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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  There was a doubtful expression in Noirtier's eyes; he wasevidently trying to discover the motive of this proceeding,and he could not succeed in doing so. "May I hope, sir,"said Madame de Villefort, "that your intentions accord withmy request?" Noirtier made a sign that they did. "In thatcase, sir," rejoined Madame de Villefort, "I will leave youoverwhelmed with gratitude and happiness at your promptacquiescence to my wishes." She then bowed to M. Noirtierand retired.
2.  "And if you fail?"
3.  "Presented to whom?"
4.  "To Monsieur Noirtier, Rue Coq-Heron, Paris." Had athunderbolt fallen into the room, Villefort could not havebeen more stupefied. He sank into his seat, and hastilyturning over the packet, drew forth the fatal letter, atwhich he glanced with an expression of terror.
5.  "`How,' do you ask? When we parted at the Pont du Var, youtold me you were going to travel through Piedmont andTuscany; but instead of that, you come to Paris."
6.  "Never mind what he says, Morcerf," said Debray, "do youmarry her. You marry a money-bag label, it is true; well,but what does that matter? It is better to have a blazonless and a figure more on it. You have seven martlets onyour arms; give three to your wife, and you will still havefour; that is one more than M. de Guise had, who so nearlybecame King of France, and whose cousin was Emperor ofGermany."


1.  "Oh, she is perfectly lovely -- what a complexion! And suchmagnificent hair! Is she French?"
2.  "Yes, but, by my marriage, you have forwarded that."
3.  "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "but, unfortunately, a recipeexcellent for a man like myself would be very dangerousapplied to an army, which might not awake when it wasneeded."
4.  "Very well, let us go," said Caderousse; "but I don't wantyour arm at all. Come, Fernand, won't you return toMarseilles with us?"
5.  "The part of an honest man, full of courage and real regard.Twenty times he interceded for Edmond. When the emperorreturned, he wrote, implored, threatened, and soenergetically, that on the second restoration he waspersecuted as a Bonapartist. Ten times, as I told you, hecame to see Dantes' father, and offered to receive him inhis own house; and the night or two before his death, as Ihave already said, he left his purse on the mantelpiece,with which they paid the old man's debts, and buried himdecently; and so Edmond's father died, as he had lived,without doing harm to any one. I have the purse still by me-- a large one, made of red silk."
6.  "I do."


1.  "Indeed?" said Morrel. "I had been told, but would notcredit it, that the Grecian slave I have seen with you herein this very box was the daughter of Ali Pasha."
2.  "No, indeed, I am not; for I assure you, his power over ourhousehold is almost unlimited. Courted by my step-mother,who regards him as the epitome of human wisdom; admired bymy father, who says he has never before heard such sublimeideas so eloquently expressed; idolized by Edward, who,notwithstanding his fear of the count's large black eyes,runs to meet him the moment he arrives, and opens his hand,in which he is sure to find some delightful present, -- M.de Monte Cristo appears to exert a mysterious and almostuncontrollable influence over all the members of ourfamily."
3.  "Well, then, your government would do well to choose fromthe past something better than the things that I havenoticed on your monuments, and which have no heraldicmeaning whatever. As for you, viscount," continued MonteCristo to Morcerf, "you are more fortunate than thegovernment, for your arms are really beautiful, and speak tothe imagination. Yes, you are at once from Provence andSpain; that explains, if the portrait you showed me be like,the dark hue I so much admired on the visage of the nobleCatalan." It would have required the penetration of Oedipusor the Sphinx to have divined the irony the count concealedbeneath these words, apparently uttered with the greatestpoliteness. Morcerf thanked him with a smile, and pushedopen the door above which were his arms, and which, as wehave said, opened into the salon. In the most conspicuouspart of the salon was another portrait. It was that of aman, from five to eight and thirty, in the uniform of ageneral officer, wearing the double epaulet of heavybullion, that indicates superior rank, the ribbon of theLegion of Honor around his neck, which showed he was acommander, and on the right breast, the star of a grandofficer of the order of the Saviour, and on the left that ofthe grand cross of Charles III., which proved that theperson represented by the picture had served in the wars ofGreece and Spain, or, what was just the same thing asregarded decorations, had fulfilled some diplomatic missionin the two countries.
4.  Andrea seized the certificate of his father's marriage andhis own baptismal register, and after having opened themwith all the eagerness which might be expected under thecircumstances, he read them with a facility which provedthat he was accustomed to similar documents, and with anexpression which plainly denoted an unusual interest in thecontents. When he had perused the documents, an indefinableexpression of pleasure lighted up his countenance, andlooking at the major with a most peculiar smile, he said, invery excellent Tuscan, -- "Then there is no longer any suchthing, in Italy as being condemned to the galleys?" Themajor drew himself up to his full height.
5.   "Unquestionably."
6.  "A Lutheran?"


