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1. 天水市生态环境局张家川分局局长李德录:里面有两个生产废水的储存罐,据他们说每一个罐能装5吨,其中一个罐还没用,另外一个罐是多半罐,调查时说是第一次排污。
2.   No sooner were all the Neighbours gone, and the Maide at libertyfrom her Mistresse, but unlocking the doore, into the Chamber shewent; and finding Ruggiero sitting fast asleepe, she began to hunchand punche him, entreating him (softly) to awake: but all was to nopurpose, for he neither moved, or answered one word; whereat herpatience being somewhat provoked, she punched him more rudely, andangerly saide: Awake for shame thou drowsie dullard, and if thou be sodesirous of sleeping, get thee home to thine owne lodging, becausethou art not allowed to sleepe here. Ruggiero being thus rudelypunched, fell from off the Coffer flat on the ground, appearing noother in all respects, then as if he were a dead body. Whereat theMaide being fearfully amazed, plucking him by the nose and youngbeard, and what else she could devise to do, yet all her labourproving still in vaine: she was almost beside her wits, stamping andraving all about the roome, as if sense and reason had forsaken her;so violent was her extreame distraction.
3. 我觉得你刚刚问的问题分两个层面:第一,复盘对我来说并不是揭开伤口,我已经养成了一种思维模式,我觉得每次对自己的否定会有承接感,会觉得终于意识到一个以前没意识到的东西了,我认为这个通过不断的复盘可以变成一种思维模式,所以复盘本身并不是多痛苦,真正的痛苦是创业者的不容易、大家的质疑。
4.   'Ladies,' said he, turning to his family, 'Miss Temple, teachers,and children, you all see this girl?'
5. "It will be like a story from the Arabian Nights," he said. "Only an Oriental could have planned it. It does not belong to London fogs."
6. 他偷偷把手伸进装钱的皮包里,抽出一张一百元。


1. Mr. Barrow undisturbedly moved toward the door.
2. 而后,她的事迹被全国报道,女性们都以她为榜样,大家也纷纷加入到拖拉机的学习中。
3.   "And a pretty figure I should cut then," replied Eumaeus, both nowand hereafter, if I were to kill you after receiving you into my hutand showing you hospitality. I should have to say my prayers in goodearnest if I did; but it is just supper time and I hope my men willcome in directly, that we may cook something savoury for supper."
4. “哑巴”宛家福不但自己作了笔录,而且也作了口述。他交待了自己在1路汽车上行窃的过程,交待了钱包的下落——因被巡警章贝贝穷追不舍,仓皇逃窜中将钱包扔在胡同里……至于其他,宛家福没作任何交待,并且矢口否认他在走南闯北的10余年中,犯过任何罪。但是,他没有蒙骗住富有捉贼、审贼经验的北京火车站铁路公安段的领导和问讯他的警员们。经过三四个昼夜的紧张较量,假装哑巴的宛家福终于顶不住警员们不断的、犀利的攻势,又初步作了如下交待——我因为懂得一点古物古画,所以就常以鬼画作生意。我买神、佛、鬼画,有时也偷卖家的。比如数画时趁人家不注意,多抄几张卷进去;有时顺手牵羊牵点别的东西……但是问他偷过谁的,什么时间、什么地点偷的,偷的是什么鬼佛神像,值多少钱,卖出多少,卖给谁,等等,宛家福是吞吞吐吐,支支吾吾,基本上是什么也没说清。这边在拘留期间加紧审查,那边外调人员也同河南省熊耳山宛家镇派出所进行了电话联系,得知宛家福确系宛家镇宛家村人。
5. 此外,瑞幸还对外公布其直营门店数达到4507家,已成为中国最大的咖啡连锁品牌。
6. 辅以作案工具、法医鉴定、伤势照片等证据,本案形成了完整的证明体系。


1.   'What is it about?' I continued. I hardly know where I found thehardihood thus to open a conversation with a stranger; the step wascontrary to my nature and habits: but I think her occupation touched achord of sympathy somewhere; for I too liked reading, though of afrivolous and childish kind; I could not digest or comprehend theserious or substantial.
2. 也有业内人士认为,在区块链等新技术推广应用中,目前最大的障碍并不是技术,而是各个组织、企业和机构的思维方式、组织行为不同。
3. 神舟号飞船在下降,神舟号飞船穿过黑障区,回收部队在行动,雷达不停地跟踪,3架直升机在落区上空盘旋。
4. 姜莹称,据统计,9958自2011年成立以来救助了30000多个病患,其中超龄的117个,占整个救助群体的0.8%。
5. 楼盘的开发商南昌新旅城房地产开发有限公司一名工作人员告诉记者,因南昌县住房和城乡建设局在2018年公示的南昌县沿江片区城市设计方案中,明确规划文山二路以南为公园绿地,所以才在楼盘销售时宣称毗邻千亩湿地公园。
6. 如长期接触生禽、肉类的人员出现有腰背部疼痛伴有骨质破坏、椎旁脓肿等久治不愈,应警惕布病的可能。


1. After enjoying a weekend of football in Manchester, David Beckham quickly jetted across the Pond to New York last night to spend Valentine’s Day with his p
2. I was inclined to believe that there had to be something, so I took the bull by the horns--the cow, I should say!--and asked Somel.
3. 返利政策得到了拥护,做格力空调就等于进了保险箱,不会亏本。
4.   "Deal me a hand," he said at the beginning of a new shuffle. Hepulled up a chair and studied his cards. Those playing made thatquiet study of him which is so unapparent, and yet invariably sosearching.
5.   "Upon my honor," said Rochefort, "it takes you, my dear countess, toperform such miracles!"
6. 2020年,全球信贷环境或转向收紧,越来越多公司或将面临评级下调。


1. (海外网-美国-乔珊珊/实习编译张馨)。
2. 根据这一标准,在2016年一年内确认彻底关闭的项目共有34家,分布在13个行业,这些项目成立时间跨度较大,最早成立于2006年,最年轻的项目不足一年便关停。
3. 随着这三次布匿战争,罗马进入一个连锁反应:征服导致进一步的征服。一个原因是罗马拥有压倒一切的力量;清除迦太基后,它成了地中海头号强国。此外,征服能带来明显的好处,从每个新行省可获得源源不断的战利品、奴隶和贡物。最后,挑战和投入战斗总是不可避免地与辽阔的帝国疆域相联系。例如,马其顿的腓力五世曾在第二次布匿战争期间援助汉尼拔,所以,罗马灭掉迦太基后。就转而攻击马其顿。接着而来的马其顿战争只是罗马人在中东几大强国——马其顿、塞琉西王朝的叙利亚、托勒密王朝的埃及。希腊城邦的埃托利亚同盟和亚该亚同盟——之间巧妙地挑拨离间所引起的一系列战争中的头—场。

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