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1. 李自成领导的大顺军在西安建制练兵,经过月余的准备,崇祯十七年(一六四四年)正月开始攻取北京。李自成派遣刘宗敏、李过领兵入山西,山西明兵多次哗变,军力空虚。刘、李军顺利攻占山西西南部的三十多个州县,为大军出师开辟了道路。二月初,李自成亲率儿十万大军由韩城禹门渡黄河,入山西境,迅速占领太原。
2. Goldie Hawn’s award for best supporting actress in the 1970 film Cactus Flower rests somewhere altogether more zen – in the “India Room” in which she likes to meditate. Hers isn’t the only award to apparently emit good vibes – Russell Crowe’s award for best actor, which he won for his role as the bang-on-trend, leather miniskirt clad Maximus Decimus Meridius in Ridley Scott’s 2000 film Gladiator, is kept in a chicken coop on the actor’s Australian ranch. Crowe apparently thinks it helps the hens lay bigger eggs.
4.   `The whole point about the sexual problem,' said Hammond, who was a tall thin fellow with a wife and two children, but much more closely connected with a typewriter, `is that there is no point to it. Strictly there is no problem. We don't want to follow a man into the w.c., so why should we want to follow him into bed with a woman? And therein liehe problem. If we took no more notice of the one thing than the other, there'd be no problem. It's all utterly senseless and pointless; a matter of misplaced curiosity.'
5. 在8天奇迹之前,欧莱雅的复颜光学嫩肤、倩碧的光子小熨斗都曾因虚假宣传在境外遭受处罚
6.   Not quite so fast! for in our rear, Two girls, well - dress'd, are drawing near;Not far from us the one doth dwell, And sooth to say, I like her well. Theywalk demurely, yet you'll see, That they will let us join them presently.The First


1. 只有以促进和保护国内工业力量为目的时,才有理由采取保护措施,有些国家有着广阔完整的疆域,人口繁庶,天然资源丰富,在农业上有很大成就,在文化与政治方面也有高度发展,因此有资格与第一流农工商业国家、最大的海陆军强国分庭抗礼;只有在这样情况下的国家,才有理由实行保护制度。
2. protocol
3.   Siebel
4.   These things told upon his good-nature, such as it was. His onehope was that things would change for the better in a money way.
5. 而卸货场非常空旷,没有看到因超限超载卸下来的砂石等物品,办公室内也无值班人员。
6. 这是一款针对学生及白领群体的创新型K歌App,产品定位于通过发送语音弹幕体验唱歌社交。


2. 他们(援汉医护)是在一线里冲锋陷阵的,比我们更辛苦,是无私奉献来武汉帮我们的人,我们无论如何也要把服务搞下去,必须让他们吃好、休息好,才能有精神的工作。
3. 其它相似性和差异性
4.   It was done.
5.   "That ye so long, of your benignity, Have holden me in honour and nobley,* *nobility Where as I was not worthy for to be, That thank I God and you, to whom I pray Foryield* it you; there is no more to say: *reward Unto my father gladly will I wend,* *go And with him dwell, unto my lifes end,
6. 秦汉的画像砖、石比起同时期的壁画、帛画、漆画等艺术品来不仅数量众多,分布地区广泛,而且大都完好无损。画像砖、石艺术以山东、河南、四川最为发达。这三个地区是当时工商业发展最快的富庶地区,山东有鱼盐之利,河南是四方交通的中枢,商品经济非常活跃,四川地处一隅,早为秦国所并,避免了战争过多的破坏,又有盐铁等天然资源和水运便利的优越条件,都是当时的富庶之乡。同时这三个地区又是达官贵族、豪富巨商聚集之所,山东淮海是汉高祖刘邦的家乡,河南南阳是东汉光武帝的故园,封建达官贵族不少,豪强富商更多,他们无不修造规模巨大的墓室以使自己在地下继续过生前的豪华生活,或者寄希望于羽化升天。墓室力求华美,富于雕饰,坚固耐久,因此画像砖、石艺术在这三个地区最为发达。


1. 从疫情发生至今,罗信渠已经为15位发热病患采集样本,而这其中就有1例确诊新冠病毒感染的患者。
2. 这是以武帝元光五年(公元前130年)陈皇后被废幽居长门宫为由所创作的一篇表现后妃失宠,悲苦哀伤的骚体赋,情致深婉,凄楚动人。宫怨现象是封建专制制度戕害人性的重要弊病之一,历来有不少正直的诗人、文学家以此为题材,进行揭露和批判,而《长门赋》可谓最早出现的成功之作。
3. 4.嘘声不仅仅是个手势
4. 为了证实自己的说法,她还展示了自己拍摄取证的视频,在闵行的福乐山庄,确实有父母的灵位
5. 新加坡国有投资公司淡马锡参与了摩拜D轮后新融资。
6.   Meanwhile lovely Polycaste, Nestor's youngest daughter, washedTelemachus. When she had washed him and anointed him with oil, shebrought him a fair mantle and shirt, and he looked like a god as hecame from the bath and took his seat by the side of Nestor. When theouter meats were done they drew them off the spits and sat down todinner where they were waited upon by some worthy henchmen, who keptpouring them out their wine in cups of gold. As soon as they had hadhad enough to eat and drink Nestor said, "Sons, put Telemachus'shorses to the chariot that he may start at once."


