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1. [133]、[136]、[137]同上书第58页;第17页;第30页。
2. 先说一个前提,取消新闻源,对于主流、核心媒体的收录并不影响,本人也向多位资深媒体人和站长求证了此事。
3. 当时日后的“万通六君子”已经全部到位。
4. "I will beg your pardon for laughing, if it was rude," she said then; "but I won't beg your pardon for thinking."
5. 权还被看作私有财产的原始的和受人尊重的形式,而资本的利息则被看作高利贷而受人指责。因此,达德利·诺思、洛克等人把资本利息说成一种类似地租的形式,这和杜尔哥由地租的存在推论出利息的正当性完全一样。——这些较近代的著作家忘记了(在这里把以下的事实完全撇开不说:在纯粹的状态下,即没有加进投入土地的资本的利息,地租还是可以存在,而且存在着),土地所有者用这个方法,不仅从不费他们分文的别人的资本获得利息,而且还无偿地得到别人的资本。土地所有权的正当性,和一定生产方式下的一切其他所有权形式的正当性一样,要由生产方式本身具有的历史的暂时的必然性来说明,因而也要由那些由此产生的生产关系和交换关系具有的历史的暂时的必然性来说明。当然,象我们以后会看到的那样,土地所有权同其他各种所有权的区别在于:在一定的发展阶段,甚至从资本主义生产方式的观点来看,土地所有权也是多余而且有害的。在社会主义市场经济的生产方式上是不多余,也无害的。
6. 在授权过程中,这些平台还会获取旅客账户中的所有常用联系人的姓名与身份证号等信息,可能带来信息泄露风险,建议乘客到官方网站12306购票。


1. "It is monstrous!" she said. "She's in my sitting room at this moment, dressed in silk gauze and lace petticoats, giving a party at my expense."
2. 第五,商业模式的改变。
3. 但周倩也指出,尽管目前尚未直接受到影响,但中长期来看音乐版权市场难免受到波及。
4.   A *manner sergeant* was this private* man, *kind of squire* The which he faithful often founden had *discreet In thinges great, and eke such folk well can Do execution in thinges bad: The lord knew well, that he him loved and drad.* *dreaded And when this sergeant knew his lorde's will, Into the chamber stalked he full still.
5. 经查,发现于柳长路一无名山上的死者名为杨某庆(51岁,柳北区人),发现于柳江区成团镇龙山村一山上的死者名为谭某学(30岁,柳江区人),发现于鱼峰区马鞍山的死者名为荣某云(50岁,三江县人)。
6. 对违法所得予以追缴,上缴国库。


1.   He still had his wig and gown on, and he said, squaring himself at his late client to that degree that he squeezed the innocent Mr. Lorry clean out of the group: `I am glad to have brought you off with honour, Mr. Darnay. It was an infamous prosecution, grossly infamous; but not the less likely to succeed on that account.
2. 她还说,有人主动联系她想当她干儿子,后还和张某父亲承认打死张某
3.   17. Well to my pay: Well to my satisfaction; from French, "payer," to pay, satisfy; the same word often occurs, in the phrases "well apaid," and "evil apaid."
4. 教育部通报的典型案例中,不仅师德失范者要受到严肃惩处,中小学校党政负责人、高校二级学院党政负责人作为落实主体责任的重点,一旦学校出现师德问题也将依法追责。
5. 刘杰元说,我在车上给他(理发师)说,人家是来支援咱们武汉的,所以到了酒店不要提费用的事儿,有费用我出。
6.   'Because,' said she, 'I grieve to tell you that I hear this morning your mama is very ill.'


1. 王伦,山东寿张人,于一七五一年(乾隆十六年)从张既成学道,一七七一年(乾隆三十六年)开始收徒传教。运气治病,学习拳棒,名为清水教,实是白莲教的一支。
2. 次日上午,酒醒后的温某懊悔不已,原来,其前晚与朋友聚餐,因为失恋,席间喝了不少酒,当回到住处时,发现没带钥匙,朋友于是开玩笑让其报警到派出所待一晚。
3.   'Indeed, Miss Dartle, no!'
4.   'Quinion,' said Mr. Murdstone, 'take care, if you please. Somebody's sharp.'
5.   "Well, reveal your secret to him, and ask him whether, howeverimportant, however valuable, however terrible it may be, you maynot confide it to me."
6. 节目21 歌曲《幸福》,毛阿敏


1. 第三部分智人失去控制权
2.   All good and fair! Then deathless constancy thou'lt swear; Speak of one allo'ermastering passion, Will that too issue from the heart?Faust
3.   `Absolutely!' said Tommy. `But also, it seems to me a perfect description of the whole of the industrial ideal. It's the factory-owner's ideal in a nut-shell; except that he would deny that the driving power was hate. Hate it is, all the same; hate of life itself. Just look at these Midlands, if it isn't plainly written up...but it's all part of the life of the mind, it's a logical development.'



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