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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, madame!" said Porthos, haughtily; "do you take me for abeggar?"
2.  "Withdraw, sir," said Buckingham, "or I will call my attendant, and haveyou placed in irons."
3.  "My Lord, yes; it is possible that the influence of the place,the charm of the beautiful evening, the fascination of yourlook--the thousand circumstances, in short, which sometimes uniteto destroy a woman--were grouped around me on that fatal evening;but, my Lord, you saw the queen come to the aid of the woman whofaltered. At the first word you dared to utter, at the firstfreedom to which I had to reply, I called for help.""Yes, yes, that is true. And any other love but mine would havesunk beneath this ordeal; but my love came out from it moreardent and more eternal. You believed that you would fly from meby returning to Paris; you believed that I would not dare to quitthe treasure over which my master had charged me to watch. Whatto me were all the treasures in the world, or all the kings ofthe earth! Eight days after, I was back again, madame. Thattime you had nothing to say to me; I had risked my life and favorto see you but for a second. I did not even touch your hand, andyou pardoned me on seeing me so submissive and so repentant.""Yes, but calumny seized upon all those follies in which I tookno part, as you well know, my Lord. The king, excited by thecardinal, made a terrible clamor. Madame de Vernet was drivenfrom me, Putange was exiled, Madame de Chevreuse fell intodisgrace, and when you wished to come back as ambassador toFrance, the king himself--remember, my lord--the king himselfopposed to it."
4.  "Here, monsieur," said the cardinal to the young man. "I have takenfrom you one CARTE BLANCHE to give you another. The name is wanting inthis commission; you can write it yourself."
5.  "She is there," said he.
6.  Indeed, every day the king asked the cardinal when this feteshould take place; and every day the cardinal, under somepretext, deferred fixing it. Ten days passed away thus.On the eighth day after the scene we have described, the cardinalreceived a letter with the London stamp which only containedthese lines: "I have them; but I am unable to leave London forwant of money. Send me five hundred pistoles, and four or fivedays after I have received them I shall be in Paris."On the same day the cardinal received this letter the king puthis customary question to him.


1.  As Athos and Porthos had foreseen, at the expiration of a halfhour, D'Artagnan returned. He had again missed his man, who haddisappeared as if by enchantment. D'Artagnan had run, sword inhand, through all the neighboring streets, but had found nobodyresembling the man he sought for. Then he came back to the pointwhere, perhaps, he ought to have begun, and that was to knock atthe door against which the stranger had leaned; but this proveduseless--for though he knocked ten or twelve times in succession,no one answered, and some of the neighbors, who put their nosesout of their windows or were brought to their doors by the noise,had assured him that that house, all the openings of which weretightly closed, had not been inhabited for six months.While D'Artagnan was running through the streets and knocking atdoors, Aramis had joined his companions; so that on returning himD'Artagnan found the reunion complete.
2.  Milady folded her hands, and raising her fine eyes toward heaven,"Lord, Lord," said she, with an angelic meekness of gesture andtone, "pardon this man, as I myself pardon him."
3.  The cardinal leaned his elbow on his manuscript, his cheekupon his hand, and looked intently at the young man for amoment. No one had a more searching eye than the Cardinalde Richelieu, and D'Artagnan felt this glance run throughhis veins like a fever.
4.  "It was they!" cried the cardinal, looking at the clock; "and nowit is too late to have them persued. The duchess is at Tours,and the duke at Boulogne. It is in London they must be found.""What are your Eminence's orders?"
5.  "From him, and from my friend the Comte de Rochefort.""The Comte de Rochefort! Why it was he who carried me off!""That may be, madame!"
6.  "How can that be?"


1.  "Madame Coquenard, I gave you the preference. I had but to writeto the Duchesse--but I won't repeat her name, for I am incapableof compromising a woman; but this I know, that I had but to writeto her and she would have sent me fifteen hundred."The procurator's wife shed a tear.
2.  "It is he," said she. And she began the same religious chantwhich had so strongly excited Felton the evening before.But although her voice--sweet, full, and sonorous--vibrated asharmoniously and as affectingly as ever, the door remained shut.It appeared however to Milady that in one of the furtive glancesshe darted from time to time at the grating of the door shethought she saw the ardent eyes of the young man through thenarrow opening. But whether this was reality or vision, he hadthis time sufficient self-command not to enter.
3.  "Well, are you going away in that manner? Where, and how?""That's true!"
4.  "Let us go," repeated D'Artagnan.
5.   "And her brother?" added D'Artagnan, timidly.
6.  "Observe, it is probable that I may not be able to remain here.""Why?"


1.  Milady saw by the contraction of his countenance that thetrigger was about to be pulled; she reached her hand quicklyto her bosom, drew out a paper, and held it toward Athos."Take it," said she, "and be accursed!"
2.  "Guess."
3.  "You may perceive, madame, by my uniform, that I am an officer inthe English navy," replied the young man.
4、  "Insolent!" cried Milady; and as if acted upon by a spring, shebounded toward the baron, who awaited her attack with his armscrossed, but nevertheless with one hand on the hilt of his sword."Come!" said he. "I know you are accustomed to assassinatepeople; but I warn you I shall defend myself, even against you.""You are right," said Milady. "You have all the appearance ofbeing cowardly enough to lift your hand against a woman.""Perhaps so; and I have an excuse, for mine would not be thefirst hand of a man that has been placed upon you, I imagine."And the baron pointed, with a slow and accusing gesture, to theleft shoulder of Milady, which he almost touched with his finger.Milady uttered a deep, inward shriek, and retreated to a cornerof the room like a panther which crouches for a spring."Oh, growl as much as you please," cried Lord de Winter, "butdon't try to bite, for I warn you that it would be to yourdisadvantage. There are here no procurators who regulatesuccessions beforehand. There is no knight-errant to come andseek a quarrel with me on account of the fair lady I detain aprisoner; but I have judges quite ready who will quickly disposeof a woman so shameless as to glide, a bigamist, into the bed ofLord de Winter, my brother. And these judges, I warn you, willsoon send you to an executioner who will make both your shouldersalike."
5、  "Your hour?"




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      "Explain yourself, Mousqueton; your conversation is full ofinstructive things."

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      "Present yourself at the wicket of the Louvre, on the side of theRue de l'Echelle, and ask for Germain."

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       "How so?"

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    {  Milady made one step forward, and then drew back as if shehad seen a serpent.

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      At this appeal D'Artagnan drew Kitty quietly away, andslipped into the chamber.}

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      He then thought, with a touch of vexation, that perhaps the youngwoman had fallen asleep while waiting for him. He approached thewall, and tried to climb it; but the wall had been recentlypointed, and D'Artagnan could get no hold.

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      "The woman you poisoned at Bethune was still younger than you, madame,and yet she is dead," said D'Artagnan.

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       "I don't know him."

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    {  "A hundred."

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      The queen's paleness, if possible, increased; the king perceivedit, and enjoyed it with that cold cruelty which was one of theworst sides of his character.