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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Athos replied, always by gestures, that that was well, andindicated to Grimaud, by pointing to a turret that resembleda pepper caster, that he was to stand as sentinel. Only, toalleviate the tediousness of the duty, Athos allowed him totake a loaf, two cutlets, and a bottle of wine.
2.  Milady, that woman so courageous and firm, shivered in spite ofherself.
3.  Porthos had discovered the means, the diamond.
4.  "When once in the Bastille, there is no afterward!" said thecardinal, in a low voice. "Ah, pardieu!" continued he, "ifit were as easy for me to get rid of my enemy as it is easyto get rid of yours, and if it were against such people yourequire impunity--"
5.  "We shall know, be assured. Nothing is concealed from thecardinal; the cardinal knows everything."
6.  After the most disheartening news of the king's health, areport of his convalescence began to prevail in the camp;and as he was very anxious to be in person at the siege, itwas said that as soon as he could mount a horse he would setforward.


1.  "Four men traveling together would be suspected. D'Artagnan willgive each of us his instructions. I will go by the way ofBoulogne to clear the way; Athos will set out two hours after, bythat of Amiens; Aramis will follow us by that of Noyon; as toD'Artagnan, he will go by what route he thinks is best, inPlanchet's clothes, while Planchet will follow us likeD'Artagnan, in the uniform of the Guards."
2.  "You who weep for pleasures fled,
3.  "Ah, monsieur," said Planchet, "I will succeed or I willconsent to be cut in quarters; and if they do cut me inquarters, be assured that not a morsel of me will speak."It was decided that Planchet should set out the next day, ateight o'clock in the morning, in order, as he had said, thathe might during the night learn the letter by heart. Hegained just twelve hours by this engagement; he was to beback on the sixteenth day, by eight o'clock in the evening.In the morning, as he was mounting his horse, D'Artagnan,who felt at the bottom of his heart a partiality for theduke, took Planchet aside.
4.  "Well?" continued she.
5.  "And do you comprehend, Grimaud?" said Aramis.
6.  After the soup the maid brought a boiled fowl--a piece ofmagnificence which caused the eyes of the diners to dilatein such a manner that they seemed ready to burst."One may see that you love your family, Madame Coquenard,"said the procurator, with a smile that was almost tragic."You are certainly treating your cousin very handsomely!"The poor fowl was thin, and covered with one of those thick,bristly skins through which the teeth cannot penetrate withall their efforts. The fowl must have been sought for along time on the perch, to which it had retired to die ofold age.


1.  "No, but I have just met with a terrible adventure! Are youalone, Athos?"
2.  The poor, senseless young man was not aware of the incoherence ofhis words, while Milady was reading with her lynx's eyes the verydepths of his heart.
3.  "Do you know him personally?" asked the governor."Whom?"
4.  This was the more so because Bonacieux's reflections were allrose-colored. Rochefort called him his friend, his dearBonacieux, and never ceased telling him that the cardinal had agreat respect for him. The mercer fancied himself already on thehigh road to honors and fortune.
5.   "Ah, that's quite another thing; but promise me, if you shouldnot be killed tonight, that you will go tomorrow.""I promise it."
6.  "In French, EN AVANT. It is the password. He will give you ahorse all saddled, and will point out to you the road you oughtto take. You will find, in the same way, four relays on yourroute. If you will give at each of these relays your address inParis, the four horses will follow you thither. You already knowtwo of them, and you appeared to appreciate them like a judge.They were those we rode on; and you may rely upon me for theothers not being inferior to them. These horses are equipped forthe field. However proud you may be, you will not refuse toaccept one of them, and to request your three companions toaccept the others--that is, in order to make war against us.Besides, the end justified the means, as you Frenchmen say, doesit not?"


1.  "Yes, I dare say; verses perfumed with the odor of the billetfrom the attendant of Madame de Chevreuse. Teach Bazin prosody;that will console him. As to the horse, ride him a little everyday, and that will accustom you to his maneuvers.""Oh, make yourself easy on that head," replied Aramis. "You willfind me ready to follow you."
2.  "How? What do you say? Of whom do you speak? It is not of mywife, I hope!"
3.  Buckingham gave D'Artagnan a chamber adjoining his own. Hewished to have the young man at hand--not that he at allmistrusted him, but for the sake of having someone to whom hecould constantly talk of the queen.
4、  >From that time, D'Artagnan had been cautious with respect tohandkerchiefs with arms on them, and he therefore placed in thepocket of Mme. Bonacieux the one he had just picked up.At that moment Mme. Bonacieux recovered her senses. She openedher eyes, looked around her with terror, saw that the apartmentwas empty and that she was alone with her liberator. Sheextended her hands to him with a smile. Mme. Bonacieux had thesweetest smile in the world.
5、  The repast was carried into effect that very day, and the lackeywaited at table. The repast had been ordered by Athos, and thelackey furnished by Porthos. He was a Picard, whom the gloriousMusketeer had picked up on the Bridge Tournelle, making rings andplashing in the water.




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      D'Artagnan rose, took his hat, as if it had been hisintention to obey, then, opening quickly the door of a largecloset instead of that leading to the staircase, he buriedhimself amid the robes and dressing gowns of Milady."What are you doing?" cried Kitty.

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      Rochefort had scarcely departed when Mme. Bonacieux re-entered. Shefound Milady with a smiling countenance.

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       "Here we are!" said Athos.

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      "In short," continued the cardinal, "as I have heard nothingof you for some time past, I wished to know what you weredoing. Besides, you owe me some thanks. You must yourselfhave remarked how much you have been considered in all thecircumstances."

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    {  "Exactly so."

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      "Well, then," cried D'Artagnan, "pray let Grimaud searchthem and throw them over the walls."}

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      D'Artagnan then cast an anxious and rapid glance over the fieldof battle.

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      "That woman was once a young girl, as beautiful as she is today. Shewas a nun in the convent of the Benedictines of Templemar. A youngpriest, with a simple and trustful heart, performed the duties of thechurch of that convent. She undertook his seduction, and succeeded; shewould have seduced a saint.

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       It was the second time the cardinal had mentioned these diamondstuds to the king. Louis XIII was struck with this insistence,and began to fancy that this recommendation concealed somemystery.

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    {  "Dead!" repeated the cardinal, who could not believe what he heard,"dead! Did you not say she was dead?"

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      "And above all others," cried D'Artagnan, as if carried away byhis enthusiasm, "to that of the king and the cardinal."The leader of the posse would perhaps have doubted the sincerityof D'Artagnan if the wine had been bad; but the wine was good,and he was convinced.