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1.   'I beat him.'
2. 分布分析方法不同的是:平时我们只看此页面一共浏览了多少次,这样再去平均。
3. 在他的绘画历程中,他基本是靠自学,古代的一些大家都是他的师傅,其中他尤其喜欢一个明朝的画家,这个画家命途多舛,而且还精神失常,一辈子过的十分的凄凉,但是他画了一手好画。
4. 作为品牌来讲,希望能成为长久的标配。
5. 八、与西方的早期关系
6.   As yet there are not many yeares overpast, since there dwelt inFlorence, a yong Lady, descended of Noble parentage, verybeautifull, of sprightly courage, and sufficiently abounding in thegoods of Fortune, she being named Madame Helena. Her delight was tolive in the estate of Widdowhood, desiring to match her selfe nomore in marriage, because she bare affection to a gallant youngGentleman, whom she had made her private election of, and with whom(having excluded all other amorous cares and cogitations) by meanes ofher Waitingwoman, she had divers meetings, and kinde conferences.


1. 受访者供图行动差不多同一时间,在大洋彼岸的美国,24岁的蒋军和他的一群90后小伙伴们也正如火如荼地筹集着医疗防护物资。
2.   The echoes rarely answered to the actual tread of Sydney Carton. Some half-dozen times a year, at most, he claimed his privilege of coming in uninvited, and would sit among them through the evening, as he had once done often. He never came there heated with wine. And one other thing regarding him was whispered in the echoes, which has been whispered by all true echoes for ages and ages.
3. 在自身金融科技创新之外,民生电商也在用科技的能力,协助传统金融机构实现转型,尤其是银行的数字化转型。
4. 父母常常打电话,提醒她注意安全,但并没有反对她从事这一行业。
5. 它还支持熄屏提笔速记,在平板锁屏状态下,只需将手写笔轻击一下屏幕,就可以直接进入到华为备忘录中,快速记录灵感瞬间。
6. 辖区警方透露,目前上门打人的快递员曾某已被治安拘留。


1.   You are to understand then, that Coppo di Borghese Domenichi, whowas of our owne City, and perhaps (as yet) his name remaineth in greatand reverend authority, now in these dayes of ours, as welldeserving eternall memory; yet more for his vertues and commendablequalities, then any boast of Nobility from his predecessors. This man,being well entred into yeares, and drawing towards the finishing ofhis dayes; it was his only delight and felicity, in conversation amonghis neighbours, to talke of matters concerning antiquity, and someother things within compasse of his owne knowledge: which he woulddeliver in such singular order (having an absolute memory) and withthe best Language, as very few or none could do the like. Among themultiplicity of his queint discourses, I remember he told us, thatsometime there lived in Florence a yong Gentleman, named Frederigo,Sonne to Signior Phillippo Alberigo, who was held and reputed, bothfor Armes, and all other actions beseeming a Gentleman, hardly to havehis equall through all Tuscany.
2.   As I have heard reported by many, there sometime lived in Perouse orPerugia, a young man, named Andrea de Piero, whose profession was totrade about Horses, in the nature of a Horse-courser, orHorsemaster, who hearing of a good Faire or Market (for his purpose)at Naples, did put five hundred Crownes of gold in his purse, andjourneyed thither in the company of other Horse-coursers, arrivingthere on a Sunday in the evening. According to instructions givenhim by his Host, he went the next day into the Horse-market, wherehe saw very many Horses that he liked, cheapening their prices as hewent up and downe, but could fall to no agreement; yet to manifestthat he came purposely to buy, and not as a cheapener onely,oftentimes (like a shallow-brainde trader in the world) he shewedhis purse of gold before all passengers, never respecting who, or whatthey were that observed his follie.
3. 因此许多临床指南推荐,如果怀疑患者铁过量,可首先查患者TSAT水平。
4.   From out of her bosom Lady Hilda had drawn a small key. The box flewopen. It was stuffed with papers. Holmes thrust the blue envelope deepdown into the heart of them, between the leaves of some otherdocument. The box was shut, locked, and returned to the bedroom."Now we are ready for him," said Holmes. "We have still ten minutes.I am going far to screen you, Lady Hilda. In return you will spend thetime in telling me frankly the real meaning of this extraordinaryaffair."
5. 临近春节,外出打工的村民纷纷返乡,周建初一直未归。
6. 226


