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1.   These words had scarcely escaped him, when the carriage wason its way, and the feet of the horses struck a shower ofsparks from the pavement. Maximilian settled himself in hiscorner without uttering a word. Half an hour had passed whenthe carriage stopped suddenly; the count had just pulled thesilken check-string, which was fastened to Ali's finger. TheNubian immediately descended and opened the carriage door.It was a lovely starlight night -- they had just reached thetop of the hill Villejuif, from whence Paris appears like asombre sea tossing its millions of phosphoric waves intolight -- waves indeed more noisy, more passionate, morechangeable, more furious, more greedy, than those of thetempestuous ocean, -- waves which never rest as those of thesea sometimes do, -- waves ever dashing, ever foaming, everingulfing what falls within their grasp. The count stoodalone, and at a sign from his hand, the carriage went on fora short distance. With folded arms, he gazed for some timeupon the great city. When he had fixed his piercing look onthis modern Babylon, which equally engages the contemplationof the religious enthusiast, the materialist, and thescoffer, -- "Great city," murmured he, inclining his head,and joining his hands as if in prayer, "less than six monthshave elapsed since first I entered thy gates. I believe thatthe Spirit of God led my steps to thee and that he alsoenables me to quit thee in triumph; the secret cause of mypresence within thy walls I have confided alone to him whoonly has had the power to read my heart. God only knows thatI retire from thee without pride or hatred, but not withoutmany regrets; he only knows that the power confided to mehas never been made subservient to my personal good or toany useless cause. Oh, great city, it is in thy palpitatingbosom that I have found that which I sought; like a patientminer, I have dug deep into thy very entrails to root outevil thence. Now my work is accomplished, my mission isterminated, now thou canst neither afford me pain norpleasure. Adieu, Paris, adieu!"
2. 七七八八加起来,一年的开销在10万元以上。
3. 你说我吹牛,是的,我在吹牛,野人,马航失联人员找不到。
4. 河北一带的形势是一二二○年七月,降宋的益都张林军来攻沧州,沧海公王福投降张林。十月,靖安民出兵至矾山,收复檐车寨驻守。蒙古兵围山寨,守寨提控马豹等劫靖安民妻子出降。靖安民及经历官郝瑞等拒不投降,被部下杀死。
5. │土地│生产│产量│售价│收益│地租││
6. She sat up, resting on her elbow, and her breathing came short and fast.


1.   'A new one,' said Peggotty.
2.   At such time as Thorello thought it convenient, to approve how farrehe was falne out of her remembrance; he took the ring which she gavehim at his departure, and calling a young Page that waited on none butthe Bride, said to him in Italian: Faire youth, goe to the Bride,and saluting her from me, tell her, it is a custome observed in myCountry, that when any Stranger (as I am heere) sitteth before a newmarried Bride, as now shee is, in signe that hee is welcome to herfeast, she sendeth the same Cup (wherein she drinketh her selfe)full of the best wine, and when the stranger hath drunke so much ashim pleaseth, the Bride then pledgeth him with all the rest. ThePage delivered the message to the Bride, who, being a woman ofhonourable disposition, and reputing him to be a Noble Gentleman, totestifie that his presence there was very acceptable to her, sheecommanded a faire Cuppe of gold (which stood directlie before her)to bee neately washed, and when it was filled with excellent Wine,caused it to bee carried to the stranger, and so it was done.
3. 点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎
4.   Michaelis arrived duly, in a very neat car, with a chauffeur and a manservant. He was absolutely Bond Street! But at right of him something in Clifford's county soul recoiled. He wasn't exactly... not exactly...in fact, he wasn't at all, well, what his appearance intended to imply. To Clifford this was final and enough. Yet he was very polite to the man; to the amazing success in him. The bitch-goddess, as she is called, of Success, roamed, snarling and protective, round the half-humble, half-defiant Michaelis' heels, and intimidated Clifford completely: for he wanted to prostitute himself to the bitch-goddess, Success also, if only she would have him.
5. 第一,今年是“2·28”事件七十周年,请问大陆方面会否举行相关的纪念活动?第二,“台联党”日前宣布,计划于3月份邀请“疆独”分子热比亚访台,并希望促成她与蔡英文会面,想请问发言人对此有何评论?安峰山:您的第一个问题。
6.   `Ah!' said Carton, with a careless wave of his hand, as if he waved that away. `On the drunken occasion in question (one of a large number, as you know), I was insufferable about liking you, and not liking you. I wish you would forget it.'


