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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "With some relatives," she answered.
2.  "I think so," returned Hurstwood. "He said he would."
3.  Hurstwood hesitated.
4.  As she was standing in her proper position in the wings, awaitinganother entry, the great comedian made his exit past her andpaused in recognition.
5.  "Oh, you know," and Drouet waved her intelligence, as it were,with his hand.
6.  It was not for love of him, that he knew.


1.  His spirits fell, however, when, upon reaching the park, hewaited and waited and Carrie did not come. He held his favouritepost for an hour or more, then arose and began to walk aboutrestlessly. Could something have happened out there to keep heraway? Could she have been reached by his wife? Surely not. Solittle did he consider Drouet that it never once occurred to himto worry about his finding out. He grew restless as heruminated, and then decided that perhaps it was nothing. She hadnot been able to get away this morning. That was why no letternotifying him had come. He would get one to-day. It wouldprobably be on his desk when he got back. He would look for itat once.
2.  The barn at which Hurstwood applied was exceedingly short-handed,and was being operated practically by three men as directors.There were a lot of green hands around--queer, hungry-lookingmen, who looked as if want had driven them to desperate means.They tried to be lively and willing, but there was an air ofhang-dog diffidence about the place.
3.  "That isn't a good house," said Drouet. "You don't want to workat anything like that, anyhow."
4.  They drove back, and at 6.15 sat down to dine. It was the Sherryincident over again, the remembrance of which came painfully backto Carrie. She remembered Mrs. Vance, who had never called againafter Hurstwood's reception, and Ames.
5.  "Tell her I'll be right out," she said softly. Then, looking atthe card, added: "Mrs. Vance."
6.  "Be reasonable now," he said. "I don't want to hold you. Youcan go if you want to, but why don't you think it over? Lordknows, I don't want to stop you."


1.  "Manager of the company or the house?" asked the smartly dressedindividual who took care of the tickets. He was favourablyimpressed by Carrie's looks.
2.  Without being clear, there was something in the thought which heobjected to. He did not believe any more, after three years ofobservation, that Carrie would ever do anything great in thatline. She seemed too simple, too yielding. His idea of the artwas that it involved something more pompous. If she tried to geton the stage she would fall into the hands of some cheap managerand become like the rest of them. He had a good idea of what hemeant by THEM. Carrie was pretty. She would get along allright, but where would he be?
3.  "Well, all I have is tied up in there just now. If I had achance to save a while I think I could open a place that wouldgive us plenty of money."
4.  "Well, anyhow, here you are. Can't you come up and take dinnerwith me now? Where are you stopping?"
5.   "She said she was going down to the foot of the stairs," answeredMinnie. "I guess she just wants to look out a while."
6.  Carrie was listening without attempting to reply. She couldthink of nothing worth while to say. Despite all the ideasconcerning right which had troubled her vaguely since she hadlast seen him, she was now influenced again strongly in hisfavour.


1.  It was not quite two days after the scene between Carrie andHurstwood in the Ogden Place parlour before he again put in hisappearance. He had been thinking almost uninterruptedly of her.Her leniency had, in a way, inflamed his regard. He felt that hemust succeed with her, and that speedily.
2.  "Yes, you were, too," said Carrie. "You shouldn't have ever toldme such a story as that."
3.  "What did you lie to me for, then?" she asked, fiercely. "Whatdid you force me to run away with you for?"
4、  The second time he gave a similar excuse, but the third time thefeeling about it in Carrie's mind was a little bit out of theordinary.
5、  "Well, I'll see," said Carrie, pleased to have the part, for allher misgivings.




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      "Have you ever worked at anything before?" he inquired.

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      "Oh, they'll take you. I wouldn't go. They won't give you anymore, and it will cost you everything you make to live. I neverleave New York. There are too many shows going on here."

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       He thought of the hotels, but instantly he remembered that he hadhad no experience as a clerk, and, what was more important, noacquaintances or friends in that line to whom he could go. Hedid know some hotel owners in several cities, including New York,but they knew of his dealings with Fitzgerald and Moy. He couldnot apply to them. He thought of other lines suggested by largebuildings or businesses which he knew of--wholesale groceries,hardware, insurance concerns, and the like--but he had had noexperience.

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      "Didn't think!" said Carrie, now angered to the core by the man'speculiar attitude. "Of course not. You thought only of whatwould be to your satisfaction. You thought you'd make a toy ofme--a plaything. Well, I'll show you that you won't. I'll havenothing more to do with you at all. You can take your old thingsand keep them," and unfastening a little pin he had given her,she flung it vigorously upon the floor and began to move about asif to gather up the things which belonged to her.

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    {  "Didn't I tell you?" said Lola. "It doesn't do you any good togo away from New York. They forget all about you if you do."

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      He began to waver in his resolution, when a patrol wagon rolledup and more officers dismounted. Now the track was quicklycleared and the release effected.}

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      "Good-night," he said, simulating an easy friendliness.

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      Beginning with half-past six, he hovered like a shadow about theThirty-ninth Street entrance, pretending always to be a hurryingpedestrian and yet fearful lest he should miss his object. Hewas slightly nervous, too, now that the eventful hour hadarrived; but being weak and hungry, his ability to suffer wasmodified. At last he saw that the actors were beginning toarrive, and his nervous tension increased, until it seemed as ifhe could not stand much more.

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    {  "George!" exclaimed Drouet, "I forgot that."

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      "Charlie, you are neglecting a part of your duty," he observed toDrouet most affably. "Between us, though," he went on, "we canshow you."