1. 该公司的财务状况显示,其收入在增加的同时运营亏损也在增加。
2. 不过在医疗领域却又是另一番景象,因为法规会对此进行约束,从而产生阻碍。
3. 1月8日9点从哈尔滨飞往武汉,约中午12点抵达,安排8小时机场内宾馆休息,晚上11点飞往泰国曼谷。
4. 第二次入侵浪潮发生于约公元1000年左右,即突厥穆斯林开始从阿富开境内的根据地不断侵略印度之时。这些侵略断断续续地进行了四个世纪,使生命和财产遭到巨大损失。最后结果是:在北印度,有许多穆斯林王国被建立,而在南印度,继续存在着一批印度教国家。但是,即使在北印度,大部分人依然在种族上是印度人,在宗教上信奉印度教。他们并未象小亚细亚的人那样伊斯兰教化和突厥化。其原因仍在于,从北方下来的突厥人与印度原有的千百万人相比,仅是微不足道的少数。他们能填满的只是政府和军队中的高级职位,种田人。商人和大部分官吏要靠他们的印度教臣民来充当。确实,在某些地区,大批大批的居民已改宗伊斯兰教,尤其是一些低级种姓——他们想通过这一新宗教摆脱剥削。然而,当1500年第三次穆斯林入侵浪潮随着莫卧儿人的到来而开始时,印度事实上仍是一个印度教占压倒优势的地区。
5. 二是没有牢固树立以人民为中心的发展思想,宗旨意识淡漠,对货运司机多次反映强烈的问题听而不闻、解决不力,致使当地货运市场存在的恶性竞争,挤压侵蚀货运司机合法运输的利益空间,变相增加了其运营成本和经济负担,甚至被迫通过改装或超载来争抢货源。
6.   She knowing what remained to bee done on her behalfe, drewsomewhat neere him, and shewed her selfe more familiar then formerlyshe had done: by which favourable meanes, he touched her with thecharmed Parchment, which was no sooner done; but with out using anyother kinde of language, hee went to the hay-Barne, whitherNicholletta followed him, and both being entred, he closed the Barnedoore, and then stood gazing on her, as if hee had never seene herbefore. Standing stil as in a study, or bethinking himselfe what heshould say: she began to use affable gesture to him, and taking him bythe hand, made shew as if shee meant to kisse him, which yet sherefrained, though he (rather then his life) would gladly have hadit. Why how now deare Calandrino (quoth she) jewell of my joy, comfortof my heart, how many times have I longed for thy sweet Company? Andenjoying it now, according to mine owne desire, dost thou stand like aStatue, or man alla morte? The rare tunes of the Gitterne, but (muchmore) the melodious accents of thy voyce, excelling Orpheus orAmphion, so ravished my soule, as I know not how to expresse the depthof mine affection; and yet hast thou brought me hither, onely to lookebabies in mine eyes, and not so much as speake one kinde word to me?


1.   Well, there it was: fated like the rest of things! It was rather awful, but why kick? You couldn't kick it away. It just went on. Life, like all the rest! On the low dark ceiling of cloud at night red blotches burned and quavered, dappling and swelling and contracting, like burns that give pain. It was the furnaces. At first they fascinated Connie with a sort of horror; she felt she was living underground. Then she got used to them. And in the morning it rained.
2. Golden State righted itself over the next few months. Kevin Durant suffered an injury which let Stephen Curry be Stephen Curry again, and when Kevin Durant returned, the team had found a balance between their two MVPs. The result was a terrifying burst through the playoffs, as the Warriors swept the Western Conference playoffs. Portland offered no resistance. Utah put up a noble effort but still couldn't get a game. The Spurs led by 20 ... and then Kawhi Leonard went down with an injurywhen Zaza Pachulia stuck his foot out, and that was that.
3.   Why how now Friar Reynard? quoth shee, Doe Godfathers use to movesuch questions? Whereto the Friar thus replyed. Madam, when I havelaide off this holy habite (which is a matter very easie for mee todo) I shall seeme in your eye, in all respects made like anotherman, quite from the course of any Religious life. Agnesia, bitingthe lip with a prety smile, said; O my faire Starres! You will neverbee so unfriendly to me. What? You being my Gossip, would you haveme consent unto such a sinne? Our blessed Lady shield mee, for myghostly Father hath often told me, that it is utterly unpardonable:but if it were, I feare too much confiding on mine owne strength.Gossip, the Friar, you speake like a Foole, and feare (in this case)is wholly frivolous, especially, when the motions mooved by such anone as my selfe, who (upon repentance) can grant you pardon andindulgence presently. But I pray you let mee aske you one question,Who is the neerest Kinsman to your Son; either I, that stood at theFont for his Baptisme, or your Husband that begot him? The Lady madeanswere, that it was her Husband. You say very true Gossip, replyedthe Friar, and yet notwithstanding, doth not your Husband (both atboord and bed) enjoy the sweet benefit of your company? Yes, saidthe Lady, why shold he not? Then Lady (quoth Reynard) I, who am not soneere a Kinsman to your Sonne, as your Husband is, why may ye notafford mee the like favour, as you do him? Agnesia, who was noLogitian, and therefore could not stand on any curious answer,especially being so cuningly moved; beleeved, or rather made shew ofbeleeving, that the Godfather said nothing but truth, and thusanswered. What woman is she (Gossip) that knoweth how to answer yourstrange speeches? And, how it came to passe, I know not, but such anagreement passed betweene them, that, for once onely (so it mightnot infrindge the league of Gossip-ship, but that title to countenancetheir further intent) such a favour should be affoorded, so it mightstand cleare from suspition.

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