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1.   Sadly, sadly, the sun rose; it rose upon no sadder sight than the man of good abilities and good emotions, incapable of their directed exercise, incapable of his own help and his own happiness, sensible of the blight on him, and resigning him-self to let it cat him away.CHAPTER VIHundreds of PeopleTHE quiet lodgings of Doctor Manette were in a quiet street-corner not far from Soho-square. On the afternoon of a certain fine Sunday when the waves of four months had rolled over the trial for treason, and carried it, as to the public interest and memory, far out to sea, Mr. Jarvis Lorry walked along the sunny streets from Clerkenwell where he lived, on his way to dine with the Doctor. After several relapses into business-absorption, Mr. Lorry had become the Doctor's friend, and the quiet street-corner was the sunny part of his life.
2. 2、产品不能多,多了就做不好。
3. "What next, now?" said Sara, and she stood still and put her hands over her eyes. "Something will come if I think and wait a little"-- in a soft, expectant voice. "The Magic will tell me."
4.   Thy worthy avocation now I guess! Wholesale annihilation won't prevail, Sothou'rt beginning on a smaller scale.
5. 由此可见,贤良文学与桑弘羊之争,并非仅仅局限于对现行经济政策本身的评价,其弦外之音是:要不要在新的形势(即昭帝时期)下实现大政方针的转变?是全盘肯定汉武帝时期执行的经济政策,还是充分认识这些政策的局限性?是继续推行汉武帝前期好大喜功的富国政策,还是实行汉武帝晚年与民休息的富民政策?御史大夫桑弘羊把自己的毕业精力贡献给了武帝时期制定的官营工商业经济政策,为西汉王朝的财政建设立下了汗马功劳。但是,他舍不得在新形势下放弃自己一贯的主张。汉武帝在晚年的轮台诏书中,批评了桑弘羊等人当时提出的加重百姓口赋和屯田轮台的建议,认为这是扰劳天下、重困老弱孤独的作法,并明确宣布从此实行休养生息的政策。桑弘羊虽然当时接受了汉武帝的批评,但在思想上一直没有转过弯来。因此,武帝死后,桑弘羊对坚持推行休养生息政策的霍光采取消极对抗的态度,数以邪枉干辅政.①由于掌管朝政的霍光知时务之要,与民休息,不再重用兴利之臣桑弘羊及其子弟,故桑弘羊有一种怀才不遇的失落感,欲为子弟得官,怨望大将军霍光.②桑弘羊对与民休息政策的不满情绪,在盐铁会议上不时流露出来。
6. 本着为广大投资者负责的态度,公司申请临时停牌,以最大限度保护投资者的利益。


1. LeBron is invulnerable to age
2. 去年年会上我们提出了要给予创新更加肥沃的土壤,孵化了云箱、5G智能园区、京小仓等7个商业模式创新,供应链咨询、保价、京奢护、包装等7个业务创新,并有了一定收入规模,链上签、京源链、智能视觉中心等技术创新也已经落地商用,还有上千个运营改善的金点子。
3.   After it was over she dressed quickly, and as the manager hadscolded some others and passed her, she imagined she must haveproved satisfactory. She wanted to get out quickly, because sheknew but few, and the stars were gossiping. Outside werecarriages and some correct youths in attractive clothing,waiting. Carrie saw that she was scanned closely. The flutterof an eyelash would have brought her a companion. That she didnot give.
4. 事实上,活泼可爱又聪明的孩子,他们一定会有稳定的交流对象,如果不常与父母交流,他们肯定会通过朋友来宣泄自己的内心想法。
5. 两年后,两人离开九江,此后绑架、抢劫杀害七人。
6. n. 妥协,折衷,折衷案


1.   "I may not do as every ploughman may: My people me constraineth for to take Another wife, and cryeth day by day; And eke the Pope, rancour for to slake, Consenteth it, that dare I undertake: And truely, thus much I will you say, My newe wife is coming by the way.
2.   'I confess I am of Mrs. Waterbrook's opinion,' said Mr. Waterbrook, with his wine-glass at his eye. 'Other things are all very well in their way, but give me Blood!'
3. 事发现场可以看到,塌陷处宽度目测约五米,有水从管道里不断地涌进来。
4. 我防护得很好,你也要戴好口罩、勤洗手、勤消毒,保护好自己,在家里等我。
5. 一段时间后,雪莉的朋友圈中发布了不少销售手表的相关信息。
6. 在家呆了一周,有些无聊,还好有我养了两年的串串巧克力陪伴着我,每天看看书,还能跟它唠唠嗑,日子过得也不无聊。


