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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you make of that, Watson?"
2.  "Yes, sir, it is a crushing blow," said the old man. "That is mymagnum opus- the pile of papers on the side table yonder. It is myanalysis of the documents found in the Coptic monasteries of Syria andEgypt, a work which will cut deep at the very foundation of revealedreligion. With my enfeebled health I do not know whether I shallever be able to complete it, now that my assistant has been taken fromme. Dear me! Mr. Holmes, why, you are even a quicker smoker than Iam myself."
3.  "Pure swank!" Holmes answered. "He felt so clever and so sure ofhimself that he imagined no one could touch him. He could say to anysuspicious neighbour, 'Look at the steps I have taken. I haveconsulted not only the police but even Sherlock Holmes.'"The inspector laughed.
4.  "Perhaps they have not heard yet of all that happened here duringthe night?"
5.  "The glass still keeps very high," he remarked as he sat down. "Itis of importance that it should not rain before we are able to go overthe ground. On the other hand, a man should be at his very best andkeenest for such nice work as that, and I did not wish to do it whenfagged by a long journey. I have seen young McCarthy."
6.  "Did he tell you of our interview to-day?"


1.  cellar--something which took many hours a day for months on end.What could it be, once more? I could think of nothing save thathe was running a tunnel to some other building.
2.  "'What on earth for?' I asked.
3.  "What has all this talk to do with the jewel of which you spoke?""Gently, Count. Restrain that eager mind! Let me get to the pointsin my own humdrum fashion. I have all this against you; but, aboveall, I have a clear case against both you and your fighting bully inthe case of the Crown diamond."
4.  We had the carriage to ourselves save for an immense litter ofpapers which Holmes had brought with him. Among these he rummagedand read, with intervals of note-taking and of meditation, until wewere past Reading. Then he suddenly rolled them all into a giganticball and tossed them up onto the rack.
5.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "Let us try to reconstruct the situation," said he as we droveswiftly past the Houses of Parliament and over Westminster Bridge."These villains have coaxed this unhappy lady to London, after firstalienating her from her faithful maid. If she has written anyletters they have been intercepted. Through some confederate they haveengaged a furnished house. Once inside it, they have made her aprisoner, and they have become possessed of the valuable jewellerywhich has been their object from the first. Already they have begun tosell part of it, which seems safe enough to them, since they have noreason to think that anyone is interested in the lady's fate. When sheis released she will, of course, denounce them. Therefore, she mustnot be released. But they cannot keep her under lock and keyforever. So murder is their only solution."


1.  "That bandage tells of adventures," said I. "Won't you tell uswhat has happened?"
3.  "Are you Mr. Godfrey Staunton?"
4.  "'The firm does so when the security is good,' I answered."'It is absolutely essential to me,' said he, 'that I should haveL50,000 at once. I could, of course, borrow so trifling a sum tentimes over from my friends, but I much prefer to make it a matter ofbusiness and to carry out that business myself. In my position you canreadily understand that it is unwise to place one's self underobligations.'
5.   "Then it is you who sent me a telegram. My name is Lord Mount-James.I came round as quickly as the Bayswater bus would bring me. So youhave instructed a detective?"
6.  "'You will get down here, Mr. Melas,' said my companion. 'I am sorryto leave you so far from your house, but there is no alternative.Any attempt upon your part to follow the carriage can only end ininjury to yourself.'


1.  As we passed through the hall Holmes's eyes, which missed nothing,lighted upon several trunks and cases which were piled in a corner.The labels shone out upon them.
2.  "And over here is what appears to be the fragment of a hotel bill,which interests me deeply."
3.  "Well, well, I have a clear day, and I shall be happy to look intothe matter," said Holmes. "I should strongly recommend you to makeyour preparations for your match without reference to this younggentleman. It must, as you say, have been an overpowering necessitywhich tore him away in such a fashion, and the same necessity islikely to hold him away. Let us step round together to the hotel,and see if the porter can throw any fresh light upon the matter."Sherlock Holmes was a past-master in the art of putting a humblewitness at his ease, and very soon, in the privacy of GodfreyStaunton's abandoned room, he had extracted all that the porter had totell. The visitor of the night before was not a gentleman, neither washe a workingman. He was simply what the porter described as a"medium looking chap," a man of fifty, beard grizzled, pale face,quietly dressed. He seemed himself to be agitated. The porter hadobserved his hand trembling when he had held out the note. GodfreyStaunton had crammed the note into his pocket. Staunton had not shakenhands with the man in the hall. They had exchanged a few sentences, ofwhich the porter had only distinguished the one word "time." Then theyhad hurried off in the manner described. It was just half-past tenby the hall clock.
4、  As we left the room, we heard his pen travelling shrilly over thefoolscap.
5、  Late that evening, is we sat together smoking our pipes in thevillage inn, Holmes gave me a brief review of what had passed."I fear, Watson," said he, "that you will not improve any reputationwhich I may have acquired by adding the case of the Thor Bridgemystery to your annals. I have been sluggish in mind and wanting inthat mixture of imagination and reality which is the basis of myart. I confess that the chip in the stonework was a sufficient clue tosuggest the true solution, and that I blame myself for not havingattained it sooner.




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      "Then I shall reconsider my resolution about going out. We havestill time to take a train to Hereford and see him to-night?""Ample."

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      "'"You're not going away in an unkind spirit Hudson, I hope," saidmy father with a tameness which made my blood boil.

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       "You mean that she lives with him?"

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      She blushed and seemed confused.

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    {  "That one word, my dear Watson, should have told me the wholestory had I been the ideal reasoner which you are so fond ofdepicting. It was evidently a term of reproach."

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      "Aha! It is not for nothing that I have turned myself out of bedat the untimely hour of six. I have put in two hours' hard work andcovered at least five miles, with something to show for it. Look atthat!"}

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      "So I see," the other answered with the utmost coolness. "Ifancy that my pal is all right, though I see you have got hiscoat-tails."

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      "Of course I was pleased to hear this. I had always been prettysharp in the office, but I had never dreamed that I was talked aboutin the City in this fashion.

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       "How, then, did you know of it?"

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    {  "Kicked you out!"

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      "That's right. Maybe somebody's behind a curtain. Too manycurtains in this room." As he looked round he suddenly saw for thefirst time the effigy in the window, and stood staring and pointing,too amazed for words.