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1.   So the neighbours and kinsmen of Menelaus were feasting and makingmerry in his house. There was a bard also to sing to them and play hislyre, while two tumblers went about performing in the midst of themwhen the man struck up with his tune.]
2. 纸筒插秧机可以让一名使用者在几分钟内在85英尺(约合26米)长的一块田地里种植264棵幼苗。这在以前通常耗时数小时,如今只需几分钟。使用者在种植农作物上花费的时间更少,可以节省出更多的时间做其他的事,比如农田改进、市场销售、或者干脆休息休息。
3.   Minerva answered, "Do not try to keep me, for I would be on my wayat once. As for any present you may be disposed to make me, keep ittill I come again, and I will take it home with me. You shall giveme a very good one, and I will give you one of no less value inreturn."
4. 三、孔雀帝国
5. 摆动指数的第二种用途在于临界分析,或者说是极端状态识别。换言之,摆动指数区域的外层,可用来标志市场的极端状态。大部分复杂的摆动指数具备上限区和下限区,分别标志着市场的超买和超卖状态。例如,在相对力度指数(RSI)中,其垂直刻度的范围从。到0到100。在70和30两个位置上,我们标出了两条水平直线。当RSI超过70时,就是市场处于超买状态的警告信号。而当它低于30时,可能构成超卖状态的信号(见图10.9a和b)。
6.   The nature of these vast retail combinations, should they everpermanently disappear, will form an interesting chapter in thecommercial history of our nation. Such a flowering out of amodest trade principle the world had never witnessed up to thattime. They were along the line of the most effective retailorganisation, with hundreds of stores coordinated into one andlaid out upon the most imposing and economic basis. They werehandsome, bustling, successful affairs, with a host of clerks anda swarm of patrons. Carrie passed along the busy aisles, muchaffected by the remarkable displays of trinkets, dress goods,stationery, and jewelry. Each separate counter was a show placeof dazzling interest and attraction. She could not help feelingthe claim of each trinket and valuable upon her personally, andyet she did not stop. There was nothing there which she couldnot have used--nothing which she did not long to own. The daintyslippers and stockings, the delicately frilled skirts andpetticoats, the laces, ribbons, hair-combs, purses, all touchedher with individual desire, and she felt keenly the fact that notany of these things were in the range of her purchase. She was awork-seeker, an outcast without employment, one whom the averageemployee could tell at a glance was poor and in need of asituation.


1. 宛家福看到偌大一沓人民币,不禁心头大喜。俄尔,却又觉得十分懊悔:坏了!一定卖砸了!这玉簪价码肯定卖得太低了!晚了,一切都晚了!但是,宛家福又逐渐从懊悔中醒悟过来。他想,自己不管怎么说,也还算得上是个赢家。因为,玉簪入手价仅仅300元钱,他未出一月,即赚回9700元,这,真是一本万利了!于是,他又洋洋自喜起来,觉得晚上应该冲着中秋圆月痛痛快快地喝上两杯!是的,他喝得很痛快。举酒邀月中,他想起了家乡,想起了亲人……忽然,他又联想起宛振平家中的那件千古绝画:《钟馗捉鬼图》!想着想着,他差点儿对着月亮,当着饭店里的众多顾客,说出藏在自己心里的话!——一种偷画的欲望,像火似地在他心头燃烧!世界上,一切纯朴、善良的人,往往都是野狼的盯捕对象!可怜的刘在本一家,也未能逃出这个残酷的社会规律……
2. 书币系统:微信读书的会员系统是用户阅读更长时间,就可以累计更多书币,累计的书币可以用来购买书籍,这样的书币循环系统可以增加产品内部的留存,和网易蜗牛读书类似。
3. 潜逃厦门期间,劳某枝曾到其朋友位于厦门某商场的手表专柜帮忙照看生意,后在该处被厦门警方抓获。
4. circulate
5.   My brother was not clever enough to detect that the old woman had merely refused the two pieces of money he had offered her in order to get more, but he inquired if she could procure him the pleasure of seeing this lady.
6. 杨正科没有受伤,自行返回科发村的家中。


