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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And you forget one thing."
2.  "Yes; but it is not a horse for hard work."
3.  "No, monsieur; it is her Majesty's."
4.  "And how did the thing happen? Let us see, for you know, my dearCaptain, a judge must hear both sides."
5.  "Preoccupied as Monsieur was with the letter he had received, hedid not observe that; but I, whom the strange fashion in whichthat letter came into the house had placed on my guard--I did notlose a movement of his features."
6.  "Monseigneur, I swear to you that I never for an instant had theintention of defending my head against you. I willingly submit to anypunishment your Eminence may please to inflict upon me. I do not holdlife dear enough to be afraid of death."


1.  "That is true, but we then only risked our pistoles; thistime we risk our blood. One plays with anybody; but onefights only with equals."
2.  "Well, now, your hand, young man. Perhaps we shall soon meet onthe field of battle; but in the meantime we shall part goodfriends, I hope."
3.  "We were to have conveyed her to a hotel in the PlaceRoyale," said the wounded man.
4.  "Gentlemen," replied D'Artagnan, "I have already received byMonsieur de Cavois a similar invitation from his Eminence.I neglected it, and on the morrow a serious misfortunehappened to me--Constance disappeared. Whatever may ensue, Iwill go."
5.  "And you were deceived, my dear sir," replied Aramis, coldly,very little sensible to the reparation. Then turning toward thatone of the guards who had declared himself the friend of Bois-Tracy, "Besides," continued he, "I have reflected, my dearintimate of Bois-Tracy, that I am not less tenderly his friendthan you can possibly be; so that decidedly this handkerchief isas likely to have fallen from your pocket as mine.""No, upon my honor!" cried his Majesty's Guardsman."You are about to swear upon your honor and I upon my word, andthen it will be pretty evident that one of us will have lied.Now, here, Montaran, we will do better than that--let each take ahalf."
6.  "A woman whom I don't know, but who is called Milady.""But if you don't know this woman, how do you know hername?"


1.  The door opened; two guards received Bonacieux in their arms fromthe officer who supported him. They carried him through analley, up a flight of stairs, and deposited him in anantechamber.
2.  "Do you know what has become of Athos?" asked D'Artagnan ofPlanchet, as they galloped on.
3.  "Oh, but I," said Anne, "I also, duke, have had presentiments; Ialso have had dreams. I dreamed that I saw you lying bleeding,wounded."
4.  "As to remitting a letter with safety to her Majesty," saidAramis, coloring, "I will take that upon myself. I know aclever person at Tours--"
5.   Unfortunately, there was one circumstance which created apowerful obstacle to the accomplishment of this threat; whichwas, as we have related, that his sword had been in his firstconflict broken in two, and which he had entirely forgotten.Hence, it resulted when D'Artagnan proceeded to draw his sword inearnest, he found himself purely and simply armed with a stump ofa sword about eight or ten inches in length, which the host hadcarefully placed in the scabbard. As to the rest of the blade,the master had slyly put that on one side to make himself alarding pin.
6.  "I will leave you with this stranger; but as soon as he is gone, if youwill permit me, I will return."


1.  "There are people who laugh at the horse that would not dare tolaugh at the master," cried the young emulator of the furiousTreville.
2.  "You are rich, then?" said Aramis.
3.  "That is to say, you are in love with this lady as you werewith Madame Bonacieux," said Athos, shrugging his shoulderscontemptuously, as if he pitied human weakness.
4、  D'Artagnan took his hat, examined the hole made by the ball,and shook his head. The ball was not a musket ball--it wasan arquebus ball. The accuracy of the aim had first givenhim the idea that a special weapon had been employed. Thiscould not, then, be a military ambuscade, as the ball wasnot of the regular caliber.
5、  Silence was re-established. Two hours passed away. Milady'ssupper was brought in, and she was found deeply engaged in sayingher prayers aloud--prayers which she had learned of an oldservant of her second husband, a most austere Puritan. Sheappeared to be in ecstasy, and did not pay the least attention towhat was going on around her. Felton made a sign that she shouldnot be disturbed; and when all was arranged, he went out quietlywith the soldiers.




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      "How far distant?"

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      "Monseigneur, your Eminence has ill understood my words.""You want a pretext, do you not? I comprehend. Well, youhave this excuse: advancement, the opening campaign, theopportunity which I offer you--so much for the world. Asregards yourself, the need of protection; for it is fit youshould know, Monsieur d'Artagnan, that I have received heavyand serious complaints against you. You do not consecrateyour days and nights wholly to the king's service."D'Artagnan colored.

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       "Go to the riverside, ask for the brig SUND, and give this letterto the captain; he will convey you to a little port, wherecertainly you are not expected, and which is ordinarily onlyfrequented by fishermen."

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      On reaching home D'Artagnan found Kitty waiting for him. Amonth of fever could not have changed her more than this onenight of sleeplessness and sorrow.

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    {  "Monsieur," said the cardinal, "you have been arrested by my orders.""So they tell me, monseigneur."

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      In fact, as this last reflection indicated--this instinctivereturn to hope--sentiments of weakness or fear did not dwell longin her ardent spirit. Milady sat down to table, ate from severaldishes, drank a little Spanish wine, and felt all her resolutionreturn.}

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      "Tender hearts! Pierced hearts!" said Athos.

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      Milady read in his eyes LOVE! LOVE!

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       Felton gently repulsed Milady, and she sank into a chair.Lord de Winter passed before the door without stopping, and theyheard the noise of his footsteps soon die away.

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    {  At thirty-five, which was then his age, he passed, with justtitle, for the handsomest gentleman and the most elegant cavalierof France or England.

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      Lord de Winter, on quitting D'Artagnan, gave him hissister's address. She lived in the Place Royale--then thefashionable quarter--at Number 6, and he undertook to calland take D'Artagnan with him in order to introduce him.D'Artagnan appointed eight o'clock at Athos's residence.This introduction to Milady Clarik occupied the head of ourGascon greatly. He remembered in what a strange manner thiswoman had hitherto been mixed up in his destiny. Accordingto his conviction, she was some creature of the cardinal,and yet he felt himself invincibly drawn toward her by oneof those sentiments for which we cannot account. His onlyfear was that Milady would recognize in him the man of Meungand of Dover. Then she knew that he was one of the friendsof M. de Treville, and consequently, that he belonged bodyand soul to the king; which would make him lose a part ofhis advantage, since when known to Milady as he knew her, heplayed only an equal game with her. As to the commencementof an intrigue between her and M. de Wardes, ourpresumptuous hero gave but little heed to that, although themarquis was young, handsome, rich, and high in thecardinal's favor. It is not for nothing we are but twenty years old, above all if we were born at Tarbes.D'Artagnan began by making his most splendid toilet, thenreturned to Athos's, and according to custom, relatedeverything to him. Athos listened to his projects, thenshook his head, and recommended prudence to him with a shadeof bitterness.