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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Bernajoux was not a man to have such a compliment paid to himtwice. In an instant his sword glittered in his hand, and hesprang upon his adversary, whom, thanks to his greatyouthfulness, he hoped to intimidate.
2.  "My faith!" said the young man, laughing, "I confess it, and somuch more the readily, my dear Bonacieux, as I see there is noconcealing anything from you. Yes, I was expected, and veryimpatiently, I acknowledge."
3.  "But is it the custom for the officers in the English navy toplace themselves at the service of their female compatriots whenthey land in a port of Great Britain, and carry their gallantryso far as to conduct them ashore?"
4.  "Exactly so," said the host; "I remember it perfectly. It is notMonsieur Porthos that your Lordship means?"
5.  "My dear friend, of what consequence is it if she kills me?"said Athos. "Do you, perchance, think I set any great storeby life?"
6.  "Brave Athos!" murmured D'Artagnan, "and to think that we arecompelled to leave him; maybe the same fate awaits us two paceshence. Forward, Planchet, forward! You are a brave fellow.""As I told you, monsieur," replied Planchet, "Picards are foundout by being used. Besides, I am here in my own country, andthat excites me."


1.  "Who has told me this fine story, monsieur? Who should it be buthe who watches while I sleep, who labors while I amuse myself,who conducts everything at home and abroad--in France as inEurope?"
2.  Eleven o'clock sounded.
3.  All these rooms, which communicated with one another, didnot inspire Porthos favorably. Words might be heard at adistance through all these open doors. Then, while passing,he had cast a rapid, investigating glance into the kitchen;and he was obliged to confess to himself, to the shame ofthe procurator's wife and his own regret, that he did notsee that fire, that animation, that bustle, which when agood repast is on foot prevails generally in that sanctuaryof good living.
4.  He no longer loved her; he adored her.
5.  "Then the diamond is safe?" said he, timidly.
6.  "God has so willed it!" said he, with the resignation of a fanatic; butwithout, however, being able to take his eyes from that ship, on boardof which he doubtless fancied he could distinguish the white outline ofher to whom he had sacrificed his life.


1.  "Go," said he, in a subdued voice, "and find Rochefort. Tell himto come to me immediately, if he has returned."
2.  "Well," said Porthos to Aramis, "we must do something.""Monsieur is full of generosity," said Athos.
3.  The young men sprang up, and seized their muskets.This time a small troop advanced, consisting of from twentyto twenty-five men; but they were not pioneers, they weresoldiers of the garrison.
4.  "Has he sent no particular message for me?"
5.   "They will discover us!"
6.  This circumstance pleased M. de Treville much, as he thus becamecertain that no foreign suggestion could insinuate itself betweenM. de la Tremouille's testimony and himself.


1.  "Work slowly," said the curate; "we leave you in an excellenttone of mind."
2.  Everything fell out as Mme. Bonacieux prophesied. On hearing thepassword, Germain bowed. In a few minutes, Laporte was at thelodge; in two words D'Artagnan informed him where Mme. Bonacieuxwas. Laporte assured himself, by having it twice repeated, ofthe accurate address, and set off at a run. Hardly, however, hadhe taken ten steps before he returned.
3.  "Yes, madame; and as his servant, I will not allow you to beconcerned in plots against the safety of the state, or to servethe intrigues of a woman who in not French and who has a Spanishheart. Fortunately we have the great cardinal; his vigilant eyewatches over and penetrates to the bottom of the heart."Bonacieux was repeating, word for word, a sentence which he hadheard from the Comte de Rochefort; but the poor wife, who hadreckoned on her husband, and who, in that hope, had answered forhim to the queen, did not tremble the less, both at the dangerinto which she had nearly cast herself and at the helpless stateto which she was reduced. Nevertheless, knowing the weakness ofher husband, and more particularly his cupidity, she did notdespair of bringing him round to her purpose.
4、  "Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolytewas going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; itwould have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings.""Please God!" cried Aramis, transported.
5、  Rochefort remained for a moment in thought; then, as they were only aday's journey from Surgeres, whither the cardinal was to come to meetthe king, he resolved to follow the advice of Athos and go with them.Besides, this return offered him the advantage of watching his prisoner.They resumed their route.




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      Unfortunately, there was one circumstance which created apowerful obstacle to the accomplishment of this threat; whichwas, as we have related, that his sword had been in his firstconflict broken in two, and which he had entirely forgotten.Hence, it resulted when D'Artagnan proceeded to draw his sword inearnest, he found himself purely and simply armed with a stump ofa sword about eight or ten inches in length, which the host hadcarefully placed in the scabbard. As to the rest of the blade,the master had slyly put that on one side to make himself alarding pin.

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      "That's correct; wait!"

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       At this word APOLOGIES, a cloud passed over the brow of Athos, ahaughty smile curled the lip of Porthos, and a negative sign wasthe reply of Aramis.

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      But scarcely were they out of the room before they were madeaware of the cause of this noise. Cries of "Live the king!Live the cardinal!" resounded on every side, and the drumswere beaten in all directions.

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    {  "Gentlemen," said Jussac, "it is with great regret that Ipronounce the thing impossible. Duty before everything.Sheathe, then, if you please, and follow us."

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      "Well," said Felton, "only promise till you have seen me again.If, when you have seen me again, you still persist--well, thenyou shall be free, and I myself will give you the weapon youdesire."}

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      "And did my husband know I had been carried off?""He was informed of it by a letter, written to him by theabductor himself."

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      "Milady will tell you."

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       "Grimaud," said Athos, pointing to the bodies which layunder the wall of the bastion, "take those gentlemen, setthem up against the wall, put their hats upon their heads,and their guns in their hands."

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    {  "Fall voluntarily into my arms, hypocritical and dangerouswoman," said D'Artagnan, likewise to himself, "after havingabused me with such effrontery, and afterward I will laughat you with him whom you wish me to kill."

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      "He ill-treated you, then; he threatened you?"