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1. When a woman chose to be a mother, she allowed the child- longing to grow within her till it worked its natural miracle. When she did not so choose she put the whole thing out of her mind, and fed her heart with the other babies.
2. 这种网络乱象,越演越烈,已经形成为了刷流量的网络黑产业。
3. 但要进入下一个增长期,则是一个循序渐进的过程,需要时间。
4. Recently, a recruitment website issued the Investigation Report of Employability of 2016 Graduates. The report notes that starting salaries for 2016 graduates are 4765 Yuan, nearly 30% graduates to enter the Internet industry which provide the highest average salary.
5.   He was certainly a remarkably handsome man. His Europeanreputation for beauty was fully deserved. In figure he was not morethan of middle size, but was built upon graceful and active lines. Hisface was swarthy, almost Oriental, with large, dark, languorous eyeswhich might easily hold an irresistible fascination for women. Hishair and moustache were raven black, the latter short, pointed, andcarefully waxed. His features were regular and pleasing, save only hisstraight, thin-lipped mouth. If ever I saw a murderer's mouth it wasthere- a cruel, hard gash in the face, compressed, inexorable, andterrible. He was ill-advised to train his moustache away from it,for it was Nature's danger-signal, set as a warning to his victims.His voice was engaging and his manners perfect. In age I should haveput him at little over thirty, though his record afterwards showedthat he was forty-two.
6.   "Lordes," she said, "ye knowen every one, How that my son in point is for to lete* *forsake The holy lawes of our Alkaron*, *Koran Given by God's messenger Mahomete: But one avow to greate God I hete*, *promise Life shall rather out of my body start, Than Mahomet's law go out of mine heart.


1.   In guarantee whereof, I attached myself to my seat by my hands.
2. 从居住方面看,秦汉时期的住宅上承战国,变化不大,体现出某种相对的稳定性。一般说来可分为庭院式、楼阁式与干栏式三种住宅形式,但这三种形式有时又有交叉现象。其中庭院式住宅最普遍,种类也最多,既有方形、长方形之分,也有一字形、曲尺形、三合式、四合式、日字形之分,但其基本结构大多是一堂二内,即三间住宅中一间为堂、二间为室,当然面积大小不一。
3. 常说产业投项目,但其实是希望通过投项目来帮产业,所以出发点还是要回归到产业。
4. 四、关于《纲要》的贯彻落实按照国务院要求,我们在贯彻落实中主要抓这样几点:一是建立《纲要》实施的部门沟通协商机制,协调解决国土开发、保护和整治中的重大问题。
5.   With these words she made her mistress leave off crying, and driedthe tears from her eyes. Penelope washed her face, changed herdress, and went upstairs with her maids. She then put some bruisedbarley into a basket and began praying to Minerva.
6.   And Clifford the same. All that talk! All that writing! All that wild struggling to push hims


1. 与此同时,两国共同面临着若干相似的威胁--被激进的穆斯林所威胁,受困于环境污染、气候变暖--迫切需要双方合作才可能化解。尤为重要地是,给定的两国的民族利益在新兴世界上是相互连接的,任何一方都不愿意看到冷战重新出现。
2. 从宏观管理上做好智库研究选题十分重要和必要。
3. 结合过去经验,三人建立了生物医药孵化器LagunaIncubator钠谷孵化器,希望能通过中国更加有效率的医学试验流程,加速公司发展,从一开始就拿下CFDA,同时也为公司在美国同期申报及融资之路提供了更多实证支持。
4.   "Heaven and the immortal gods," he exclaimed, "forbid that youshould leave my house to go on board of a ship. Do you think I am sopoor and short of clothes, or that I have so few cloaks and as to beunable to find comfortable beds both for myself and for my guests? Letme tell you I have store both of rugs and cloaks, and shall not permitthe son of my old friend Ulysses to camp down on the deck of a ship-not while I live- nor yet will my sons after me, but they will keepopen house as have done."
5.   For, being bereft of any future joyes,
6. 我们刚刚度过一个意料之外的漫长假期,新型冠状病毒肺炎虽然还在肆虐,但部分同事早已投入到了抗疫救灾的战斗中去——联想支援的几千台IT设备已随火神山、雷神山两所医院的落成投入使用,数十名工程师会跟着医护人员一起奋战在前线。


1. 就陈艳所述,澎湃新闻联系重庆、福建两地公安,但未获正面答复,只称案件还在侦查,很多东西还要核实。
2. “并不是所有人都确信德国是2006年世界杯最理想的主办国,而且,巴西与南非之间一定进行了某种交易。目前来看,最后的投票形势可能对德国不利。”
3. 对于这个退款比例,多名投资人表示能接受,因为事情过去都四年多了,都快忘记这笔钱了……一开始事出的时候还比较想要全部拿回来,过了一年就没报什么希望了。
4.   Ulysses answered, "Eumaeus, I have heard the story of yourmisfortunes with the most lively interest and pity, but Jove has givenyou good as well as evil, for in spite of everything you have a goodmaster, who sees that you always have enough to eat and drink; and youlead a good life, whereas I am still going about begging my way fromcity to city."
5. 拉丁美洲国家时期拉丁美洲的政治发展与美国的政治发展截然不同。拉丁美洲的趋势是政治分裂而不是政治统一。山脉和密林等障碍将一个地区同另一个地区分隔开来,交通工具的缺乏意味着这些地区同欧洲的联系常常比它们相互之间的联系更为密切。西班牙统治下的几个世纪的与世隔绝因助长了分离主义倾向,也促进了分裂。个别领导人宁愿在小国中名声显赫,而不愿在大的联邦中湮没无闻,这些人的个人野心也必须予以考虑。于是,西班牙最初的八个殖民地这时变成了至少18个独立的国家:过去的拉普拉塔联邦总督辖区已变成阿根廷、巴拉圭、玻利维亚和乌拉圭诸独立的共和国;从前的新格拉纳达总督辖区变成了哥伦比亚、厄瓜多尔、委内瑞拉和巴拿马诸国,危地马拉都督辖区分成危地马拉、哥斯达黎加、萨尔瓦多、洪都拉斯和尼加拉瓜等独立的国家。
6. 当我们无障碍设施越来越完备的时候,这些刻意隐藏的轮椅群体才能真正融入我们这个大社会。


1. We were free to study as much as we wished, and were not left merely to wander in the garden for recreation but introduced to a great gymnasium, partly on the roof and partly in the story below. Here we learned real respect for our tall guards. No change of costume was needed for this work, save to lay off outer clothing. The first one was as perfect a garment for exercise as need be devised, absolutely free to move in, and, I had to admit, much better-looking than our usual one.
2. 短暂的瞬间,互不认识的人都会拉拉手,互相拽住对方腰间的安全带以形成保护。
3. 现在资金没了,一旦昭告天下、竞争者云集而至,你的利润区也会没了。

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