1. 就在我写作这篇文章时,热度最高的一条评论竟然是违约合同里开了价,违约人付过钱,两清,没啥可吐槽的点。
2.   "Yes, it is a solid bit of work."
3.   "O mercy, deare father," quoth the maid. And with that word she both her armes laid About his neck, as she was wont to do, (The teares burst out of her eyen two), And said, "O goode father, shall I die? Is there no grace? is there no remedy?" "No, certes, deare daughter mine," quoth he. "Then give me leisure, father mine, quoth she, "My death for to complain* a little space *bewail For, pardie, Jephthah gave his daughter grace For to complain, ere he her slew, alas! <7> And, God it wot, nothing was her trespass,* *offence But for she ran her father first to see, To welcome him with great solemnity." And with that word she fell a-swoon anon; And after, when her swooning was y-gone, She rose up, and unto her father said: "Blessed be God, that I shall die a maid. Give me my death, ere that I have shame; Do with your child your will, in Godde's name." And with that word she prayed him full oft That with his sword he woulde smite her soft; And with that word, a-swoon again she fell. Her father, with full sorrowful heart and fell,* *stern, cruel Her head off smote, and by the top it hent,* *took And to the judge he went it to present, As he sat yet in doom* in consistory. *judgment
4. 作为在线教育的创业者一定要记住,你们的用户不是流水线上的机械臂,你的用户是有七情六欲的人,你们要去激发他们对学习的热情,而不是用鞭子去抽那些慢的人,虽然你无法让每一个学生成为数学家,但你至少可以让他们这辈子都不讨厌数学。
5. 大女儿和刚几个月的三娃留在老家由父母带。
6.   On the evening of the crime, he returned from the club exactly atten. His mother and sister were out spending the evening with arelation. The servant deposed that she heard him enter the frontroom on the second floor, generally used as his sittingroom. She hadlit a fire there, and as it smoked she had opened the window. No soundwas heard from the room until eleven-twenty, the hour of the return ofLady Maynooth and her daughter. Desiring to say good-night, sheattempted to enter her son's room. The door was locked on theinside, and no answer could be got to their cries and knocking. Helpwas obtained, and the door forced. The unfortunate young man was foundlying near the table. His head had been horribly mutilated by anexpanding revolver bullet, but no weapon of any sort was to be foundin the room. On the table lay two banknotes for ten pounds each andseventeen pounds ten in silver and gold, the money arranged inlittle piles of varying amount. There were some figures also upon asheet of paper, with the names of some club friends opposite tothem, from which it was conjectured that before his death he wasendeavouring to make out his losses or winnings at cards.A minute examination of the circumstances served only to make thecase more complex. In the first place, no reason could be given whythe young man should have fastened the door upon the inside. There wasthe possibility that the murderer had done this, and had afterwardsescaped by the window. The drop was at least twenty feet, however, anda bed of crocuses in full bloom lay beneath. Neither the flowers northe earth showed any sign of having been disturbed, nor were there anymarks upon the narrow strip of grass which separated the house fromthe road. Apparently, therefore, it was the young man himself whohad fastened the door. But how did he come by his death? No onecould have climbed up to the window without leaving traces. Supposea man had fired through the window, he would indeed be a remarkableshot who could with a revolver inflict so deadly a wound. Again,Park lane is a frequented thoroughfare, there is a cab stand withina hundred yards of the house. No one had heard a shot. And yet therewas the dead man and there the revolver bullet, which had mushroomedout, as soft-nosed bullets will, and so inflicted a wound which musthave caused instantaneous death. Such were the circumstances of thePark Lane Mystery, which were further complicated by entire absence ofmotive, since, as I have said, young Adair was not known to have anyenemy, and no attempt had been made to remove the money or valuablesin the room.


1. 付费会员模式的完善有赖于市场竞争、行业发展,也离不开消费者的判别与用脚投票。
2. 当时,很多专家也表现出了过度悲观。
3. 不过,一年前刚创业时,我压根没想到,会跟硅谷、科技淘金热、创投富豪扯上关系。

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