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1. While he wins the Nerb prize, the sister prize, for the best verb masquerading as a noun, is won by another consultant who referred to a “global touch-base”.
2.   When the first moments of emotion were over, the Sultan hastened to finish his repast, and then turning to his children he exclaimed: "To-day you have made acquaintance with your father. To-morrow I will bring you the Sultana your mother. Be ready to receive her."
3.   "Whom do I see yonder?"
4.   "How can I tell!" said Kitty. "The lackeys were brought bythe cries she made. She was mad with passion. There existno imprecations she did not pour out against you. Then Ithought she would remember it was through my chamber you hadpenetrated hers, and that then she would suppose I was youraccomplice; so I took what little money I had and the bestof my things, and I got away.
5. 景区周边道路可能限行春节、元宵期间,上海将举行游园、灯会等大型活动17场,寺庙、道观觐香祈福活动127场,外滩、豫园、小陆家嘴、迪士尼、朱家角古镇等景区景点都将迎来大客流。
6. 2017年底,方益民离开,何俊杰接管了投资并购部。


1. 一、BeyondMeat宣布要登陆中国据新京报报道,美国人造肉第一股BeyondMeat最近正式加入中国植物性食品产业联盟。
2.   A flame is kindled in my breast! Let us begone! nor linger here!Mephistopheles
3. 面对走红,付先生表示读书纯粹是兴趣爱好,压根没想到自己在网上走红,并表示希望大家将更多的焦点放在医护人员身上。
4. 免去负有主要领导责任的王升起同志城市管理局党支部副书记职务,解除对其综合执法大队大队长的聘任。
5. 一、提升结构性改革地位与引领作用G20杭州峰会将确定结构性改革的优先领域、指导原则和指标体系,全面提升结构性改革在G20框架内的政策地位与引领作用。
6. 更令人兴奋的是,智能化转型业务成长迅速,智能物联网、智能基础架构、行业智能、软件和服务业务都在翻着筋斗增长。


1. “这可能影响他们一生。”
2.   "Very good. Mrs. Marker, you can go. Now we are making a littleprogress. Our lady enters the room, advances to the bureau, and eitheropens it or tries to do so. While she is thus engaged, youngWilloughby Smith enters the room. In her hurry to withdraw the key,she makes this scratch upon the door. He seizes her, and she,snatching up the nearest object, which happens to be this knife,strikes at him in order to make him let go his hold. The blow is afatal one. He falls and she escapes, either with or without the objectfor which she has come. Is Susan, the maid, there? Could anyone havegot away through that door after the time that you heard the cry,Susan?"
3.   `Is that well?'
4. 2019年,随着技术渗透和模式变革在保险产业链的深化,中国保险科技行业已经由第一阶段互联网保险,全面转入第二阶段科技赋能。
5. 3。聘金和嫁妆婚嫁期间耗钱最多的项目是男方的聘金和女方的嫁妆。在两汉四百余年间,聘金和嫁妆的数目越来越多,形成了三个鲜明特征:①时间长。
6. 2020年恰逢故宫建成600年、故宫博物院成立95周年。


1. 在营销和品牌推广层面,将尝试与调性相符的品牌,进行联名艺术展览。
2. 2月6日上午,经过十多天治疗后,小晗终于治愈出院。
3. 这个数字和五年前相比,几乎没有变化。
4. [106]据蒋廷黻在《回忆录》中说:他在益智学堂读小学时,"念书之外,同学和我常作白日梦,其中最重要的一种是救中国。我们幻想许多使中国富强的方法,为了神圣的救国使命我们还把工作分配好。就回忆所及,我常任军事领袖,目的是训练军队打败入侵的外国人。其他同学有的从事教育,有的从事财政,有的从事农业。"见第五章:《教会学校时期》,第40页。
5. 今年三季度,携程的国际酒店业务(除大中华地区目的地)同比增长50%,旗下海外品牌Trip.com实现了连续12个季度三位数的国际机票票量增长。
6.   That may prove quite enough," said Holmes grimly. "Now, Mr. Bennett,we shall, I think, come to some conclusion to-night. If mydeductions are correct we should have an opportunity of bringingmatters to a head. In order to do so it is necessary to hold theprofessor under observation. I would suggest, therefore, that youremain awake and on the lookout. Should you hear him pass your door,do not interrupt him, but follow him as discreetly as you can. Dr.Watson and I will not be far off. By the way, where is the key of thatlittle box of which you spoke?"


1. 提问:盒马的边界在哪里,不变的商业逻辑在哪里?侯毅:问了一个很好的问题,阿里巴巴马老师有一句名言因为相信,所以看见。
2. 这段时间对家人最愧疚,希望他们都平安健康,为人妻为人母,即使有所畏惧,诸多的牵挂,但穿上了这身白衣就已经义无反顾。
3. 一意见一办法明确了各部门职能分工,规定教育部门总体牵头协调培训市场综合治理工作,会同人力资源社会保障、民政、市场监管、文化旅游、体育、科技、卫生健康等部门健全市、区、街镇联动的培训市场综合治理体系。

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      "Precisely," answered Bertuccio; "but he had, seven or eightyears before this period, sold his establishment to a tailorat Marseilles, who, having almost ruined himself in his oldtrade, wished to make his fortune in another. Of course, wemade the same arrangements with the new landlord that we hadwith the old; and it was of this man that I intended to askshelter."

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      At any other time Valentine would have seized the silkenbell-pull and summoned assistance, but nothing astonishedher in her present situation. Her reason told her that allthe visions she beheld were but the children of herimagination, and the conviction was strengthened by the factthat in the morning no traces remained of the nocturnalphantoms, who disappeared with the coming of daylight. Frombehind the door a human figure appeared, but the girl wastoo familiar with such apparitions to be alarmed, andtherefore only stared, hoping to recognize Morrel. Thefigure advanced towards the bed and appeared to listen withprofound attention. At this moment a ray of light glancedacross the face of the midnight visitor.

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