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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I don't know," said Carrie. "I feel real bad."
2.  He little knew as he went out of the door that night what asecret flame he had kindled in the bosom of the girl he leftbehind. Carrie was possessed of that sympathetic, impressionablenature which, ever in the most developed form, has been the gloryof the drama. She was created with that passivity of soul whichis always the mirror of the active world. She possessed aninnate taste for imitation and no small ability. Even withoutpractice, she could sometimes restore dramatic situations she hadwitnessed by re-creating, before her mirror, the expressions ofthe various faces taking part in the scene. She loved tomodulate her voice after the conventional manner of thedistressed heroine, and repeat such pathetic fragments asappealed most to her sympathies. Of late, seeing the airy graceof the ingenue in several well-constructed plays, she had beenmoved to secretly imitate it, and many were the little movementsand expressions of the body in which she indulged from time totime in the privacy of her chamber. On several occasions, whenDrouet had caught her admiring herself, as he imagined, in themirror, she was doing nothing more than recalling some littlegrace of the mouth or the eyes which she had witnessed inanother. Under his airy accusation she mistook this for vanityand accepted the blame with a faint sense of error, though, as amatter of fact, it was nothing more than the first subtleoutcroppings of an artistic nature, endeavouring to re-create theperfect likeness of some phase of beauty which appealed to her.In such feeble tendencies, be it known, such outworking of desireto reproduce life, lies the basis of all dramatic art.
3.  "I get twelve," said Carrie.
4.  "No, I won't," said Carrie, flashing up. "I want you to take meout of this, or I'll tell the conductor. I won't go with you.It's a shame," and again sobs of fright cut off her desire forexpression.
5.  "I saw you, Governor, last night."
6.  Knowing that the end was so near, she became rather solicitous.


1.  "So it should," said the knowing manager. "I'm glad to see it."
2.  "Let's get in," said Carrie.
3.  "I wonder," he said, as he rode away in his cab, "how Drouet cameto win her."
4.  "Me? No. I've always worked in a paper factory."
5.  Carrie looked and beheld a new contract made out like the otherone, with the exception of the new figures of salary and time.With a hand trembling from excitement she affixed her name.
6.  "I wish," he said pathetically, "you would come to me. I don'tlike to be away from you this way. What good is there inwaiting? You're not any happier, are you?"


1.  "I struck a little peach coming in on the train Friday," remarkedDrouet, by way of parting. "By George, that's so, I must go andcall on her before I go away."
2.  They decided to move Friday, which was two days away. Now thatthe thing was settled, Carrie's heart misgave her. She felt verymuch like a criminal in the matter. Each day looking atHurstwood, she had realised that, along with the disagreeablenessof his attitude, there was something pathetic.
3.  Carrie readily acquiesced, glad to escape the trying situation,and liberal now that she saw a way out. She was elated and beganfiguring at once. She needed a hat first of all. How Minnieexplained to Hanson she never knew. He said nothing at all, butthere were thoughts in the air which left disagreeableimpressions.
4.  "I couldn't get anything else," said Carrie frankly.
5.   "Why, hello, Charlie, old man," said Hurstwood, as Drouet came inthat evening about eight o'clock. "How goes it?" The room wascrowded.
6.  "Well, I don't know," he answered, tipping lazily back in hischair while she stood before him. "What makes you want to get onthe stage?"


1.  Now he began leisurely to take off his clothes, but stopped firstwith his coat, and tucked it along the crack under the door. Hisvest he arranged in the same place. His old wet, cracked hat helaid softly upon the table. Then he pulled off his shoes and laydown.
2.  In the rosy restaurant, filled with the merry lovers of latehours, she found herself criticising this man. He was toostilted, too self-opinionated. He did not talk of anything thatlifted her above the common run of clothes and material success.When it was all over, he smiled most graciously.
3.  "No, she don't," returned the former, soothingly. "It's only alittle fun on the side."
4、  "Well, that's delightful," said Hurstwood. "I'm so glad. I mustget over there to see you. When is the next rehearsal?"
5、  This is all that was said at the time, owing to an interruption,but later they met again. He was sitting in a corner afterdinner, staring at the floor, when Carrie came up with another ofthe guests. Hard work had given his face the look of one who isweary. It was not for Carrie to know the thing in it whichappealed to her.




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      The manager floundered among a jumble of thoughts. Now all theentanglement of the day came back. Also the thought that herewas a solution. That money would do it. If he had that andCarrie. He rose up and stood stock-still, looking at the floor.

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      "Been home yet?" finally asked Hurstwood.

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       For another period this state continued, the twain leading arather monotonous life, and then there was a slight change forthe worse. One evening, Hurstwood, after thinking about a way tomodify Carrie's desire for clothes and the general strain uponhis ability to provide, said:

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      "Don't what?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

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    {  At the sound of a gong near the barn door, two bells were givenby the conductor and Hurstwood opened his lever.

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      "Who--who is?" said Carrie, stumbling at the word.}

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      He took Carrie's little hand, and a current of feeling swept fromone to the other.

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      At the time of this particular conversation, which occurred at 5A.M., that little soldier of fortune was sleeping a rathertroubled sleep in her new room, alone.

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       Carrie fluttered under his approving glance.

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    {  "Yes," said Carrie, easily.

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      "Well, now, that's a blooming shame, isn't it? You don't lookvery well. I thought you looked a little pale. What have youbeen doing?"