1.   'For whom, sir?'
2. Sturdy children of ten and twelve played in the snow as joyfully as ours do; there were continuous excursions of them, from one part of the land to another, so that to each child the whole country might be home.
3. 但所有的这些,都建立在会员不断加入、资金不断进入的基础上。
4. ①周恩来原籍浙江绍兴,长于江苏淮安,一九一○年去沈阳,一九一三年入天津南开中学,一九一七年,赴日本京都,一九一九年回天津,参加五四运动,九月组织觉悟社,一九二〇年一月被捕,五月获释,十月赴法国。
5. 四、关于蠲免钱粮
6. 建武五年(公元29年)夏,秦丰已被围困3年,部下阵亡9万余,仅剩千余人,粮食也尽,遂开城投降。至此,荆州地区全部为刘秀据有,为下一步西进奠定了基础。


1. 1870年以后,所有工业都受到科学的影响。例如,在冶金术方面,许多工艺方法(贝塞麦炼钢法、西门子-马丁炼钢法和吉尔克里斯特-托马斯炼钢法)给发明出来,使有可能从低品位的铁矿中大量地炼出高级钢。由于利用了电并发明了主要使用石油和汽油的内燃机,动力工业被彻底改革。通讯联络也因无线电的发明而得到改造。1896年,古利埃尔莫·马可尼发明了一台不用导线就能发射和接收信息的机器,不过,他的成果是以苏格兰物理学家詹姆斯·克拉克·麦克斯韦和德国物理学家亨利希·赫兹的研究为基础的。石油工业迅速发展,因为地质学家和化学家做了大量工作;地质学家以非凡的准确性探出油田,化学家发明了从原油中提炼出石脑油、汽油、煤油和轻、重润滑油的种种方法。科学对工业的影响的最惊人的例子之一可见于煤衍生物方面。煤除了提供焦炭和供照明用的宝贵的煤气外,还给予一种液体即煤焦油。化学家在这种物质中发现了真正的宝物——种种衍生物,其中包括数百种染料和大量的其他副产品如阿司匹林、冬青油、糖精、消毒剂、轻泻剂、香水、摄影用的化学制品、烈性炸药及香橙花精等。
2. "I understand that you make Motherhood the highest social service-- a sacrament, really; that it is only undertaken once, by the majority of the population; that those held unfit are not allowed even that; and that to be encouraged to bear more than one child is the very highest reward and honor in the power of the state."
3. 比如登录京东超市1小时达,在线上选择就近的商超购买速冻汤圆产品,可实现送货上门
4. n. 购买,购买的物品
5.   Where is the fellow? Could I scent him out, His body from his soul I'd soondivide!
6. 阳新县网信办监测到该信息后,立即进行调查核实,并迅速找到当事人。


1.   Martha (peering through the blind)
2. 除了社会和伦理上的变革,基督教也曾推动重要的经济和科技创新。天主教会建立了中世纪欧洲最先进的行政系统,并率先使用档案管理、目录、时间表和其他数据处理技术。在12世纪的欧洲,最像硅谷的地方大概就是梵蒂冈。教会建立了欧洲最早的经济合作组织:修道院,在1000年间引领欧洲经济,并引进先进的农业和行政措施。修道院是最早使用时钟的机构,而且几个世纪以来,修道院和教会学校一直是欧洲最重要的学习中心,协助成立诸多欧洲顶尖大学,例如,博洛尼亚大学、牛津大学,以及萨拉曼卡大学。
3. 阿里方面,饿了么3月份与叮咚买菜签署战略合作协议后,饿了么口碑正在孵化饿鲜达的新项目,探索与菜场联营合作,帮助菜场进一步提升数字化运营水平。

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