1.  "Yes."
2.  "My dear M. Debray," said the banker, "do not kill yourselfto-night listening to the follies of Madame Danglars, foryou can hear them as well to-morrow; but I claim to-nightand will devote it, if you will allow me, to talk over someserious matters with my wife." This time the blow was sowell aimed, and hit so directly, that Lucien and thebaroness were staggered, and they interrogated each otherwith their eyes, as if to seek help against this aggression,but the irresistible will of the master of the houseprevailed, and the husband was victorious.
3.  "By a letter addressed to you from the Island of Elba."
4、  "No; but he has a very comfortable one all the same, so theysay."
5、  "It is very natural; this island is a mass of rocks, anddoes not contain an acre of land capable of cultivation."




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      "I have but one question to ask you, -- what do you intendto do?"

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      "That's well," said Monte Cristo; "I remain here a day ortwo -- arrange accordingly." As Bertuccio was leaving theroom to give the requisite orders, Baptistin opened thedoor: he held a letter on a silver waiter.

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       "Eh, pardieu," said the individual whose description we havetwice given, entering the door, "what a great deal ofceremony! Is it the custom in Marseilles for sons to keeptheir fathers waiting in their anterooms?"

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      The duke was not mistaken; when he saw Franz, the servantcame up to him. "Your excellency," he said, "the master ofthe Hotel de Londres has sent to let you know that a man iswaiting for you with a letter from the Viscount of Morcerf."

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    {  "But what was the fate of the guards who thus possessed hissecret?" asked Dantes of himself.

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      As the last stroke died away, the count thought he heard aslight noise in the dressing-room; this first sound, orrather this first grinding, was followed by a second, then athird; at the fourth, the count knew what to expect. A firmand well-practised hand was engaged in cutting the foursides of a pane of glass with a diamond. The count felt hisheart beat more rapidly. Inured as men may be to danger,forewarned as they may be of peril, they understand, by thefluttering of the heart and the shuddering of the frame, theenormous difference between a dream and a reality, betweenthe project and the execution. However, Monte Cristo onlymade a sign to apprise Ali, who, understanding that dangerwas approaching from the other side, drew nearer to hismaster. Monte Cristo was eager to ascertain the strength andnumber of his enemies.}

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      "No, on my honor," said Maximilian; "but that will notaffect you. You have done your duty, and your consciencewill be at rest." Valentine fell on her knees, and pressedher almost bursting heart. "Maximilian," said she,"Maximilian, my friend, my brother on earth, my true husbandin heaven, I entreat you, do as I do, live in suffering;perhaps we may one day be united."

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      "Oh, not much -- from twelve to thirteen hundred thousandfrancs. But to return to our millions."

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       "Now go," returned Franz, "or I shall go myself and bargainwith your affettatore, who is mine also; he is an old friendof mine, who has plundered me pretty well already, and, inthe hope of making more out of me, he will take a less pricethan the one I offer you; you will lose the preference, andthat will be your fault."

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    {  "Yes, I do want a notary," motioned the old man, shuttinghis eyes with a look of defiance, which seemed to say, "andI should like to see the person who dares to refuse myrequest."

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      "Why, he was not altogether forsaken," continued Caderousse,"for Mercedes the Catalan and Monsieur Morrel were very kindto him; but somehow the poor old man had contracted aprofound hatred for Fernand -- the very person," addedCaderousse with a bitter smile, "that you named just now asbeing one of Dantes' faithful and attached friends."