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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Tell me; satisfy my impatience."
2.  The young men wished to decline, but they could find no goodreason for refusing an offer which was so agreeable to them.The Count of Monte Cristo remained a quarter of an hour withthem, conversing on all subjects with the greatest ease. Hewas, as we have already said, perfectly well acquainted withthe literature of all countries. A glance at the walls ofhis salon proved to Franz and Albert that he was aconnoisseur of pictures. A few words he let fall showed themthat he was no stranger to the sciences, and he seemed muchoccupied with chemistry. The two friends did not venture toreturn the count the breakfast he had given them; it wouldhave been too absurd to offer him in exchange for hisexcellent table the very inferior one of Signor Pastrini.They told him so frankly, and he received their excuses withthe air of a man who appreciated their delicacy. Albert wascharmed with the count's manners, and he was only preventedfrom recognizing him for a perfect gentleman by reason ofhis varied knowledge. The permission to do what he likedwith the carriage pleased him above all, for the fairpeasants had appeared in a most elegant carriage thepreceding evening, and Albert was not sorry to be upon anequal footing with them. At half-past one they descended,the coachman and footman had put on their livery over theirdisguises, which gave them a more ridiculous appearance thanever, and which gained them the applause of Franz andAlbert. Albert had fastened the faded bunch of violets tohis button-hole. At the first sound of the bell theyhastened into the Corso by the Via Vittoria. At the secondturn, a bunch of fresh violets, thrown from a carriagefilled with harlequins, indicated to Albert that, likehimself and his friend, the peasants had changed theircostume, also; and whether it was the result of chance, orwhether a similar feeling had possessed them both, while hehad changed his costume they had assumed his.
3.  "Well, then, go, -- wait for me there, and I will soon joinyou."
4.  "What does that signify, so long as they favor your suit?"
5.  "To the beautiful Greek."
6.  "To be my second."


1.  "What next? what more do you want?"
2.  Monte Cristo advanced into the room; Maximilian was obligedto let him pass, but he followed him. "You were writing?"said Monte Cristo with a searching look.
3.  "But you will not make me your confidant, Maximilian?" saidthe count, in a tone which showed how gladly he would havebeen admitted to the secret.
4.  "I was going to tell you. It seems" --
5.  "To me?"
6.  "Comrade," said he, "I adjure you, as a Christian and asoldier, to tell me where we are going. I am Captain Dantes,a loyal Frenchman, thought accused of treason; tell me whereyou are conducting me, and I promise you on my honor I willsubmit to my fate."


1.  "Alicante, if you please; it is my favorite wine."
2.  "I will go on foot, then."
3.  "But remember" --
4.  "Yes, indeed, count," said Madame Danglars; "and tell me,did you ever see at the court of Ali Tepelini, whom you sogloriously and valiantly served, a more exquisite beauty orricher costume?"
5.   "Listen to me, my son has also guessed who you are, -- heattributes his father's misfortunes to you."
6.  "Yanina?"


1.  "Andrea?"
2.  "Whose, then? The Marquis de Saint-Meran, I think, theconcierge said. What had you to revenge on the Marquis deSaint-Meran?"
3.  "Yes, you will live!"
4、  "You are a good fellow and a kind-hearted messmate," repliedEdmond, "and heaven will recompense you for your generousintentions; but I do not wish any one to stay with me. A dayor two of rest will set me up, and I hope I shall find amongthe rocks certain herbs most excellent for bruises."
5、  "Oh, water is even more scarce than wine, your excellency,-- there has been such a drought."




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      "Still?" cried Villefort; "oh, doctor, what a dreadful wordis that."

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      "With pleasure."

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       "Yes, no doubt, but improved upon by ours. What is the useof time, rewards of merit, medals, crosses, Monthyon prizes,if they do not lead society towards more completeperfection? Yet man will never be perfect until he learns tocreate and destroy; he does know how to destroy, and that ishalf the battle."

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      "Absolutely the same."

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    {  "It has been long enough to inflict on me a great andundeserved misfortune. I would fain fix the source of it onman that I may no longer vent reproaches upon heaven."

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      "There is, then, one," said Monte Cristo, "whom you do notcondemn like poor Danglars?"}

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      "Do not let that disturb you, I have enough for two."

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      "Is it you?" said he; "I am here."

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       "Yes, if I am killed," said Albert, laughing. "But I assureyou, mother, I have a strong intention of defending myperson, and I never felt half so strong an inclination tolive as I do now."

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    {  "Your daughter?" cried d'Avrigny with grief and surprise.

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      "Oh," cried Morrel, almost tempted to throw himself on hisknees before Noirtier and Valentine, and to adore them astwo superior beings, "what have I ever done in my life tomerit such unbounded happiness?"