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1. 在5G和6G时代,新设备将包括真3D视觉设备、触觉机器人、各类生物传感器等。
2.   `No, leave it for a time. I'll have it done later.'
3. 今年5月,郭兵带着志愿者再次回访时,发现坡道长度超过4米,坡道比例已经符合标准,厕所里的厕位以及其他设施也更加人性化。
4. 为什么会说创业不要追求风口,风口太拥挤、剩余的空间太狭小,创业要做的是“开创”、是“创新”。
5.   "Why," replied Dantes, "I see nothing but broken lines andunconnected words, which are rendered illegible by fire."
6.   "Really, Mr. Holmes," said Mr. Merryweather as we followedthem from the cellar, "I do not know how the bank can thank you orrepay you. There is no doubt that you have detected and defeatedin the most complete manner one of the most determined attempts atbank robbery that have ever come within my experience.""I have had one or two little scores of my own to settle withMr. John Clay," said Holmes. "I have been at some small expenseover this matter, which I shall expect the bank to refund, butbeyond that I am amply repaid by having had an experience which isin many ways unique, and by hearing the very remarkable narrativeof the Red-headed League."


1. 今天太阳很好,大家都出来晒太阳,顺便晒被子和衣服,他的邻居家却不敢开门。
2. 体温过低挽救了奥黛丽的生命功能。
3.   Mephistopheles (aside)
4. The city of 21 million people recorded 1.86 trillion yuan in total consumption in 2015, marking a yearly rise of 8.7 percent. Consumption contributed over 70 percent to the city's GDP growth.
5. 在生意不景气时,人们总是不愿意面对现实,研究自己的财务状况。
6. 重点单词


1.   Hurstwood was interestedly remarking to Carrie.
2. 你可以选择取消提速,也可以每月把手机号流量消耗到10G以上,也可以在账号中多存100元(每月5元也就60元),以防没用到后欠费断网。
3. 事发时,记者路经现场并相劝
4.   The juncture was favorable. The English, who require, aboveeverything, good living in order to be good soldiers, onlyeating salt meat and bad biscuit, had many invalids in theircamp. Still further, the sea, very rough at this period ofthe year all along the sea coast, destroyed every day somelittle vessel; and the shore, from the point of l'Aiguillonto the trenches, was at every tide literally covered withthe wrecks of pinnacles, roberges, and feluccas. The resultwas that even if the king's troops remained quietly in theircamp, it was evident that some day or other, Buckingham, whoonly continued in the Isle from obstinacy, would be obligedto raise the siege.
5. The slower acceleration also tracks with trends in real estate investment, which felt a (slight) bite from property purchasing curbs in top-tier cities last month as nation-wide sales also decelerated in both volume and value terms.
6.   When Miss Chatterley---Emma---came down to London from the Midlands to do some nursing work, she was very witty in a quiet way about Sir Geoffrey and his determined patriotism. Herbert, the elder brother and heir, laughed outright, though it was his trees that were falling for trench props. But Clifford only smiled a little uneasily. Everything was ridiculous, quite true. But when it came too close and oneself became ridiculous too...? At least people of a different class, like Connie, were earnest about something. They believed in something.


1.   "Yes; let me have a bottle of your best wine, and then, withyour permission, we will resume our conversation from wherewe left off."
2.   Mephistopheles
3. 其实,每个人都希望上班时开开心心,那么你就要从我做起,热爱身边工作的每个人,支持你的领导,带头营造一种团结向上,积极乐观,互学互助的团队氛围,殊不知,最大的受益者其实是你自己。
4. 我们一直都知道他腿不好,去年就看到他走路时一直揉着腿,走路确实吃力。
5. 正面中部面额数字调整为光彩光变面额数字10。
6. 据联合国世界知识产权组织(WIPO)公布的数据,中国已经拥有全球最具规模的专利局和最多的国内专利申请数量,专利申请前20名的学术机构中有17家在中国。


1. 长方形小框,其宽度表示当日的交易t。交易t越重,则当日的价格框越粗。这也是显示交易t信息的一种方法。
2. 内部一部分与商业化有关的岗位,前边都会带着生态两个字。
3.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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