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1.   "He said so."
2.   "Who, then, urged you to write? Tell me."
3. 被控收受9032万元江苏省淮安市人民检察院指控:2002年至2018年,被告人赵洪顺利用担任国家烟草专卖局经济运行司副司长、安徽省烟草专卖局副局长、国家烟草专卖局发展计划司司长和国家烟草专卖局副局长等职务上的便利,为有关单位和个人在承揽烟草企业印刷和广告业务、职务晋升等事项上谋取利益,非法收受上述单位和个人给予的财物,共计折合人民币9032万余元。
4.   With dreadful* voice the formel her answer'd: *frightened "My rightful lady, goddess of Nature, Sooth is, that I am ever under your yerd,* *rod, or government As is every other creature, And must be yours, while that my life may dure; And therefore grante me my firste boon,* *favour And mine intent you will I say right soon."
5. 拉姆利说,受害者当时正在和另外3名工人一起维修机器时,机器突然被打开了,这台绞肉机抓住了他的腰。
6.   How! add insult, too! Vile broomstick!


1. 大量人群由于减少外出,花在线上的时长加长。
2.   6. Not the Muses, who had their surname from the place near Mount Olympus where the Thracians first worshipped them; but the nine daughters of Pierus, king of Macedonia, whom he called the nine Muses, and who, being conquered in a contest with the genuine sisterhood, were changed into birds.
3. 而产品管理往往会随着市场的不断变化调整相应的管理方法与决策,尤其是对于公司具体的作业管理层次。
4. 公司现在已经没有了现金,而我个人也早已债台高筑,要实现这样的目标,几乎已经没有了可能。
5. TheRinger是拥有一个由30多个播客组成的网络,此外,TheRinger还制作无剧本电影、书籍和在线内容。
6. Regalix的一项调查显示,绘制接触点,并在旅程的每个阶段都放置正确的内容资产和发行渠道是未来数字计划的最重要因素之一。


1. 确实,目前还有许多事情是有机算法比非有机算法做得更好,也有专家反复声称,有些事情非有机算法“永远”都无法做到。但事实证明,通常这里的“永远”都不超过一二十年。就像在不久之前,大家还很喜欢用面部识别举例,说这项任务连婴儿都能轻松办到,可是最强大的计算机却无力完成。但到了今天,面部识别程序辨认人脸的速度和效率都已经远超人类。警方和情报机构现在已经很习惯使用这种程序,扫描监控录像机无数小时的视频资料,追踪嫌犯和罪犯。
2. 案例讨论
3.   `Well then! Pledge me to the pretty witness,' said Stryver, holding up his glass. `Are you turned in a pleasant direction?'
4.   The God of Love answered her anon: "Madame," quoth he, "it is so long agone That I you knew, so charitable and true, That never yet, since that the world was new, To me ne found I better none than ye; If that I woulde save my degree, I may nor will not warne* your request; *refuse All lies in you, do with him as you lest. I all forgive withoute longer space;* *delay For he who gives a gift, or doth a grace, Do it betimes, his thank is well the more; <29> And deeme* ye what he shall do therefor. *adjudge Go thanke now my Lady here," quoth he. I rose, and down I set me on my knee, And saide thus; "Madame, the God above Foryielde* you that ye the God of Love *reward Have made me his wrathe to forgive; And grace* so longe for to live, *give me grace That I may knowe soothly what ye be, That have me help'd, and put in this degree! But truely I ween'd, as in this case, Naught t' have aguilt,* nor done to Love trespass;** *offended For why? a true man, withoute dread, **offence Hath not *to parte with* a thieve's deed. *any share in* Nor a true lover oughte me to blame, Though that I spoke a false lover some shame. They oughte rather with me for to hold, For that I of Cressida wrote or told, Or of the Rose, *what so mine author meant;* *made a true translation* Algate, God wot, it was mine intent *by all ways To further truth in love, and it cherice,* *cherish And to beware from falseness and from vice, By such example; this was my meaning."
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6. 仅上述批次的城市建设性用地指标共计1818亩(包括耕地1441亩)。


1. 基本上,颜色越亮,温度变化越小。
2.   "My dear Athos," said Aramis, "you speak like Nestor, whowas, as everyone knows, the wisest among the Greeks.""Well, then," said Athos, "it is agreed. Planchet and Bazinshall go. Everything considered, I am not sorry to retainGrimaud; he is accustomed to my ways, and I am particular.Yesterday's affair must have shaken him a little; his voyagewould upset him quite."
3. 我们这代年轻人的兴趣爱好多种多样,生活方式也不尽相同,体现到消费习惯上自然千差万别,我的消费经验可能不对所有人适用。
4. 折扣券是运用混合策略改善企业业绩的一个例子。公司使用折扣券来建立自己的市场份额,想法是为了吸引新的消费者,而不仅仅是向现有消费者提供折扣。假如几个竞争者同时提供折扣券,消费者就没有特别的动机转投其他牌子。相反,他们满足于自己现在使用的牌子,并接受该公司提供的折扣。只有在一家公司提供折扣券而其他公司不提供的时候,消费者才会被提供折扣券的公司吸引过去,尝试这个新牌子。
5.   Carrie looked at him tenderly. She could have laid her head uponhis shoulder, so delightful did it all seem."Well," she said, "I'll try and get ready then."
6.   Sister (quoth she) if I were faithfully assured of thy secrecie, Iwould tell thee a thing which I have often thought on, and it may(perhaps) redound to thy profit. Sister, replyed the other Nun, speakeyour minde boldly, and beleeve it (on my Maidenhead) that I will neverreveale it to any creature living. Encouraged by this solemne answere,the first Nun thus prosecuted her former purpose, saying. I know notSister, whether it hath entred into thine understanding or no,strictly we are here kept and attended, never any man daring toadventure among us, except our good and bonest Fac-totum, who isvery aged; and this dumbe fellow, maimed, and made imperfect bynature, and therefore not worthy the title of a man. Ah Sister, ithath oftentimes bin told me, by Gentlewomen comming hither to visiteus, that all other sweetes in the world, are mockeries, to theincomparable pleasures of man and woman, of which we are barred by ourunkind parents, binding us to perpetuall chastity, which they werenever able to observe themselves.


1. 中国在对西方的逐步开放过程中,付出了巨大的代价。从开小口到开大口,到正式建立外交关系(第二次鸦片战争后,我们正式成立了外交部,就是总理衙门),这个过程一般认为是二十年。当时皇帝及一些大臣的私念和这种必然也必须的开放是对立的。在他们看来,我们和西方建立外交关系,进入西方的世界体系简直就是大逆不道、不能容忍的事情。
2. 澎湃新闻注意到,这100人的大部分来自乡镇卫生院或中小学。
3. It was a big, dull, brick house, exactly like all the others in its row, but that on the front door there shone a brass plate on which was engraved in black letters:

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      Then Penelope went upstairs again and mourned her husband tillMinerva shed sleep over her eyes. In the evening Eumaeus got back toUlysses and his son, who had just sacrificed a young pig of a year oldand were ready; helping one another to get supper ready; Minervatherefore came up to Ulysses, turned him into an old man with a strokeof her wand, and clad him in his old clothes again, for fear thatthe swineherd might recognize him and not keep the secret, but goand tell Penelope.

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      Stackhurst was round in an hour or two to tell me that the bodyhad been removed to The Gables, where the inquest would be held. Hebrought with him some serious and definite news. As I expected,nothing had been found in the small caves below the cliff, but hehad examined the papers in McPherson's desk, and there were severalwhich showed an intimate correspondence with a certain Miss MaudBellamy, of Fulworth. We had then established the identity of thewriter of the note.