearly be an advantage to our plant; but we have reason to believe that only a few plants or animals range so far, that they are destroyed by the rigour of the climate alone. Not until we reach the extreme confines of life, in the arctic regions or on the borders of an utter desert, will competition cease. The land may be extremely cold or dry, yet there will be competition between some few species, or between the individuals of the same species, for the warmest or dampest spots.
3.   "'Quite so. Exactly,' said he with a rather guilty air. 'No doubtyou will renew your visit at some more propitious time.' He passed on,but when I turned I observed that he was standing watching me,half-concealed by the laurels at the far end of the garden."I had a good look at that little house as I passed it, but thewindows were heavily curtained, and, so far as one could see, it wasempty. I might spoil my own game and even be ordered off thepremises if I were too audacious, for I was still conscious that I wasbeing watched. Therefore, I strolled back to the house and waitedfor night before I went on with my inquiry. When all was dark andquiet I slipped out of my window and made my way as silently aspossible to the mysterious lodge.

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