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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Isn't it bad?" she observed to Lola.
2.  "Yes, but it also says," the director remarked, "that you are tolook shocked. Now, say it again, and see if you can't lookshocked."
3.  "And so this is your first visit to Chicago," he observed.
4.  "Oh, no, it won't," said Carrie seriously.
5.  "Fine," he said, and then, seized by a sudden impulse, arose andwent about to the stage door.
6.  As a matter of fact, she was in a most hopeless quandary. Herewas a man whom she thoroughly liked, who exercised an influenceover her, sufficient almost to delude her into the belief thatshe was possessed of a lively passion for him. She was still thevictim of his keen eyes, his suave manners, his fine clothes.She looked and saw before her a man who was most gracious andsympathetic, who leaned toward her with a feeling that was adelight to observe. She could not resist the glow of histemperament, the light of his eye. She could hardly keep fromfeeling what he felt.


1.  Before this world-old proposition we stand, serious, interested,confused; endeavouring to evolve the true theory of morals--thetrue answer to what is right.
2.  "Oh, I can't," said Carrie. "Not to-night. I have an earlyengagement to-morrow."
3.  "Oh, no," said Carrie. "Don't try."
4.  "This is my first experience."
5.  "As what?" he asked.
6.  In about an hour and three-quarters the boy returned. He hadevidently delivered the package, for, as he came up, he made nosign of taking anything out of his pocket.


1.  "I remember Mrs. Hurstwood when she was travelling once with youover to St. Joe--" and here the newcomer launched off in atrivial recollection, which was terminated by the arrival of morefriends.
2.  "Won't you come along with me?" he said, as if there was greatdanger that she would not. "You won't need to do anything buttravel with me. I'll not trouble you in any way. You can seeMontreal and New York, and then if you don't want to stay you cango back. It will be better than trying to go back to-night."
3.  The deep-feeling manager was himself a little strained in thenerves by the thorough consciousness of his mission. He feltthat he must make a strong play on this occasion, but now thatthe hour was come, and he heard Carrie's feet upon the stair, hisnerve failed him. He sank a little in determination, for he wasnot so sure, after all, what her opinion might be.
4.  Drouet turned to Carrie. "I haven't had a thing since breakfast.Just got in from Rock Island. I was going off to dine when I sawyou."
5.   "How long are you here?" asked Hurstwood.
6.  In this manner the second, third, and fourth months passed.Winter came, and with it a feeling that indoors was best, so thatthe attending of theatres was not much talked of. Hurstwood madegreat efforts to meet all expenditures without a show of feelingone way or the other. He pretended that he was reinvesting hismoney in strengthening the business for greater ends in thefuture. He contented himself with a very moderate allowance ofpersonal apparel, and rarely suggested anything for Carrie. Thusthe first winter passed.


