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1. 联想记忆
2.   He stood, long after I had ceased to read, still looking at me. At length I ventured to take his hand, and to entreat him, as well as I could, to endeavour to get some command of himself. He replied, 'I thankee, sir, I thankee!' without moving.
3. 这个过程被现场家长拍下视频,并传播到网络平台。
4. 北青报记者在王殿学律师提供的材料中看到,最高人民法院分别于2016年4月25日、2016年12月13日、2017年5月2日通过远程接访系统对张志超案进行了三次视频接访以了解案情,并正式立案审查。
5. 车和房两大场景,思路类似,以自营+开放平台的模式打造生态闭环。
6. And Terry, in his secret heart, had visions of a sort of sublimated summer resort--just Girls and Girls and Girls--and that he was going to be--well, Terry was popular among women even when there were other men around, and it's not to be wondered at that he had pleasant dreams of what might happen. I could see it in his eyes as he lay there, looking at the long blue rollers slipping by, and fingering that impressive mustache of his.


1. 另一位春播的快递员说,他使用塑料袋主要取决于客户是否需要,因为本身物品就有包装,如果东西少会直接交给用户,东西多会使用塑料袋装在一起。
2.   `What,' said Mr. Cruncher, varying his apostrophe after missing his mark--'what are you, up to, Aggerawayter?'
3. 我问,你怎么了?他说,‘我爸……然后就没讲话了。
4. virtue
5. 默默离开的朱红亮并没有在意这件事,直到当地媒体报道后,同事们才知道了他的英勇行为。
6.   Hurstwood rested his head on his hands and looked blankly at thefloor.


1.   'Your regulation is rather awkward to strangers,' said Miss Murdstone.
2.   "And you are a benefactor of the race," said I.
3. 相比之下,整车环节,我们并不是特别看好:这个行业不是说未来没有赢家,是你现在根本不知道谁是赢家。
4. Although the timing is purely a coincidence, it can’t hurt that Magento’s first product manager, Tim Schulz, just joined Bigcommerce as senior vice president of product management. Most recently a strategic partnership and business development executive for Google for services such as Shopping Express and Wallet, Schulz will be sharply focused on ensuring Bigcommerce offers an integrated experience that better straddles the e-commerce and physical retail worlds. “Consumers just want a seamless experience,” he said.
5. 小曹:他拿着刀要我把手机给他,我假装没有反应过来,在家里的群发了个定位。
6. 截至17日9时,经全力搜救,14人死亡,2人被困。


1. 301调查报告显示,法国数字服务税由于征收门槛很高,大约只会覆盖全球27家公司,但其中约2/3,即17家则是美国公司,因而美国认定法国数字服务税是专门瞄准美国公司而设计的,美国商务部部长罗斯甚至攻击法国是出于对美国的嫉妒才会如此行事。
2. 宋如华1962年出生在浙江绍兴县的一个小山村,家境贫寒,7岁丧母,考上大学之前还没有看到过飞机的模样。在大学读书的时候,他给自己定过一个“八不原则”:“一不出国,二不经商,三不抽烟,四不喝酒,五不唱歌,六不跳舞,七不看电影,八不逛公园”。就凭着一股苦读劲,他以优异成绩毕业后留校任教,因教学认真,他被破格晋升为副教授,并被授予全校唯一的“机电部青年教书育人特等奖”。1992年,受*南方谈话的热浪感召,宋如华下海创办托普电子科技发展公司,托普的英文是TOP,是“顶峰,顶尖、卓越”的意思。宋如华对同伴说,“我们要做就做最顶尖的,我们的目标是比尔·盖茨。”
3. 在与Spotware的合作中,两家公司已经创设了一个独特的功能,且内部命名为Oneaccount.Twoplatforms.该功能尤其允许Skilling的客户能够通过仅持有一个账户,而非在两个平台均开户,在不同的钱包入金的情形下,跨两个不同的交易平台进行交易。
4.   "That I will do," she replied; "I will treat her as she treated your son."
5. 职场成功没有捷径可走,焦虑烦恼不如踏踏实实走好每一步。
6.   The young Gentleman, is the Sonne to Landolfo di Procida, theonely Brother to Lord John di Procida, by whose meanes thou becamestLord and King of this Countrey. The faire young Damosell, is theDaughter to Marino Bulgaro, whose power extendeth so farre, as topreserve thy prerogative in Ischia, which (but for him) had long sincebene out-rooted there. Beside, these two maine motives, to challengejustly grace and favour from thee; they are in the floure and pride oftheir youth, having long continued in loyall love together, andcompelled by fervency of endeared affection, not any will to displeasethy Majesty: they have offended (if it may be termed an offence tolove, and in such lovely young people as they are.) Canst thou thenfinde in thine heart to let them die, whom thou rather ought tohonour, and recompence with no meane rewards?When the King had heard this, and beleeved for a certainty, thatthe Admirall told him nothing but truth: he appointed not onely,that they should proceede no further, but also was exceedingsorrowfull for what he had done, sending presently to have themreleased from the Stake, and honourably to be brought before him.Being thus enstructed in their severall qualities, and standing induty obliged, to recompence the wrong which he had done, withrespective honours: he caused them to be cloathed in royallgarments, and knowing them to bee knit in unity of soule; the likehe did by marrying them solemnly together, and bestowing many richgifts and presents on them, sent them honourably attended home toIschia; where they were with much joy and comfort received, andlived long after in great felicity.


