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1.   This visit had infused new vigor into Dantes; he had, tillthen, forgotten the date; but now, with a fragment ofplaster, he wrote the date, 30th July, 1816, and made a markevery day, in order not to lose his reckoning again. Daysand weeks passed away, then months -- Dantes still waited;he at first expected to be freed in a fortnight. Thisfortnight expired, he decided that the inspector would donothing until his return to Paris, and that he would notreach there until his circuit was finished, he thereforefixed three months; three months passed away, then six more.Finally ten months and a half had gone by and no favorablechange had taken place, and Dantes began to fancy theinspector's visit but a dream, an illusion of the brain.
2. 路图从自营旅拍到数字化赋能各地的摄影师,未来可以进入更多的图像应用场景。
3.   With a menacing look at the turnkey he crawled upon the hearth, and, peering up the chimney, struck and prised at its sides with the crowbar, and worked at the iron grating across it. In a few minutes, some mortar and dust came dropping down, which he averted his face to avoid; and in it, and in the old wood-ashes, and in a crevice in the chimney into which his weapon had slipped or wrought itself, he groped with a cautious touch.
4. [ni'glekt]
5. 从这个规定可以看出,只有在员工书面提出不休年假的情况下,用人单位才可以不支付加班费。
6. 很明显,在国内市场圈地完毕、国外市场环境同样艰难且复杂的背景下,青云QingCloud想要在行业中成功突围不是一件容易的事。


1. 问题在于,对于传统图文类内容,这三种获利方式的判断的确是成立的。
2. 许多业内人士认为,失去乔布斯的苹果将无法延续辉煌。
3. 我相信大脑是靠预测模型来运作的,比如我们走楼梯的时候,一旦楼梯高高低低就很容易摔跤,因为大家不会认真去看清楼梯在哪,而是凭着既有习惯直接去做了行为,行为出错之后才开始反思。
4. 关于第(4)点。在市场商品过剩时,和现有存货预期可以迅速卖完时相比,商品所有者——如果他能出售——将廉价抛售商品,这是十分明显的。但利息率为什么会因此下降,却不是很清楚的。
5. ▲全家人围坐在一起吃饭,图片来自电影《生存家族》剧照。


1. 儿子今年会带女朋友回家过年,曹晓英表示,已经为他们准备好了年夜饭放在冰箱的冷冻室里。
2. 正如章海彬所说:我们隔离人,但是我们不隔心。
3. 值得一提的是,此前,苏格兰民族党和自由民主党参选人斯特金和斯温森试图通过法律手段参与电视辩论,但被伦敦高等法院驳回并引发争议,二人被迫旁观。
4. “在许多人的眼中,商业可能与政治有些类似,而对于这类事情,人们通常只去了解一些他们需要知道的东西就足够了。”
5. 2、可以将AD-3的位置调整至页面醒目的区域,与AD-2的广告位进行互换。
6.   When they were come to the doore, Monna Tessa said to John: Thoumust cough and spet, at such time as I shall bid thee. Well (quothJohn) I will not faile you. Immediately she beganne her prayer in thismanner.


1. 作为悬疑片,《误杀》票房在上映首周便冲破2亿,口碑和票房目前双双领跑贺岁档。
2. 今日11时40分,截至记者发稿,现场救援工作仍在开展中。
3. 《泰晤士报》称,有迹象显示,她的继任者约翰逊也会做出同样的决定。
4. 每个半小时一个电话的时候,他问的就是感召多少个了?下一个时间段,你的目标是多少个?受害人李先生:当时感召有三十几个人,其实这里面几乎都是自己的朋友、供应商、亲戚、员工,这里大部分都是迫于压力,就把对方的身份证报上去,自己去垫钱。
5. 譬如,有一些加盟店的加盟费一年只有5000元,使用狗不理牌匾,却没有实力维护,砸牌子现象严重。
6. 工作中除了看项目以外的事,财务、法律等等他全都不碰,没事宁愿自己独坐着发呆。


1.   Doctor Strong regarded him with a puzzled and doubting look, which almost immediately subsided into a smile that gave me great encouragement; for it was full of amiability and sweetness, and there was a simplicity in it, and indeed in his whole manner, when the studious, pondering frost upon it was got through, very attractive and hopeful to a young scholar like me. Repeating 'no', and 'not the least', and other short assurances to the same purport, Doctor Strong jogged on before us, at a queer, uneven pace; and we followed: Mr. Wickfield, looking grave, I observed, and shaking his head to himself, without knowing that I saw him.
2.   "In what branch?"
3. 由于效果不错,迅速扩散到其他大学

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