1.   She used her feet less heavily, a thing that was brought about byher attempting to imitate the treasurer's daughter's gracefulcarriage. How much influence the presence of that young woman inthe same house had upon her it would be difficult to say. But,because of all these things, when Hurstwood called he had found ayoung woman who was much more than the Carrie to whom Drouet hadfirst spoken. The primary defects of dress and manner hadpassed. She was pretty, graceful, rich in the timidity born ofuncertainty, and with a something childlike in her large eyeswhich captured the fancy of this starched and conventional poseramong men. It was the ancient attraction of the fresh for thestale. If there was a touch of appreciation left in him for thebloom and unsophistication which is the charm of youth, itrekindled now. He looked into her pretty face and felt thesubtle waves of young life radiating therefrom. In that largeclear eye he could see nothing that his blase nature couldunderstand as guile. The little vanity, if he could haveperceived it there, would have touched him as a pleasant thing.
2. 其原因在于:有的平台过早地面临超量增长的挑战,有的信用体系不健全,有的靠“威逼”而非“利诱”的方式阻止用户绕开平台交易,还有的则存在监管风险……今天,我们与你分享如何防患于未然。
3. 一路上,小雨淅淅沥沥地下个不停。

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      'She has been unkind to you, no doubt; because you see, shedislikes your cast of character, as Miss Scatcherd does mine; buthow minutely you remember all she has done and said to you! What asingularly deep impression her injustice seems to have made on yourheart! No ill-usage so brands its record on my feelings. Would you notbe happier if you tried to forget her severity, together with thepassionate emotions it excited? Life appears to me too short to bespent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs. We are, and must be,one and all, burdened with faults in this world: but the time willsoon come when, I trust, we shall put them off in putting off ourcorruptible bodies; when debasement and sin will fall from us withthis cumbrous frame of flesh, and only the spark of the spirit willremain,- the impalpable principle of light and thought, pure as whenit left the Creator to inspire the creature: whence it came it willreturn; perhaps again to be communicated to some being higher thanman- perhaps to pass through gradations of glory, from the palehuman soul to brighten to the seraph! Surely it Will never, on thecontrary, be suffered to degenerate from man to fiend? No; I cannotbelieve that: I hold another creed: which no one ever taught me, andwhich I seldom mention; but in which I delight, and to which Icling: for it extends hope to all: it makes Eternity a rest- amighty home, not a terror and an abyss. Besides, with this creed, Ican so clearly distinguish between the criminal and his crime; I canso sincerely forgive the first while I abhor the last: with this creedrevenge never worries my heart, degradation never too deeplydisgusts me, injustice never crushes me too low: I live in calm,looking to the end.'

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      This subject will be more fully discussed in our chapter on Geology; but it must be here alluded to from being intimately connected with natural selection. Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure. But as from the high geometrical powers of increase of all organic beings, each area is already fully stocked with inhabitants, it follows that as each selected and favoured form increases in number, so will the less favoured forms decrease and become rare. Rarity, as geology tells us, is the precursor to extinction. We can, also, see that any form represented by few individuals will, during fluctuations in the seasons or in the number of its enemies, run a good chance of utter extinction. But we may go further than this; for as new forms are continually and slowly being produced, unless we believe that the number of specific forms goes on perpetually and almost indefinitely increasing, numbers inevitably must become extinct. That the number of specific forms has not indefinitely increased, geology shows us plainly; and indeed we can see reason why they should not have thus increased, for the number of places in the polity of nature is not indefinitely great, not that we have any means of knowing that any one region has as yet got its maximum of species. probably no region is as yet fully stocked, for at the Cape of Good Hope, where more species of plants are crowded together than in any other quarter of the world, some foreign plants have become naturalised, without causing, as far as we know, the extinction of any natives.Furthermore, the species which are most numerous in individuals will have the best chance of producing within any given period favourable variations. We have evidence of this, in the facts given in the second chapter, showing that it is the common species which afford the greatest number of recorded varieties, or incipient species. Hence, rare species will be less quickly modified or improved within any given period, and they will consequently be beaten in the race for life by the modified descendants of the commoner species.

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      'I hope so; but nobody can be sure of the future.'

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    It had been all the easier to forget her because she had been suddenly called home for a few weeks. When she came back she did not see Sara for a day or two, and when she met her for the first time she encountered her coming down a corridor with her arms full of garments which were to be taken downstairs to be mended. Sara herself had already been taught to mend them. She looked pale and unlike herself, and she was attired in the queer, outgrown frock whose shortness showed so much thin black leg.

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