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1.   Thy life's lady and thy sovereign, That hath thine heart all whole in governance, Thou may'st no wise it take to disdain, To put thee humbly at her ordinance, And give her free the rein of her pleasance; For liberty is thing that women look,* *look for, desire And truly else *the matter is a crook.* *things go wrong*
2. 王伟说,自己已经咨询了所在地警方,但仅有300元损失可能立案比较困难。
3.   Captur'd there within is one! Stay without and follow none! Like a fox in ironsnare, Hell's old lynx is quaking there,
4. 11月25日下午,记者从巴林左旗碧流台镇派出所了解到,此案目前还在进一步调查当中。
5.   "Certainly not," I answered.
6. 有效率(economicallyefficient)永远是指在无可避免的局限下争取到最高的利益。反过来,无效率是指在局限下应该可以争取到的最高利益,不知怎的争取不到。这是个很奇怪的情况。


1. 因为土地所占用的资金量大,对房企的现金流水平要求高,加之对区域发展前景、域内项目去化水平等诸多因素的考量,房企的拿地节奏会随着市场环境的变化而不断调整。
2.   12. Oak cerrial: of the species of oak which Pliny, in his "Natural History," calls "cerrus."
3.   He had put his hand upon my shoulder, and turned me about, to walk with them. I did not know what to reply, and glanced dubiously at Mr. Murdstone.
4.   "Why," cried she, "was it you my father wished me to marry? How unlucky that I did not know sooner! I should not have made him so angry. But wake up! wake up! for I know I shall love you with all my heart."
5. 从1月23日武汉市新型肺炎防控指挥部发布第三号通告以来,武汉市红十字会11名工作人员全部取消年假,24小时在岗,还招募了数百名志愿者,24小时轮流加班。
6. 接下来的几天我们陆续确诊。


1.   'In what order you keep these rooms, Mrs. Fairfax!' said I. 'Nodust, no canvas coverings: except that the air feels chilly, one wouldthink they were inhabited daily.'
2. 本田已在美国召回了1000多万辆汽车,修复其安全气囊一项潜在的致命缺陷。这种气囊由日本供应商高田公司制造,其充气装置在发生车祸时会突然爆裂,溅出金属碎片伤及乘客。本田已确认有三起死亡和48起受伤事件与这一问题有关。
3. Carrisford shook his drooping head.
4.   On the Intercrossing of Individuals
5. 相比之下,该研究估计,弗吉尼亚州为亚马逊第二总部支付的补贴平摊到每个岗位的话,约为1万到1.3万美元。
6.   "We sailed hence, always in much distress, till we came to theland of the lawless and inhuman Cyclopes. Now the Cyclopes neitherplant nor plough, but trust in providence, and live on such wheat,barley, and grapes as grow wild without any kind of tillage, and theirwild grapes yield them wine as the sun and the rain may grow them.They have no laws nor assemblies of the people, but live in caves onthe tops of high mountains; each is lord and master in his family, andthey take no account of their neighbours.


1. "What did she say?" inquired the woman.
2.   On May Day, when the lark began to rise, To matins went the lusty nightingale, Within a temple shapen hawthorn-wise; He might not sleep in all the nightertale,* *night-time But "Domine" <44> gan he cry and gale,* *call out "My lippes open, Lord of Love, I cry, And let my mouth thy praising now bewry."* *show forth
3.  这也是一款基于用户兴趣的内容聚合产品。
4.   26. I am not religious: I am not in holy vows. See the complaint of the nuns in "The Court of Love."
5.   You who weep!"
6.   我们对这一领域的报道经验稀缺。


1.   Thus was Carrie's name bandied about in the most frivolous andgay of places, and that also when the little toiler was bemoaningher narrow lot, which was almost inseparable from the earlystages of this, her unfolding fate.
2. 在庭审中,被告人杜少平辩称罗光忠也持锤子击打了被害人邓世平的头部,当时他提议,‘罗光忠,干脆一不做二不休,我们一人打邓世平一锤子,这样二个人都搞了这个事情(锤杀邓世平),你也不会担心我举报你,我也不担心你举报我,我用锤子对着邓世平头部右侧太阳穴位置用力打了一锤,邓世平身体就出现抽搐,我把锤子递给罗光忠,罗光忠也打了一锤。
3.   But one afternoon, when I was half asleep, and was being fanned by two of her maids, I heard one say to the other, "What a pity it is that our mistress no longer loves our master! I believe she would like to kill him if she could, for she is an enchantress."

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      "We waited the whole morning and made the best of it, watching theseals come up in hundreds to bask upon the sea shore, till at noon theold man of the sea came up too, and when he had found his fat seals hewent over them and counted them. We were among the first he counted,and he never suspected any guile, but laid himself down to sleep assoon as he had done counting. Then we rushed upon him with a shout andseized him; on which he began at once with his old tricks, and changedhimself first into a lion with a great mane; then all of a sudden hebecame a dragon, a leopard, a wild boar; the next moment he wasrunning water, and then again directly he was a tree, but we stuckto him and never lost hold, till at last the cunning old creaturebecame distressed, and said, Which of the gods was it, Son ofAtreus, that hatched this plot with you for snaring me and seizingme against my will? What do you want?'