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1. 他以有赞的拼团项目为例,给出了一组数据,过去三季度有接近2000万人次的引流,但比这个更夸张的是,有赞针对销售员打造的工具,带来的人群引流接近4亿次,20倍的增长。
2. 茱莉亚哈茨
3.   `You shall not get off in that Way,' rejoined Stryver, shouldering the rejoinder at him; `no, Sydney, it's my duty to tell you--and I tell you to your face to do you good--that you are a devilish ill-conditioned fellow in that sort of society. You are a disagreeable fellow.'
4. 玛纳斯河边,李雪红的女儿思宇手捧骨灰,缓缓地撒向这条母亲河。
5. 目前,速显微的芯片和开发工具都是自主研发,从而建立起市场壁垒。
6. "It couldn't have been far off," said Terry excitedly. "How about this big tree?"


1. I snorted derision at this idea.
2. 据王永朋介绍,面对微信群献爱心无序、不全面等现状,阿里旗下的高德打车联合武汉当地的风韵出行,上线了医护专车服务,他们组织起一批公益志愿者车队,为医护人员免费提供全方位安全防护的医护专车,且每辆车都会经过严格消毒,并为司机提供口罩、消毒液、防护服等防护装备。
3.   "But I will know it!"
4.   Frosch
5. 18世纪时,荷兰在经济发展和海外活动方面落后于英国和法国。其衰落的一个原因在于,英、法两国政府通过颁布一系列针对荷兰人的歧视性法令。坚持不懈地努力建立起他们自己的商船队。从1651年起批准通过的若干《航海条例》可作为上述立法方面的例子;这些《条例》规定,凡是商品均不许进、出口于任何英国殖民地,除非运送商品的船只是英国船只,即为英国或英国殖民地所制造、拥有并由它们配备至少三分之二的船员的船只。立法之后,英国商船队获得了极其迅速的发展。这些《条例》的通过和英国航运业的增长有多大程度上的联系,至今仍是个未解决的问题。荷兰人以及对要价较高的英国运货者颇为不满的西印度群岛种植园主的持久的抗议表明,这两者间至少有若干联系。
6.   Soone were the newes spread throughout Salerne; that Ruggiero wasapprehended, about robbing the house of the two usuring Lombardes:which when Mistresse Doctor and her Chamber-maide heard, they wereconfounded with most strange admiration, and scarsely credited whatthey themselves had done the night before, but rather imagined allmatters past, to be no more than meerely a dreame, concerningRuggieroes dying in the house, and their putting him into the Chest,so that by no likely or possible meanes, he could be the man in thisperillous extreamitie.


1. 这是哪段长城?不会对长城造成损坏吗?长城就让人这么祸祸了?评论区中国观众炸了锅,纷纷谴责。
2.   "Then you will soon get the clearest fact of all. The bodiescannot be far away.
3. 经高层讨论,特斯拉的公司战略将分三步走:第一步,推出够酷够炫的高端产品,打开市场局面。
4. 这成了他坚定的认为“电子商务是骗局”的根本。
5. 快乐教育是用孩子感兴趣的东西去激发内心的潜能,寓教于乐,帮助孩子克服学习路上的枯燥,度过瓶颈期,真正体验到克服困难后的喜悦与快乐。
6.   "There is no such person here," she answered, and tried to close thedoor, but Holmes had jammed it with his foot.


1.   "Where is that young lady you were going to get for us?" askedthe latter.
2. 第一个是大家要找到核心优势,差异化的竞争优势,不要想着什么都做。
3.   "Well, what happened then?"
4.   In spite of his objection to dogs, as unclean animals, my protector was a kind-hearted man, and knowing I had eaten nothing since yesterday, he threw me bigger and better bits than those which fell to the share of the other dogs. When I had finished, I tried to go back into the shop, but this he would not allow, and stood so firmly at the entrance with a stout stick, that I was forced to give it up, and seek some other home.
5. "Well," said Jessie, slowly, "he's killed tigers. He killed the one in the skin Sara has in her room. That's why she likes it so. She lies on it and strokes its head, and talks to it as if it was a cat."
6.   By this time it had grown late, and we did not know where to spend the night. But our lucky star having guided us to this door, we took the liberty of knocking and of asking for shelter, which was given to us at once with the best grace in the world.


1. 3.3实况直播TribeXR的目标之一是允许学生练习表演。
2. 在去年发表的一项研究中,郑注意到有中国专家已在呼吁加强“性别差异的教育”,他们认为男子气概危机将威胁到国家的安全。
3.   On this they rose and went to the water side. The crew then drew theship on shore; their servants took their armour from them, and theywent up in a body to the place of assembly, but they would not let anyone old or young sit along with them, and Antinous, son ofEupeithes, spoke first.

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      51. Nobles: gold coins of exceptional fineness. Sterlings: sterling coins; not "luxemburgs", but stamped and authorised money. See note 9 to the Miller's Tale and note 6 to the Prologue to the Monk's tale.

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