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1. 公开资料显示,未曾在2001年联想进行分拆时被予以独当一面资格的宁旻,迄今为止不但是房地产业务融科智地的董事长,同时还在联想之星、联想创投、君联资本和弘毅投资这四大联想系投资分支中均担任董事或执行董事。
2. 据报道,此次火灾发生后,多名住户报警。
3. 其中包括“qwerty”(键盘字母顺序,排名第4)、“admin”(管理员,排名第11)和“login”(登录,排名第14)。
4.   Then the dear old nurse Euryclea said, "You may kill me, Madam, orlet me live on in your house, whichever you please, but I will tellyou the real truth. I knew all about it, and gave him everything hewanted in the way of bread and wine, but he made me take my solemnoath that I would not tell you anything for some ten or twelve days,unless you asked or happened to hear of his having gone, for he didnot want you to spoil your beauty by crying. And now, Madam, wash yourface, change your dress, and go upstairs with your maids to offerprayers to Minerva, daughter of Aegis-bearing Jove, for she can savehim even though he be in the jaws of death. Do not trouble Laertes: hehas trouble enough already. Besides, I cannot think that the gods hatedie race of the race of the son of Arceisius so much, but there willbe a son left to come up after him, and inherit both the house and thefair fields that lie far all round it."
5.   The youth looked exceedingly crestfallen.
6. 没想到,林炜翔一下子冲到了热搜第二。


1. 这种东西,眼见为实,没见到之前,你可能真的感受不到。
2. (三)蒙古侵金和金朝侵宋的战争
3.   "Yes."
4. 2012年,在小善公益还未成立的时候,他就与郭兵相识,并于2013年加入小善公益。
5. 普通,怂,没什么钱,饭量一般,这是他对前同事张某晋的最深印象。
6. 宋朝自真宗以来,历代皇帝都是太宗的子孙。高宗无子,收养太祖七世孙赵容做太子。孝宗即位,皇权又转入太祖一系,在当时统治集团中起着一新耳目的作用。孝宗在做太子时,就积极主张抗战。金完颜亮南侵,投降派纷纷要求退守,太子上书反对,请求亲自作前锋抗敌。给太子讲儒学的王府教授史浩,力言太子不能领兵,改请随高宗去建康。孝宗刚一即位,就召见主战的大臣张浚,说:“久闻公名,今朝廷所赖惟公。”张浚大力陈说主和议的错误,劝孝宗坚持进取。孝宗任命张浚为江淮东西两路宣抚使,统帅军马,加少傅,封魏国公。七月,孝宗又下诏,追复岳飞和岳云的官爵,依官礼改葬,岳飞的子孙也都特予录用。岳飞父子因抗金得胜而被害,引起人们长久的怀念和不平。抗战派官员和太学生多次上书为岳飞讼冤。高宗当然不予理会。孝宗即位,起用张浚,追复岳飞,表明对抗战派的支持。朝野上下,为之一振。


1.   Though he found this letter "all strange," and thought it like "a kalendes of change," <88> Troilus could not believe his lady so cruel as to forsake him; but he was put out of all doubt, one day that, as he stood in suspicion and melancholy, he saw a "coat- armour" borne along the street, in token of victory, before Deiphobus his brother. Deiphobus had won it from Diomede in battle that day; and Troilus, examining it out of curiosity, found within the collar a brooch which he had given to Cressida on the morning she left Troy, and which she had pledged her faith to keep for ever in remembrance of his sorrow and of him. At this fatal discovery of his lady's untruth,
2. 到年底盘点时,团队发现其实这些商品的动销率非常低。
3. 老板还会告诉你,你这个运营方案不现实,这些、这些都不需要做,一定没效果。
4. 孟强认为,随着移动终端的普及,我国手机用户数量飞速增长,再加上电商快速发展,这些都导致信息传播更加便捷。
5.   Summary
6.   Relating to him at large, from whence they came, what they haddone there, the beautie of the place, and the distance thence. TheKing (upon hir excellent report) being very desirous to see it;sodainely commaunded Supper to be served in, which was no soonerended, but they and their three servants (leaving the Ladies) walkedon to the Valley, which when they had considered, no one of themhaving ever bin there before; they thought it to be the Paradise ofthe World.


1.   "Well, then, only fulfil your promise of rescuing Peppino,and henceforward you shall receive not only devotion, butthe most absolute obedience from myself and those under methat one human being can render to another."
2. 从内容更新层面看,本季度,《梦幻西游》电脑版推出全新暑期资料片《灵宝风云》,季度收入创下历史新高。
3. 原标题:江苏盱眙一幼儿园幼儿排队自扇耳光涉事教师已被辞退新京报讯(记者樊朔)11月21日,针对网曝小朋友没午睡被要求自己打耳光事件,江苏省盱眙县教体局发布情况说明称,决定在教育系统内对涉事幼儿园予以通报批评,并责令该园辞退涉事教师。
4.   `Then say the prisoner.'
5. 非典时期,携程的业务量极度萎缩,有很多电话坐席员没有事干。
6. 阿里整个战投部也正在进行组织升级:接下来,阿里所有散落在各个业务主体的投资部(蚂蚁金服战投部除外)全部划归到集团投资部统一管理。


1.   Any one else would have hastened to receive him; butVillefort was a man of ability, and he knew this would be asign of weakness. He made Morrel wait in the ante-chamber,although he had no one with him, for the simple reason thatthe king's procureur always makes every one wait, and afterpassing a quarter of an hour in reading the papers, heordered M. Morrel to be admitted.
2. 一个俱乐部可能有5万名球迷,他们都共同支持这家俱乐部。他们的政见可能不同,他们对俱乐部的观点可能不同,它们可能大致上就一两个问题达成一致意见,但一旦涉及到具体细节,俱乐部如何管理,目标是什么,大家会各有不同的观点。
3. 在未来几年的时间里面,也许用不到10年,我们构建了一个基本的路径,自然交互会从文字走向语音、图像理解,所以看到我们的录音笔、同传、合成主播这个技术的前面,是在语音图像的交互能力里面做增强,但是背后还是语言。

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      "'The original has no date, but is in the spelling of the middleof the seventeenth century,' remarked Musgrave. 'I am afraid, however,that it can be of little help to you in solving this mystery.'"'At least,' said I, 'it gives us another mystery, and one whichis even more interesting than the first. It may be that the solutionof the one may prove to be the solution of the other. You willexcuse me, Musgrave, if I say that your butler appears to me to havebeen a very clever man, and to have had a clearer insight than tengenerations of his masters.'

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      "No doubt! No doubt!" said Holmes. "A tall, dark, heavily moustachedman, you say, with gray-tinted sun-glasses?"

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      "Say no more about it? That's YOUR opinion!" replied Porthos."Say no more about it! PESTE! You come to your conclusionsquickly. What! The cardinal sets a spy upon a gentleman, hashis letters stolen from him by means of a traitor, a brigand, arascal-has, with the help of this spy and thanks to thiscorrespondence, Chalais's throat cut, under the stupid pretextthat he wanted to kill the king and marry Monsieur to the queen!Nobody knew a word of this enigma. You unraveled it yesterday tothe great satisfaction of all; and while we are still gaping withwonder at the news, you come and tell us today, "Let us say nomore about it.'"