1.   "Yes; they were talking about it when we left Paris," saidM. de Saint-Meran; "and where is it decided to transferhim?"
2.   This news caused great consternation to the lady, who, dressing herself as quickly as possible, hastened to the apartment of the fair Persian, to find that Noureddin had already gone out. Much astonished to see the vizir's wife enter in tears, the Persian asked what misfortune had happened.
3. 令张女士感到不舒服的是,到目前她都没有收到理发店一个说法。
4. Grab,东南亚最大的打车服务平台。
5. 购买决策:直接与销售团队打交道,客户在文书上签字。
6.   `I mind more, not having a son, when I come here, than any other time,' he said.


1. 见到徐女士有些犹豫,销售人员立刻上前介绍,这两款玩具已经卖了好多年了,卖得特可好了,小孩几乎人手一个。
2.   `Why, are yer back a'ready!'
3.   Caderousse, then, was, as usual, at his place of observationbefore the door, his eyes glancing listlessly from a pieceof closely shaven grass -- on which some fowls wereindustriously, though fruitlessly, endeavoring to turn upsome grain or insect suited to their palate -- to thedeserted road, which led away to the north and south, whenhe was aroused by the shrill voice of his wife, andgrumbling to himself as he went, he mounted to her chamber,first taking care, however, to set the entrance door wideopen, as an invitation to any chance traveller who might bepassing.
4. 不管是因为支持国产的民族情怀还是因为金山本身的技术实力,金山上市后得到了热烈的市场反应。
5. "Studied as curiosities," I told them. "But anyhow, we want food. So now for a sortie!"
6.   "For thereof come disease and heaviness, Sorrow and care, and many a great sickness, Despite, debate, anger, envy, Depraving,* shame, untrust, and jealousy, *loss of fame or character Pride, mischief, povert', and woodness.* *madness


1. 有新人加入,同样要去强调这一点。
2. 疫情发生以来,全国乃至全世界的人们都在为湖北武汉等地加油鼓劲,就如网友们赞同贾静雯文中的一句话所说,爱与正能量会是治愈这一切的良药。
3.   Alessandro being risen againe (although he was cloathed inScannadioes Garments, which were long and too bigge for him) fleddeaway also as Rinuccio did. All which Madame Francesca easily discernedby helpe of the Watchmens Lanthorne, and how Rinuccio carriedAlessandro on his backe, beeing attired in the Garments ofScannadio: whereat she mervailed not a litle, as also the greatboldnesse of them both. But in the midst of her mervailing, shelaughed very heartily, when she saw the one let the other fall, andboth to runne away so manfully. Which accident pleasing her beyond allcomparison, and applauding her good Fortune, to bee so happilydelivered from their daily mollestation: she betooke her selfe tohir Chamber with the Maide, avouching solemnly to her, that(questionlesse) they both affected her dearely, having undertaken sucha straunge imposition, and verie neere brought it to a finallconclusion.

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      Clifford left them alone, and she learnt to do the same: she just went by without looking at them, and they stared as if she were a walking wax figure. When he had to deal with them, Clifford was rather haughty and contemptuous; one could no longer afford to be friendly. In fact he was altogether rather supercilious and contemptuous of anyone not in his own class. He stood his ground, without any attempt at conciliation. And he was neither liked nor disliked by the people: he was just part of things, like the pit-bank and Wragby itself.

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    "It is true that the first thought was mine, Sahib," he said; "though it was naught but a fancy. I am fond of this child; we are both lonely. It is her way to relate her visions to her secret friends. Being sad one night, I lay close to the open skylight and listened. The vision she related told what this miserable room might be if it had comforts in it. She seemed to see it as she talked, and she grew cheered and warmed as she spoke. Then she came to this fancy; and the next day, the Sahib being ill and wretched, I told him of the thing to amuse him. It seemed then but a dream, but it pleased the Sahib. To hear of the child's doings gave him entertainment. He became interested in her and asked questions. At last he began to please himself with the thought of making her visions real things."

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