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1. Despite it being not that different from the typical bottle opener, the BOx does have a nice design made with stainless steel and solid wood.
2.   He spoke in a low voice that sounded almost strange to Me.
3.   So soone as Madame Neiphila sate silent (the Ladies having greatlycommended the pleasant answer of Chichibio) Pamphilus, by command fromthe Queene, spake in this manner. Woorthy Ladies, it commeth topasse oftentimes, that like as Fortune is observed divers wayes, tohide under vile and contemptible Arts, the most great andunvalewable treasures of vertue (as, not long since, was welldiscoursed unto us by Madame Pampinea:) so in like manner hathappeared; that Nature hath infused very singular spirits into mostmishapen and deformed bodies of men. As hath beene noted in two of ourowne Citizens, of whom I purpose to speake in fewe words. The one ofthem was named Messer Forese de Rabatta, a man of little and lowperson, but yet deformed in body, with a flat face, like a Terrieror Beagle, as if no comparison (almost) could bee made more ugly.But notwithstanding all this deformity, he was so singularlyexperienced in the Lawes, that all men held him beyond any equall,or rather reputed him as a Treasury of civill knowledge.
4. "Papa," she said in a low, mysterious little voice which was almost a whisper, "papa."
5. 就算创业者拿到了很多钱,并不代表他拿到这些钱就在过着很舒适的生活。
6. 具有公开募捐资格的慈善组织的财务会计报告须经审计。


1. 作为共享办公的鼻祖,WeWork宣告上市失败,那么,优客工场能否顺利上市吗?或者换句话说,在美国资本市场,有下一轮投资人愿意为这样一个说不清楚的商业模式付费吗?如果优客工场上市失败,找不到下一轮投资人,那么投资人面对是更加尴尬的处境。
2.   "Of sudden death. I'm expecting something this evening.""Expecting what?"
3.   When she got home Clifford asked her:
4. 电影行业的全线逼销称作blockbooking,在经济学上有名堂。我认为这现象的解释与上述的讯息假说是一样的。
5. 抢救恢复心跳之后,腹腔开始出血,其表姐在求助的帖子中形容道,你几乎流干了自己的血,靠着输血维持着微弱的生命,除了给你输血和打止血针,医生不敢对你做任何施救……12月20日上午,在ICU昏迷了20天的小新去世。
6.   "At all events," he thought, "I will take this ring as a remembrance of her."


1. 我心想什么情况,搞这么严重?那天稍晚点,我接到一个帮买的跑腿订单,顾客人在国外,让我帮他买一盒N95口罩,送给他的朋友。
2.   The doctor poured some drops of the lemonade into the palmof his hand, put his lips to it, and after having rinsed hismouth as a man does when he is tasting wine, he spat theliquor into the fireplace.
3. 联想记忆
4. 以美元值计,11月中国的进口总值同比上升17.7%,比10月的17.2%高,高于11.3%的预期增速。
5. 当用户只侧重兴趣的内容时,希望更多的内容,产品需要给用户提供更多的内容,一个人产生的内容有限,为了给用户提供更多内容,就得给用户提供更多的人,所以产品需要把有共同兴趣爱好的人集中到一起,并给他们自由交流的渠道。
6. 有一次,不记得是刚洗完澡还是脸,我盯着镜子里的自己很久,不知道该干些什么。


1. 发射约2分24秒后,已爬升至最高点的飞船抛弃其主干段,由较小的天龙座推进器调整方向,使飞船载人舱再入大气层
2. 为了尽可能的减少人员聚集,复工前金地中心就动员入驻企业错峰上下班。
3.   "What?" cried Felton, "he--again he--always he? What--the trulyguilty?"
5. 保险公司的业务链条可以大概分为产品端、销售端、理赔端。
6. 一杯咖啡的萃取时间,冰箱的温度,机器的监控,库存和排班的管理,订货需求的即时反馈,这些东西都交给了背后联网的信息系统,来快速决策。


1. 如果财富增加和财富分配合理化,会逐渐化解很多矛盾。
2. 其实,曾经呼声很高的一个功能还有加强与警方的联系。
3. 可以说,从受众本身的年龄结构和受教育程度上,F1电竞就具备了一定的先天优势。

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      Turning the corner, she saw two figures in the drive beyond her: the keeper, and a little girl in a purple coat and moleskin cap, crying.

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      "But who are you, then?" asked Caderousse, fixing his dyingeyes on the count. "Look well at me!" said Monte Cristo,putting the light near his face. "Well, the abbe -- the AbbeBusoni." Monte Cristo took off the wig which disfigured him,and let fall his black hair, which added so much to thebeauty of his pallid features. "Oh?" said Caderousse,thunderstruck, "but for that black hair, I should say youwere the Englishman, Lord Wilmore."

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      John and she being gone to bed together, and the Maide likewise,it was not long after, before Frederigo came, and knocking once softlyat the doore, which was very neere to their lodging Chamber, Johnheard the noise, and so did his wife. But to the end, that Johnmight not have the least scruple of suspition, she seemed to be fastasleepe; and Frederigo pausing a while, according to the orderdirected, knockt againe the second time. John wondering thereat verymuch, jogd his wife a litle, and saide to her: Tessa, hearest thounothing? Methinkes one knocketh at our doore. Monna Tessa, who wasbetter acquainted with the knocke, then plaine honest meaning Johnwas, dissembling as if shee awaked out of a drowsie dreame, saide:Alas Husband, dost thou know what this is? In the name of ourblessed Ladie, be not affraid, this is but the Spirit which haunts ourCountrey houses, whereof I have often told thee, and it hath manytimes much dismayed me, living heere alone without thy comfort. Nay,such hath bin my feare, that in divers nights past, so soone as Iheard the knockes: I was feigne to hide my selfe in the beddeover-head and eares (as we usually say) never daring to be so bold, asto looke out, untill it was broad open day. Arise good wife (quothJohn) and if it be such a Spirit of the Countrey, as thou talkestof, never be affraid; for before we went to bed, I said the Telucis,the Intemerata, with many other good prayers beside. Moreover, Imade the signe of the Crosse at every corner of our bed, in the nameof the Father, Son, and holy Ghost, so that no doubt at all needs tobe made, of any power it can have to hurt or touch us.

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      The old woman had taken her departure so abruptly that the Princess Parizade did not perceive till she was really gone that the directions were hardly clear enough to enable the search to be successful. And she was still thinking of the subject, and how delightful it would be to possess such rarities, when the princes, her brothers, returned from the chase.