1.  Hurstwood felt some of this in her nature, though he did notactually perceive it. He dwelt with her in peace and somesatisfaction. He did not fear her in the least--there was nocause for it. She still took a faint pride in him, which wasaugmented by her desire to have her social integrity maintained.She was secretly somewhat pleased by the fact that much of herhusband's property was in her name, a precaution which Hurstwoodhad taken when his home interests were somewhat more alluringthan at present. His wife had not the slightest reason to feelthat anything would ever go amiss with their household, and yetthe shadows which run before gave her a thought of the good of itnow and then. She was in a position to become refractory withconsiderable advantage, and Hurstwood conducted himselfcircumspectly because he felt that he could not be sure ofanything once she became dissatisfied.
2.  Hurstwood went out and made for Broadway. He wanted to think upsome place. Before long, though, he reached the Grand Hotel atThirty-first Street. He knew of its comfortable lobby. He wascold after his twenty blocks' walk.
3.  Her countenance, had he been scrutinising her, would haveexhibited the disturbance she felt at this evidence of hisdetermination to stay by her. He saw nothing remarkable inasking her to come down lower.
4、  Before following her in her round of seeking, let us look at thesphere in which her future was to lie. In 1889 Chicago had thepeculiar qualifications of growth which made such adventuresomepilgrimages even on the part of young girls plausible. Its manyand growing commercial opportunities gave it widespread fame,which made of it a giant magnet, drawing to itself, from allquarters, the hopeful and the hopeless--those who had theirfortune yet to make and those whose fortunes and affairs hadreached a disastrous climax elsewhere. It was a city of over500,000, with the ambition, the daring, the activity of ametropolis of a million. Its streets and houses were alreadyscattered over an area of seventy-five square miles. Itspopulation was not so much thriving upon established commerce asupon the industries which prepared for the arrival of others. Thesound of the hammer engaged upon the erection of new structureswas everywhere heard. Great industries were moving in. The hugerailroad corporations which had long before recognised theprospects of the place had seized upon vast tracts of land fortransfer and shipping purposes. Street-car lines had beenextended far out into the open country in anticipation of rapidgrowth. The city had laid miles and miles of streets and sewersthrough regions where, perhaps, one solitary house stood outalone--a pioneer of the populous ways to be. There were regionsopen to the sweeping winds and rain, which were yet lightedthroughout the night with long, blinking lines of gas-lamps,fluttering in the wind. Narrow board walks extended out, passinghere a house, and there a store, at far intervals, eventuallyending on the open prairie.
5、  Once across the river and into the wholesale district, sheglanced about her for some likely door at which to apply. As shecontemplated the wide windows and imposing signs, she becameconscious of being gazed upon and understood for what she was--awage-seeker. She had never done this thing before, and lackedcourage. To avoid a certain indefinable shame she felt at beingcaught spying about for a position, she quickened her steps andassumed an air of indifference supposedly common to one upon anerrand. In this way she passed many manufacturing and wholesalehouses without once glancing in. At last, after several blocksof walking, she felt that this would not do, and began to lookabout again, though without relaxing her pace. A little way onshe saw a great door which, for some reason, attracted herattention. It was ornamented by a small brass sign, and seemedto be the entrance to a vast hive of six or seven floors."Perhaps," she thought, "they may want some one," and crossedover to enter. When she came within a score of feet of thedesired goal, she saw through the window a young man in a greychecked suit. That he had anything to do with the concern, shecould not tell, but because he happened to be looking in herdirection her weakening heart misgave her and she hurried by, tooovercome with shame to enter. Over the way stood a great six-story structure, labelled Storm and King, which she viewed withrising hope. It was a wholesale dry goods concern and employedwomen. She could see them moving about now and then upon theupper floors. This place she decided to enter, no matter what.She crossed over and walked directly toward the entrance. As shedid so, two men came out and paused in the door. A telegraphmessenger in blue dashed past her and up the few steps that ledto the entrance and disappeared. Several pedestrians out of thehurrying throng which filled the sidewalks passed about her asshe paused, hesitating. She looked helplessly around, and then,seeing herself observed, retreated. It was too difficult a task.She could not go past them.




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      Mrs. Morgan saw the drift of things and gleamed at Carrie withenvious and snapping black eyes.

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      "Come down and meet me to morrow," he said, "and we'll go to thematinee. Will you?"

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       He shut up after this, and went in to his paper, but the retortrankled in his mind. It was the first cutting remark that hadcome from her.

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      Hurstwood listened to the cash-register ring, and watched thetrade for a while.

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    {  "When will I see you again?"

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      "Right you are."}

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      Drouet looked her over and saw something different.

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      "Come and go along," said Lola.

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       "What is it?" said the manager to Carrie, apparently noticing herfor the first time. He thought he was going to be held up forfree tickets.

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    {  "Do you need any help?" she stammered.

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      "One hundred and thirty-seven," he announced. "Now, boys, lineup. Right dress there. We won't be much longer about this.Steady, now."