1. 核心问题是要区分经营所得还是劳务所得。
2.   'Don't, my love, say that!' implored my mother very piteously. 'Oh, don't, Edward! I can't bear to hear it. Whatever I am, I am affectionate. I know I am affectionate. I wouldn't say it, if I wasn't sure that I am. Ask Peggotty. I am sure she'll tell you I'm affectionate.'
3. 说到工业,智能制造是一个大的话题,又回到了驾驶的内容上,我想继续追问韩旭总,刚才谈到的是创新者和传统企业的合作,其实您也跟很多行业大鳄合作,只不过行业巨头的危机意识特别强,早就动起来了,因为他们知道这个大的浪潮必然会发生,都放了非常多的巨资,去做这样的一个投入。

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    In some ways, Life Is Strange couldn’t be more different than Dontnod Entertainment’s sci-fi action game Remember Me, but in other ways, the episodic adventure game is similar. Both games use Unreal Engine 3 technology to create beautiful worlds to explore. And both titles also feature a strong female protagonist. Set in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, players take control of teenager Max Caulfield and embark on an adventure that will span five interactive episodes.

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      Michaelis heard they were in town, and came running with roses. `Why, whatever's wrong?' he cried. `You're a shadow of yourself. Why, I never saw such a change! Why ever didn't you let me know? Come to Nice with me! Come down to Sicily! Go on, come to Sicily with me. It's lovely there just now. You want sun! You want life! Why, you're wasting away! Come away with me! Come to Africa! Oh, hang Sir Clifford! Chuck him, and come along with me. I'll marry you the minute he divorces you. Come along and try a life! God's love! That place Wragby would kill anybody. Beastly place! Foul place! Kill anybody! Come away with me into the sun! It's the sun you want, of course, and a bit of normal life.'

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      'A new servitude! There is something in that,' I soliloquised(mentally, be it understood; I did not talk aloud). 'I know thereis, because it does not sound too sweet; it is not like such wordsas Liberty, Excitement, Enjoyment: delightful sounds truly; but nomore than sounds for me; and so hollow and fleeting that it is merewaste of time to listen to them. But Servitude! That must be matter offact. Any one may serve: I have served here eight years; now all Iwant is to serve elsewhere. Can I not get so much of my own will? Isnot the thing feasible? Yes- yes- the end is not so difficult; if Ihad only a brain active enough to ferret out the means of attainingit.'

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      The black slave overturned the pan in the middle of the room, and the fish were turned to cinders. Then he stepped proudly back into the wall, which closed round him.