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1. "Here's the shawl," she cried. "I know she won't mind it. It will make such a nice red tablecloth."
2. 自今日头条横空出世,只用短短7年,张一鸣便赶上甚至在某些方面跨过了BAT这三座横卧互联网时代的大山。
3.   "That is true, sire; there can be no more doubt on that head.They called upon him then to retire; but he answered that he wasa Musketeer at heart, entirely devoted to your Majesty, and thattherefore he would remain with Messieurs the Musketeers.""Brave young man!" murmured the king.
4. 华为未放弃越南市场,公司一直在努力与越南一家相对较小的电信服务商建立合作伙伴关系。
5. 法院认为,被告人孔某、黄某、袁某等8人采取暴力、威胁手段,强迫他人接受服务,情节严重,构成强迫交易罪,且系共同犯罪。
6. 12月初,海航系航司香港航空的牌照一度不保。


1. 对于做酸菜鱼的餐饮品牌来说,主食材「鱼」很难做到差异化,你进货的鱼和别人进货的鱼完全可以是一样的,因此,太二将重心放在酸菜鱼的酸菜上,用传统工艺腌酸菜,模仿重庆地窖环境,把酸菜做到最好。
2. 钟明亮(朗)起义一二八九年(至元二十六年)正月,广东循州畲民钟明亮举兵反,拥众十万,进攻赣州,下宁都,据秀岭。时江南义军多达四百余起。元朝政府极为惊慌,忙令签江西行枢密院事也迭迷失率江西行省左丞管如德、福建行省拜降、江推行省忙兀台联兵进讨。五月,钟明亮以众万八千五百人降。闰十月又反,以众万人攻梅州,分遣江罗等八千人攻漳州。韶州、雄州等处的起义军二十余起响应。忽必烈严责也迭迷失、管如德,命与福建、江西二行省合兵镇压。也迭迷失惧怕义军,不敢前往;等义军一走,又诛杀平民冒功。义军利用地形,十分活跃。元廷“虽两省一院并力收捕,地皆溪岭,囊橐其间,出没叵测,东击则西走,西击则东轶。”(《秋涧先生大全文集》卷九二)一二九○年(至元二十七年)二月钟明亮再降,五月又反。广昌的邱元,赣、吉的谢主簿、刘六十,乐安的卢大老,南丰的雷艾江等纷起响应。钟明亮死后,余众奉其木主,继续进行斗争。
3.   1. Among the evidences that Chaucer's great work was left incomplete, is the absence of any link of connexion between the Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale, and what goes before. This deficiency has in some editions caused the Squire's and the Merchant's Tales to be interposed between those of the Man of Law and the Wife of Bath; but in the Merchant's Tale there is internal proof that it was told after the jolly Dame's. Several manuscripts contain verses designed to serve as a connexion; but they are evidently not Chaucer's, and it is unnecessary to give them here. Of this Prologue, which may fairly be regarded as a distinct autobiographical tale, Tyrwhitt says: "The extraordinary length of it, as well as the vein of pleasantry that runs through it, is very suitable to the character of the speaker. The greatest part must have been of Chaucer's own invention, though one may plainly see that he had been reading the popular invectives against marriage and women in general; such as the 'Roman de la Rose,' 'Valerius ad Rufinum, De non Ducenda Uxore,' ('Valerius to Rufinus, on not being ruled by one's wife') and particularly 'Hieronymus contra Jovinianum.' ('Jerome against Jovinianus') St Jerome, among other things designed to discourage marriage, has inserted in his treatise a long passage from 'Liber Aureolus Theophrasti de Nuptiis.' ('Theophrastus's Golden Book of Marriage')."
4. 这并不是特例,不少用户反映,在线上购物时,也遇到了类似的情况。
5. 例如水滴筹的情况或许与创始人兼CEO沈鹏的互联网经历有关。
6. 截至2019年3月末,Office365的订阅用户数约为3420万。


1.   `Do you wonder? And do you think he employs his shining hours doing deeds of kindness?'
2. 李华松将大大小小的工程项目分享给众多商人朋友或为其站台,通过收受财物、房产等获取回报。
3. 区种法有着较高的耕作水平,取得了惊人的高额丰产,它标志着汉代精耕细作程度有了很大提高。
4. X
5. 裂变活动也很有效,比如一款零售价6元的纸巾,客户加微信号转账1元就能买到。
6. 另一种是5+2间歇性禁食,即每周7天中有两天仅吃一顿中等量的餐食。


1.   The burst with which the carriage started out of the village and up the rise beyond, was soon checked by the steepness of the hill. Gradually, it subsided to a foot pace, swinging and lumbering upward among the many sweet scents of a summer night. The postilions, with a thousand gossamer gnats circling about them in lieu of the Furies, quietly mended the points to the lashes of their whips; the valet walked by the horses; the courier was audible, trotting on ahead into the dim distance.
2.   "Ah, then, indeed, sir," said the sweet girl, bathed intears, "I see that I am condemned to die!"
3. 三、辽东将领的叛变与辽东、江西的失陷
4. 原标题:徐工信息汉云工业互联网平台完成A轮融资3亿元,高瓴领投赛富跟投2019年12月16日,徐工信息汉云工业互联网平台宣布已完成A轮3亿元融资,创下我国工业互联网行业A轮融资金额的最高记录。
5.   "I thought we were in for it sure, once there," said the second.
6.   Chappelet, thou knowest how I am wholly to retreate my selfe fromhence, and having some affaires among the Burgundians, men full ofwickednesse and deceite; I can bethinke my selfe of no meeter a manthen Chappelet, to recover such debts as are due to mee among them.And because it falleth out so well, that thou art not now hinderedby any other businesse; if thou wilt undergoe this office for me, Iwill procure thee favourable Letters from the Court, and give thee areasonable portion in all thou recoverest. Master Chappelet, seeinghimselfe idle, and greedy after worldly goods, considering thatMounsieur Musciatto (who had beene alwayes his best buckler) was nowto depart from thence, without any dreaming on the matter, andconstrained thereto (as it were) by necessity, set downe hisresolution, and answered, that hee would gladly doe it.


1.   The princess fell asleep, flattering herself that she had only to relate her story for the Sultan to be touched by compassion, and to restore her to the prince without delay. But a few hours were to undeceive her.
2.   But it was not really a refuge, a sanctuary, because she had no connexion with it. It was only a place where she could get away from the rest. She never really touched the spirit of the wood itself...if it had any such nonsensical thing.
3. 在新的高质量发展阶段,科技创新作为中国经济的新引擎将扮演助推器和引航员的角色,在政策红利和资本开支周期的双重推动下,新的技术和应用将层出叠现,大数据,人工智能,5G等新技术的广泛应用,将不断催生新经济、新业态、新消费,并与传统产业有机融合。

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